Old World Chronicles

The Road to Middenheim Act 2
Those Guys Look Dea... GAH! GET THEM OFF ME!

Made it to Wayward Rest coaching inn…

Rumor – “half of the Chaos host is marching on Middenheim… the other half is marching HERE!”
Bartender – “Elector counts are all stirring – elector counts from across the empire have set out to join”
Syler (Durion) heals his blackleg… after having Max assist with a stream of urine. He heard that… somewhere.
Durion had lost pegleg to wolf… using a makeshift pegleg.

Heading up the road again, with Werther at the reins of the coach. Durion riding shotgun. Max perched on the top lounging.
Ulfvar and Jorn inside hanging out, Aleron riding alongside on his horse, and Kromaw seated on the backboard.
Road steadily reduced in quality as gang heads north – cobblestones have more gaps, weeds growing, etc.
Approaching dense forest.
Come across a group of 12 militia. Dressed in peasant’s clothes.
Yellow scarf on left arm, green scarf tied to right. Carrying longbows, marching along singing marching tunes.
Armbands indicate Stirland militia.

Aleron trots up alongside them. PIcks up some scuttlebutt.
“Our soldiers are the best in the world… but counts for naught when our leaders can’t get along.”
“Averland doesn’t even have an Elector count… nothing but crime and corruption down there.”

Another hour or two up the road – halfway through the day.
Come upon a coach in the middle of the road, or what looks like one.
Lying across the road on its side, completely blocking the path.
Ulfvar jumps out of the coach, rolls dramatically, and runs into the bushes. (to the right)
Horses are dead, corpses scattered around. Look to be Stirland state troopers amongst them.

Aleron loops around the coach… and as he does so, some of the corpses begin to twitch.
More movement towards the ones that are further out, by the horses.
Creatures are chewing no the horses… “creatures” – crypt ghouls!!!
Corpses begin to shuffle to their feet and shamble towards the gang in the coach.

6 Crypt Ghouls
15 Zombies (dressed as state troopers)
3 crypt ghouls charge the coach from the horse corpses
Jorn promptly poops himself in the carriage…
A pair smell Ulfvar hiding in the bushes. One leaps over and swipes at him viciously, but gets only tufts of wolf fur.
One charges Aleron from behind as he’s rounding the carriage, but Aleron bashes him back to the ground with his spiked buckler.
Ghoul charges Durion in the passenger’s seat, sprinting through pistol range as Durion is still readying his gun.
Leaps up onto the carriage – rocks from the impact, Jorn tips back inside – and claws his leg! Vigorously! Gains “Hacking Cough”!
Aleron’s horse rears up and clubs the hell out of one of the Ghouls with its hooves.
Max leaps next to Durion on the coach’s seat, draws his rapier and slashes at the ghouls, but is unable to land a telling blow with Durion flailing.
Another ghoul charges Jorn’s door, and begins slashing at it, effectively shredding it, and yanks Jorn out of the coach onto the road.
Durion levels his battered ex-militia pistol at the ghoul in front of him and blasts it off of the carriage, but it explodes in his hand!

Ghouls charges Max from where it was knocked on its ass – lands a swipe on his leg as he stands on the coach, 5 damage!
Max also contracts “Grim Ague” – severity 2, delirium (chaos star causes stress).
A Ghoul lays into Ulfvar, tearing at his chest and splattering blood on the ground.
Ulfvar roars, summons righteous fury of the Wolf, and brings his hammer down onto the Ghoul’s skull, crushing it.
Max disengages from the Ghouls, jumps back up onto the carriage roof, then blasts the ghouls in the face, sprinkling Durion with a pink mist.
Ulfvar fends off a pair of zombies and smashes them to the ground with his hammer, but receives a bite to the arm – no effect.
Aleron wheels around and bashes a zombie in the chest with his mace.
Two zombies shuffle into combat with Ulfvar, and claw at him, raking a ribbon of flesh from his shoulder – “Annoying Wound”
Two zombies engage with Aleron and his horse, flail uselessly.
Aleron’s horse attempts to bite and kick the ghouls under its feet, but fails, and it escapes from underneath.
Aleron gallops away from the ghouls, around the back of the carriage to join with Kromaw.
Jorn is incorporeal, and laughs as a ghoul takes a few swipes uselessly through his torso.
Jorn casts Stormcall – blasts both zombies with a bolt from the sky, and shocks Jorn too – no soak for zombies, they both fry.
Durion plants a crossbow bold directly in the center of one ghoul’s forehead, and it pitches forward onto its face.
Desperate ghoul hanging off side of carriage grasps at Max’s feet as he stands on the roof. Rips a few pieces of luggage loose, but no pain.
Other ghoul runs up to Werther and attacks, but Werther manages to restrain its claws with his blunderbus.
Two zombies approach the horses, gnaw on the horse on the front left, but it stomps one of them flat.
Max carves an “M” into the ghouls face as it hangs from the side of the coach… and slips off of the roof as the luggage falls off.
Lands on his back and stares up at wounded, pissed off ghouls.
Werther fails to fight off the ghouls for more than a few seconds, and it rakes his arm and chest past the blunderbus.
Werther picks up a case of the galloping trots!!!
Side of the wrecked carriage that’s facing upward begins to shake and rumble.
Screeching roar – giant ghoul shreds the side of the carriage and begins to emerge, tossing a torn limb away as it takes one last bite.
Tears itself free of the coach, and charges the carriage.
Jorn casts “Shadow Strikes” – the Crypt Horror’s shadow tears loose from the ground and claws at itself.
Kromaw switches into beast mode, and charges toward the Horror.
Crypt Horror reaches Ulfvar who’s just infront of the carriage. Flattens the zombie next to Ulfvar, and grabs Ulfvar by the torso.
Flings Ulfvar effortlessly onto the top of the carriage where Max was, and Ulfvar grunts and passes out.
Durion grabs the reins from Werther and whips the horses, who leap into motion.
Max holds off the ghoul with his rapier, kicks free, and rolls underneath the carriage, grasps onto the axle mount.
Kromaw and the Horror meet in a sickening thud, both of them tearing furiously at each other.

While they are distracted, Aleron loops back to pick up Jorn, and swings him up to the saddle behind him.
Horror smashes Kromaw back on his ass – something rarely seen – “Wrenched Back” critical
Jorn casts Control Shadow, and levers Kromaw back to his feet, sending him back to attack the ghouls… skipping all the way.
Max climbs up into the carriage through the shattered door frame… and drops his fucking pistol. But he’s safe.
Aleron takes a swing at the beast’s back and connects, but loses his grip on the reins and tumbles off the horse.
Jorn casts Shadow Blade with a miscast – Superghoul’s shadow reaches up and stabs him in the gut… and Jorn turns to stone!
Durion beats at the ghoul on the coach, and doesn’t hurt it, but manages to dislodge it and kick it off the coach.
After a couple hundred yards, Durion turns the coach over to Max, who whips it around back towards the epic combat…
…and loses more luggage from the top (including Max’s)
Going back down the road, the remaining ghouls attacks the lead horse… and slashes its haunches as it runs by.
And it maintains its grip on the horse, its claws dug into its haunch as it screeches.
Max lobs a boot knife at the ghoul… and it goes right into its screeching mouth. Falls off, goes underneat the wheels…
Kromaw fails to hit the superghoul!
Durion lodges a crossbow bolt in the middle of its back – it screeches, shrugs, and lays back into Kromaw
Bashes Kromaw to the ground, his chest torn open and knocked out. But breaks his arm on Kromaw’s gut plate.
Screaming, the beast turns towards Aleron, who’s charging on foot.
Takes a swing with the mace, then backs off and tries to mount Rebel. And fails!
Max whips the reigns, and drives by the superghoul, grabs the blunderbus and unloads it into its face…
The beasts face disintegrates as the shot shreds it, and it tumbles to the ground, the carriage’s wheel running over its face.

The Road to Middenheim Act 1

Uh… Fill this in!

Averheim Act 8
War Has Come to the Empire

Golden plaque is on display on a table in the back of the room. Plaque is clipped into several chunks and slivers (~10 crowns worth) – 6 pieces in total
Small chunk of the effigy mask – about the size of a fingertip – laying on the ground near a brazier

Headed over to Luminary Mauer’s shop – met by apprentice
Kind of a nerd/dork/dweeb
“Mauer heard that you’ve encountered the lair of ratmen…”
Dude actually gives some credibility

head up the main drag – Bruckbergstrasse – to the Penzerplatz (town square/market)

Town is a little more amped up, citizens a little more active but wary (anxiety/excitement)
See scattered people running towards the Penzerplats, shouts of “Chaos has broken through the borders in the north!”
“War has come to the Empire!”
Entering the Penzerplats, a frenzy of activity taking place
Soldiers and servants with commandeered carts & wagons assembling a baggage train
Captain Bauerfast hollering out orders to soldiers, the gang catches his eye
“Lt Schaefer, take over preparations!”
“We’ve been callied the the front – summoning the garrison. Rather be fighting northmen than hoods and thieves.
“Need you men to take care of some business on my behalf while I’m off fighting enemies of the empire…”
“GO down the docks, ask for Adele Ketzenblum. Find out anything you can about the Black Cowl.”
“Report to me in person – no letters – and let me know what you find. Can find me in Altdorf.”

This is about 200 yards away from Luminary Mauer’s office
See his door open, steps out in his white robes. Waves his arm at the gang excitedly.
“Ah, good, you’ve arrived! I’m afraid I must attend to dealings in Altdorf at once.”
“The Luminark will of course head to the front, and they’ll need someone of substance to take charge…”
Mauer points at a book – “Hand me that one, will you?”
Drawing of a strange carriage and a wagon with a large bell…
Jorn can see that it’s a hypothetical Skaven called a Screaming Bell
Mauer snatches the book, and secrets it away in his trunk.
“Heard rumors… did you find the tainted masque artifact?”
Jorn says… um… yes – reformed into a bellclapper w/ warpstone? Kromaw whips box out, attempts to open and show Mauer.
Mauer catches a glimpse, but slams the lid closed.
“Good gods, no, man, don’t open it! That’s impregnated by warpstone, will cause any number of maladies…”
Mauer begins a series of cantrips, waves his hands over the box several times.
Produces a trinket with several sigils carved into it, needs to give it along with the box to a colleague of his.

“Been one of the goals of my order to discover a way to distroy the warpstone taint entirely.”
Bring to my colleague Luminary Oppenheim… unable to do so myself, much more difficult to do on the move, of course."
“Von Kaufman has indicated you’ll be going to >>>>heim, so of course, it will be convenient to bring this.”
Hands an envelope sealed with white wax to Jorn, pushes box back towards Kromaw to carry.
“Now be useful and help me pack…” and begins pointing to a series of objects.
Mauer whips out his coin purse, and deals over 5 gold to the party to split. (Already fenced the gold plaque for 2 gold each)
Comes to 83 silver and 6 brass apiece
“Hope you consider this a good faith payment – please ensure it gets to Middenheim safely…”
Ulfvar’s eyes widen at the mention of Middenheim.

Offers gang 20 shillings each (10 now, 10 more at Middenheim) for returning the artifact to Luminary Oppenheim
To assist his research on using the winds of magic (particularly heavenly) to cleanse the taint
Max cracks a joke… after a few seconds of puzzlement, Mauer laughs – “Good one!”

Hear a loud bang in the alleyway – Max looks puzzled, looks over at Mauer – Mauer’s eyes go wide, looks at alleyway
Jorn and Durion recognize the sound as coming from the canning district – same as when the Skaven wizard teleported
Whump of air filling a sudden absence
“Ah… well… I know at least one Skaven is aware of our possession of this artifact. Guard yourselves well.”
“They’re very wiley and agile, but cowardly and somewhat fragile. I’m sure the likes of you can account favorably.”
Begins placing the last of his belongings into the trunk, dismisses the gang.

Back into the Platz, mobs of men slowly assembling into groups, perhaps regiments. Many weapons and provisions apparent.
Two mobs arguing over a coach (one of the Red Arrow coaches), no coachman apparent, but a retinue of RA employees around it.
Forming a cordon, wielding polearms to keep the mobs away.
One looks like a rowdy group of young nobles or merchant’s sons, other looks like detachment of city garrison soldiers.
Both attempting to commandeer it for the war effort.
Ulfvar approaches the group of soldiers, tells the Watch Captain that unfortunately, it’s MY coach – I’m on a mission from Ulrich.

Graf Friedrich strolls up with 10 of Averheim’s biggest and bulkiest brawlers
“Ah, Friedrich, there you are!”
Hands him parchment scroll with official seal – puts it in his coat pocket and gathers soldiers up, walks away.
Ulfvar – you from middenheim? No – further north than that

Bodyguards form up around the gang, and staff breaks up onlookers, gang heads inside.
“Interesting day, don’t you agree? Young tearaways will await until word that the coach is ready. Word will never come…”
“Nice to have an Imperial Warrant for just such an occasion. We’ll take the whole Red Arrow Line for the Emperor’s service.”
Great amount of money to be earned carrying generals and dignitaries about, yes?

Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck – from Middenheim, have run afoul of each other in both Nuln and Altdorf.
He has agents in Nuln… they’ve been tipping off thieves and bandits when our shipments leave the city.
Aschenbeck is roughly equal in standing and power (in Middenheim) to Von Kaufman – New Money merchant.
“Been targeting black powder just prior to a war breaking out… underhanded, perhaps even treasonous.”
I’lll have a coach ready, head out as soon as possible. He’s clever and capable of anything…
I’ll be in Altdorf overseeing operations – see me there when you have information.
Hands 1 gold, 30 silver each for dealing with the situation and gathering info. More to come when done.

Gang heads to market, looking for weapons/armor – and they’re EXPENSIVE AS ALL GET OUT
Plate armor for 8 gold… or 9… or 10.
Ulfvar, looking for a kite shield “You’re a good lad… special deal… 30 silver for you only”
Will give chainmail, and 3 gold for the shield and plate armor?
“Gods be good… what do you take me for? 8 gold for the plate and shield, if you give me the chain…”
Alright… 7 gold. Nope. Just the shield for 30. Plus a BUTTLOAD of name-calling.
Big hulking nobleman slaps 8 gold down on the table. “Going to fight! Hand it over, good man!”
Ulfvar points at the last warhammer – “35 silver, good man!”
My last one! I had ten of these this morning… it’s a good deal for the last one in the market!
Ulfvar grabs his shirt and threatens him… he tears free “Guards! Guards!”
Ulfvar slaps 25 silver on the table, snags the hammer and walks off while the shopkeep hollers.

Max has faded back and taken on the guise of an innocent bystander. Kromaw stands by the door cluelessly.

Officer, officer, this gentleman threatened to kill me for not selling him a hammer for 25 silver!
Well… what’s that ont he table. “Uh… 25 silver?” But the price was 35!
THan why did you let him have it? Did he hit you?
No… but he looked like it?
Huh. Well… give us a description.
Big guy, wearing wolf pelt, scrafggly beard, wild hair – like one of them northmen.

Guy shuts down the shop, goes inside sullenly with his 25 silver.

Max pays one gold to have his pistol fixed overnight.
Walk into the WHite Horse – Max’s girlfriend sitting in a booth – dirty glare at him.
Max attempts to smooth it over, make it up by taking her out for the evening.

Jorn asks about Adelle to the bartender while drinking – quizzical look
THe girl with the witch hunter hat? “Oh, the hat! You mean Hannah Schmidt? Yeah, left a while ago…”

Girlfriend – niece is friends with one of the boys who took Adele’s luggage, can maybe find out a little more
Goes and finds out, comes back – she took a Castle Rock coach, and it only makes one run (here to Talabheim)
Talabheim is on the way to Middenheim, so probably headed north.

Aleron says his goodbyes to Mathilde Durbine (fence/girlfriend)

Morning – Max is exhausted and hung over. (black die for physical and mental)

Zealot in the town square – “Must cast out the filth and mutants from our borders! Are you faithful!”
Will you lay down your life for Sigmar’s realm, or let your neighbor know that you permit the filth of chaos place us in peril?
DO not let chaos turn your hearts from the path of righteousness. We depart in an hour from the north gate! FOR SIGMAR!

Muttering as Max passes… posse forming slowly behind him… “Get him! Foreigners is spies!”
Kromaw – “HEy, what you guys doing!” – attempts to intimidate…
Ulfvar – clocks one with a shield, then bashes another in the face… and the hammer sticks in his head as he falls (loses grip)
Kromaw yells “Hey, that’s my friend” and swings sword over head repeatedly – townsfolk get a black (afraid), but throw rocks
Kromaw pelted with several stones and bricks, but unfazed
Durion lays about with his hammer, but aims for non-lethal blows – delivers several painful bruises and busted kneecaps
Jorn releases a concussion wave – blasts five people off their feet… one of which lands at Max’s feet
Max carves his first initial – M – into his chest – “I’m going to carve my name into all of you – and it’s 23 letters long!”
Dude is panicked, jumps up, and the letter M is scratched bloodily on his chest (but no real damage)

Dude attacks Max and manages to wrench his sword out of his hand, but he responds with his main gauche and carves an “A” in his chest

Max – “Annoying Wound” – extra recharge when active defenses used
Max accumulates 4 minor wounds total this round – ouchies!

Kromaw sinks his sword into a dudes chest, then knocks him off by bashing him in the head with his blunderpistol
Ulfvar grabs his hammer out of the corpse’s skull, summons wolf power, leaps into the air, and smashes it down on another dude
Max snatches his rapier off the ground, carves an “X” in a new canvas (unharmed guy’s shirt)… but accidentally stabs him
Jorn casts a cantrip, over does it – and a chorus of trumpets sounds off, sounds like a royal processions

Guards arrive, start breaking up the combat
“What in the hells are you laying into each other for? The forces of Chaos are in the north, not in the damned city square!”
Sends several ruffians packing, but drag a few off to the gaols for effect
Sends the gang on our way with apologies… but that’s about it

Headed toward quay – crusty, grizzled, dwarf with huge mohawk gunked straight up, walking to north gate with great axe on shoulder

Gang heads over to pick up Max’s pistol (now repaired – for one gold!!! Sheet!!!)

Large carriage chartered with Red Arrow – whole gang can fit inside, but Ogre on the backboard

Gang piles in, and heads north

Averheim Act 7
Ratmen? Or Manrats?

Rain continues heavily, no further attacks – Grotz offers a further 10 shillings each in thanks
Aleron “Why’d they come after you like that?”
Grotz – “Not really big on people who don’t join. Too damned much indiscrimiate killing for me…”

Von Kaufman wanted gang to meet up with him midday at the Journey’s End (For Great Justice!)

Head back to docks after thug/ninja attack – no further happenings – night, dark, raining, pretty dead in Averheim
Gang dries off at the Upright Pig, craps out for the night

Morning – gang hears someone across the road from the Pig – at the Knacker’s yard – much ruckusses
“Come on, open up, waiting out here forever, lazy no-good knacker!”
Ulfvar stumbles out, asks him why he’s trying to wake the dead
“Hans is supposed to take care of this nag! Don’t know where he is!”
Ulfvar offers to smash the nag over the head for free
Kromaw looks over the gate, the joint is still locked up, quiet, nobody has set up shop yet
Kromaw rips the chain easily off the gate and shoves it open, dude stands by in shock at his brazen breaking/entering
Handful of old/sick/crippled farmyard animals – goats, a cow, horse, etc.
Dude wanders in cautiously after Kromaw, hollering for the knacker
Shack in the rear of the knackery is lived in, but empty – recent habitation
Wind shifts a little bit – Kromaw and Jorn pick up whiffs – dung and quicklime (tannery smell)
Kromaw starts wandering upwind towards the smell – but it pervades the whole east end of the docks (comes from tannery, of course)
Gang abandons search in the knackery, heads over to the tanneries – two next to each other – no signs of activity, closed up still

As the gang is about to walk into the tannery, they hear a familiar voice call out – Mathilde Durbine (the fence, Aleron has semi-romantic history)
Calls out to Aleron – “Hey, do you have a minute?” Noticed you’ve been doing some detective work around here…
Hoped you might know something about my friend Ute, was hoping you can help us find her.
“Our sources tell us she was carried off by the Black Cowl – we’ve checked her apartment, found nothing
Notices the gang had just broken into the gate of the tannery
“You know what… really funny you are standing here in the tannery – belongs to Linus Atzwig.
Linus has had this place closed down almost two weeks exactly now. Place next to it is owned by Dieter Jockutz.
Both of them seen at the taverns, throwing money around, but both tanneries closed the entire time.
Linus came around looking to fence some chunks of gold last night… (takes it out and shows gang)
Rectangular chip, chiseled or sheared off of a larger piece – “If it’s pure, probably about 60 shillings worth”
Whatever it came off of, it’s probably worth quite a bit.

Kromaw – “Large hunk of gold stolen yesterday… Curio cabinet, from expedition to Southlands…”
Mathilde – “Well, if you find the big chunk… you know where to bring it!”

Gang shows up at the Journey’s end a few minutes before noon
Von Kaufman arrives in a coach promptly as clock is striking noon- servant looks pleased to meet the gang
“Please, make yourselves at east, meals are on me, will be along shortly”
Kromaw – orders whole pig from the waitress “the ribs, or the hock?” – “The whole pig…”
Kaufman rejoins after gang orders, buys a round of ales to get started.
Starts throwing questions at the gang – can we tell any info we learned at the menagerie last night?
Ulfvar – tells him of chunks of gold circulating around town from some large gold object “very interesting!”
Kaufman – recent rumblings in the criminal community probably revolves around the menagerie robbing
“Want to get some justice for my falconer… and, of course, regain my honor”
Ulfvar brings up Skaven… only gets a raised eyebrow, tells them to pull his other leg, maybe go bother Mauer about that hogwash
Goes on about crime and corruption; fills the gang in
Crime/corruption been worse since the count died, but much worse in the last month or two… normal “protection” money isn’t working
Almost like there’s a new criminal in town or something, doesn’t know to leave the Red Arrow alone
Jorn – Gold Wizard? Kauf – dunno much, though he was ok, since he said the gold mask wasn’t cursed… (obvs was lying… but beneficially)
Was in the retinue of THeodosius von Teuchtenhagen – good gods, made a mistake inviting them. Theo is new money, no proper appreciation of aristocracy.
Wanted to appear even handed, but he was uncultured and disruptive, definitely not the best choice.
“He was kinda eyeballing my curio cabinet a bit… maybe something to that.”
Jorn – “but doesn’t make sense for him to deface whatever he stole…”
Max – How did they come into new money? Von K – they inherited a good deal from eastern Averland, is the new head of that family.
Kromaw – KNow anything about Red Crown mutant cult? Von K – no… actually… knwo nothing about it. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
WOuld lump them in the normal batch of criminals in the local area. I pay them no specific heed.
Max – Missing equipment from the Averland? Hasn’t found out anything else from anyone in town. Just knows what we’ve brought to him. Mistrusts Bauerfaust & City Watch.
Jorn – What about the jade mask in the curio case? Von K – just an amazing artifact – thought I was very lucky to acquire it… at great cost. Want it returned!
Jorn babbles a little about the jade mask a bit, interest in the primitives in the Southlands – longer history than Empire magic users, mixing the winds, Elven influence…
Von K doesn’t really follow… never got any vibes from the mask, just wants a high-prestige item back in his collection. (other than mesmerized like the rest of the people)
Johann Templeman didn’t make it back? (Adele thought it was suspiciously “convenient” when he died leading the Southland expedition… wanted to question him")
Mauer and Bauerfast both helped set up the expedition. Mauer designed the party and equipment, Bauerfaust took care of the security. to protect the expedition. Von K funded it.
Mauer have any specific goals for the mission? Not that Von Kauf was aware of…
Von Kaufman hoped it would boost his status, get him somewhere in spitting distance of consideration for the seat of power (Count of Averland)
What’s your deal with Adele? (straight up accused him) – “THey say you have to be crzzy to be a Witch Hunter… and they’re probably right…”
Shan’t let her bother me…
Meal shows up… gang tears into the best meal they’ve had since arriving at Averheim
Mauer? "Rubs me the wrong way, I admit it. Treats me like an uneducated country yokel. Might be right about the effigy though… but disappeared before the thief struck.

Would pay good money to have my artifacts recovered – a gold crown per artifact – and another for the murderer.
Gang talks him into a single gold crown to get started, and 4 per recovered artifact.

Gang heads over to Mauer… except Ulfvar, who’s heading down towards the docks to jump into the sewers and start killing something

Mauer – held great concern over the effigy and it’s energies… holds no satisfaction at being right (although he obviously is)
Should you find it…. DO NOT touch it, place it in a thick sack or box and bring it directly to me…

I’ve seen you investigating and prowling around the docks… perhaps you’ve found something I haven’t?

“Crying sword, it’s called in some texts… vile ratmen! Never seen one..”
WIll tell the gang as much as we want… but it’s mostly rumor and wrongness – kinda like vampire lore
Jorn – waht about the jade mask? is it Jade, for realsies?!!?! Or… something else?!!?!!?!
What about touching it? “Can cause any number of hideous mutations…”
Jorn – reward? Mauer is disappointed… waht about the Greater Good?
Tell you waht… pay us the 4 gold that Von Kaufman offered, and he will never know we found it!
He agrees… and increases offer to 5 gold to ensure that we don’t go to Von Kaufman
Red Crown? Mutants… beastmen… old Chaos Cult. Something I should know?

Ulfvar drags Durio into the sewer. Durion has a very good sense of direction. Both are immediately covered in grime and sewage.
Durion spots a strange footprint in the much – elongated foot with claws – headed towards the docks
Ulfvar leaves marks on the wall in the shape of a wolf’s head for the rest of the crowd to catch up

Max and Aleron scare up hip/chest waders for the sewers – 50 shillings each!!!
Gang moves down the main road to the dockside, tries to find a large sewer entrance
Nearing the tanneries, smell that old stank again, coming primarily from around the back

Ulfvar picks up “Grimdark Fever” in the stinky nasty dark… head feels like it’s about to burst (extra difficulty for Intel checks)
Durion keeps an eye on the muck as he passes through the sewer – spots
The two keep trudging, Ulfvar starts to smell slighly cleaner water from the river up ahead
Going around the back of the Atswig tannery, gang finds a trough that leads into the sewer system (between the two tanneries, shared)

Begin searching the tannery… and find that the tanning pits are filled with bodies (13 in all)
Bodies all have their chests torn open with hearts torn out

Kromaw and Ulfvar hammer away at the door, but it only splinters slowly.
Max climbs up to the loft window, drops down and attempts to open the door… but drops the bar as he is hit in the back by a projectile
Aleron watches patiently.
Ulfvar takes another whack at the door, knocks a chunk off, and notices a huge Rat Ogre – scorpion tale, large green/black stone welded into shoulder

Max pulls a green throwing star out of his ass, whirls around, draws his pistol and fires at the barely visible assassin that shot him in the ass…
And hits! A screech, and a spray of blood, and the assassin is blown back in the darkness of the tannery

Ulfvar finally crushes the door and charges through… to be met by an enraged rat ogre, as it fixates on him!
Ulfvar whirls his hammer overhead and prepares to receive a charge from five hundred pounts of muscle and fury
Rat ogre delivers vicious blows, but Ulfvar manages to block them… only to lose a finger as it claws at his upraised hammer

Sorcerer says “Grott, get them!” and throws down a super ninja smoke bomb, promptly disappears

Ulfvar shakes the blood from his hand, takes a firm two-handed grip on his hammer, and shouts several gutteral words of power
Swinging his ice-blue glowing hammer above hsi head, he delivers a crushing blow to the rat ogre’s shoulder, knocking it back with a stunned look on it’s face
The sound of crackling emanated from it’s shoulder as a blue sheen of frozen skin began to creep down its arm and across its torso

While it stares, puzzled, at it’s freezing limb, Kromaw clocks it firmly in the side of the head with doubled fists, sending it reeling

Warpstone ninja star flies out of the shadows into Aleron’s shoulder, deflects off his buckler but sticks in his forearm

Durion kneels, takes aim at the rat ogres, and looses a crossbow bolt – directly into the shadows, where his eagle eyes spot the creeping assassin

Jorn waves his middle fingers in the air vigourously while shouting obscenities, and the rat ogre’s shadow reaches up and tears a long, ragged gash in its own chest

Rat ogre reels… recovers, and tears aggressively at Kromaw, delivering a string of slashes to his chest and arms

Ulfvar charges the rat ogre, drives his hammer unerringly into its warpstone totem… shattering both the hammer and the totem

Shards of warpstone embed themselves in Ulfvar’s forearms… and Max picks up a few shards in the face and inhales some of the dust – corruption x2!!!
Durion starts hunting around for the assassin in the dark corners of the tannery… and finds… jack shit!

Golden plaque is on display on a table in the back of the room. Plaque is clipped into several chunks and slivers (~10 crowns worth) – 6 pieces in total
Small chunk of the effigy mask – about the size of a fingertip – laying on the ground near a brazier

Averheim Act 5
Chaos at Von Kaufman's Menagerie

Guards (Besides us)
Bauerfaust – soldier (town guard captain)
Arta Schafer – soldier
Walfried Wertz – soldier
Waldtraut – soldier

Konrad Mauer
Clothilde von Alptraum
Giselbert Kund (Clottie Bodyguard) – aging, but knowledgeable bodyguard/footman
Theodosius Teuchtenhagen – obnoxious redheaded noble, fierty whiskers
Degelbert D’Abor – Theodosius’ “Pet” wizard. Gut spilling over belt, loose clothes, but jeweled/rich.
Hogweed – Theo’s imbecile jester.
Ferdinand Lietdorf – tall elegant man in 30s, disputed head of Lietdorf family. Long curly gray hair, pompous ass. Satin and silk with jewels. Nephew of Marius.
Claudia Lietdorf – slight, pale woman in early 20s. Cousin of Castor/Ferdinand, Ferdinand’s wife.
“Waldo” Waldemarius Loamdelve – head of Halfling community (Mootland is nearby) – fairly large local Halfling community, Youthful 78, dark brown hair grey at temples

Amelie Steiner – lady in waiting – Von K retinue
Fausta Herzog – lady in waiting – Von K retinue
Wanda Grunwald – lady in waiting – Von Teutenberg retinue
Albrund Falk – Von K’s falconier
Adele Ketzenblaum – Witch Hunter

Guards let the gang into the gates. Three dudes at the gates of the garden. Ordered to guard the perimeter, but not enter the garden.
Von Kaufman overseeing final preparation for event. Staff is tightening guy wires, straightening hedges, etc.
Amelie, Fausta sitting on marquee, fanning selves. Falk hangign with birds and fussing with them.
Bauerfaust in uniform, arguing with Von Kaufman. Seems humiliated that Von Kaufman wants the gang to guard instead of his men.
Von Kaufman sees gang approach. “GOod good, you’ve arrived! Coats of arms and respectable hats in the tent there – wear them throughout the day.”
“Take half an hour or so familiarizing your self with the grounds – here’s a map of the maze to pull the odd idiot out as required.”
Imperial cross emblazoned onto golden sun, red flames. Hats with red plumes provided as well.

After gang walks around and checks out grounds, Von K checks in. “Guard the tents and exhibits while I welcome guests.”
“Then we’ll head to falconier for a show. Be discreet, and let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary. Don’t cause a fuss.”

Clothilde makes way to the Gang, says hi, relives “old” times, makes a to-do over the party
Luminary Mauer swings by, pays his respects (without the respect part), then heads to the menagerie
Claudia adn Ferdinand Leitdorf arrive, swings by – theatrically proclaims himself present (a little over the top)
Ladies-in-waiting step up and curtsy
Gang shows the ladies around the grounds
2 large curio cabinets covered by cloth in the middle of the grounds near the snack tables
Claudia complains of a splitting headache, sits in the shade near tents
Small guy – halfling – richly dressed in silks, nose in the air – walks up to the wizard (jorn)
“May inform the guests that Waldemarius Loamdelve has arrived to grace them with my illustrious presence”
Jorn introduces him flamboyantly – halfling digs it – pleased at the intro

Young buxom girl, uncomfortable in her pomp and finery (dressed to the nines, but out of her league)
Fat leering man bedecked in robes of gold thread (gold wizard)
Capering youth dressed in Jester’s motley
Nobleman – Teuchtenhagen – finely dressed and haughty
Buxom girl (Wanda Grunberg) meekly announces him looking embarassed, upon which Teuchtenhagen giggles dismissively/effeminately

Gryfalcon comes out – unusually large (small pony-sized) griffin/
Waldemarius becomes nervous as it circles, afraid it might snatch him up (almost big enough)

Claudia watches the show, squinting, with a migraine
Max and Aleron catch the tinest acrid, caustic whiff of something, then disappears
Max looks around for a few seconds, then goes back to chatting up Wanda Grunberg
Ulfvar concentrates with his pseudo-wolf-sense, catches something towards the demigryff’s cage
“Going to go see about something, back shortly”

Jester – “probably suffering from the effects of Clothilde’s perfume”
Teuchtenhagen bursts into giggles
Fakl – “probably the smell from the falcon cage, my lords and ladies”

Ulfvar tracks the smell to the demigryff cage (horse-sized griffin without wings)
Smell is distinctly different from the demigryff or it’s… “guano”
Hedgerow back behind the cage seems to be dispersing the scent

Very large cage with a bedraggled basilisk, it’s eyes put out

A few of the ladies cowering in a huddle while looking at the spider cage

Norscan White Bear (polar bear)
Giant Owl (creepy, intelligent looking eyes)
Hairless Southland Rhinox (familiar to ogre, only without normal fur)

Jorn heads over to Claudia, offers her a small swig of his elixir (healing potion) (fails charm check, looks sketchy)
Claudia glances over at Leitdorf, who looks back warily, and she refuses it graciously
“Just not feeling fit for public today… please excuse me” – takes her leave with Ferdinand and Von Kaufman
Ferdinand is exasperated, in a foul mood

Amelie Steiner (Von Kaufman lady in waiting) – heads over to Ulfvar
“Was assailed by a dreadful stench while I was looking over the bear…”
Kromaw heads over to the bear with Ulfric, notices a whiff of something coming from a hedge behind the bear cage
Kromaw smashes through a shrub, tromps on a hedgerow, and notices a small cutout the size in a man inside the hedge (pocket)
Small enough that a man could crouch and fit inside it – the trunks of the hedges are smeared with stinky brown goo

Kromaw sniffs it – smells godawful – Ulfvar leaning over in concentration as he takes a few whiffs
Kromaw realizes that it smells like the tannery down by the docks – quicklime mixed with dung – dabs all over the branches

Max is closely guarding the ladies-in-waiting

Ulfvar notices Waldemarius (Waldo) has made his way back to the Marquee
The Jester sidles up to the halfling, nudges him in the ribs – tells a joke
“Three fat mootlanders went down Blackfire pass,a nd were waylaid by goblins. Two were bound up with robes, and the third
was boiled in the pot with chopped endives and garlic.”
One says “It’s a travesty!”
The other says “Of course, garlic should be crushed!”

Waldemarius is horribly offended, complains to Teuchtenhagen, tells him to reign in his jester
Teuchtenhagen eggs him on to tell the entire joke, upon which Teuchtenhagen breaks into laughter
Waldo is pissed, and storms off, looks for better company
The ladies-in-waiting proceed to comfort him

As this is winding down, a familiar face walks through the gate whithout acknowledging the guards – Adele Kutzenblaum
Strides directly up to Markus Bauerfast – greets her brusquely, exchange basic pleasantries
Kromaw walks up to them with no guile, but Ulfvar manages to eavesdrop before they notice Kromaw

Ulfvar trips over a root, and shakes the bush as he’s trying to sidle closer
They stare at Ulfvar for a moment, but are distracted by the ogre stomping closer
Adele raises an eyebrow, then asks Kromaw where he managed to find a joke hat like that, with minimal humor

They make their away from him, dismissively
Von Kaufman explains that the templeman had died on the journey intot he southlands
Adele – “quite convenient, isn’t it”
They lean together to argue, voices are heated, but Kromaw can’t quite overhear, just hissing
Volume ramps up as they get more heated, but Kromaw’s hearing sucks
Adele – “I know about the man in the black hood, and I’ve had enough of your crap”
“No idea what you’re on about, Fraulein Ketzenblaum!”
“Maybe YOU are the man in the black hood!”
Tells her to either level an accusation wtih some support, or leave the party

As she storms out and down a path into the maze, she makes deliberate eye contact with Markus Bauerfaust
Bauerfaust gives a slight nod, follows her a way down the patch
Ulfvar is still close enough to catch their conversation as they halt in the hedgerow

Von Kaufman is back in teh Marquee, now pissed after the conversation with Adele

Adele has another heated exchange with Bauerfaust
“This entire situation is unacceptable. Everyone involved in this expedition should be suspect!”
Bauerfaust says he himself set it up, so perhaps he should be a suspect.
She is even angrier, storms off and leaves the party entirely.
Bauerfaust takes the opportunity to make the rounds of the garden

Von Kaufman is highly aggravated, but Ulfvar makes his way over to talk to him
Looks like he wants to punch somebody
“Bauerfaust shouldn’t have left his post. He’ll need to be spoken to.” Growling.
Kromaw asks him why Adele is so agitated over the expedition.
“No idea. Markus Bauerfaust set it up with me. Konrad Mauer helped determine our itinerary.”
Kromaw – “Find anything bad?”
Von Kaufman – “No, actually found some amazing things, you’ll see shortly.”
Makes an announcement: “Please assemble in the Marquee, as we will shortly unveil our prize exhibits!”

Crowd begins gathering at the Marquee
Von Teuchtenhage and his crowd are at the back

Leitdorf and his gang are on the left

Whips the curtain off the curio cabinet – and exposes several artifacts and trinkets within
On top – leering effigy carved from smoky jade, evil gaze
Several items carved from ivory, funerary goods from southlands tombs
One constructed from wood and hair – Glowering head with fierce eyes
Big gold plaque inscribed with runes, glyphs and sigils – found in tall tiered pyramid, protectedy by scaled creatures

Discovered after beset up on by orks

Begins to go on at length about the jade statue
Interrupted by Luminary Mauer – “Evil! It’s an evil thing and you should surrender it to me immediately!”
Von Kaufman – "I will do nothing of the sort! Pride of my collection! You will have the opportunit…
“I will not study it, I will destroy it!”
Kromaw feels that they are both quite sincere about their positions
Jorn looks upon it with magic sight – gets a vague sense of unease and despair

Von Kaufman won’t surrender the artifact – begins to get desperate, turns to Dagobert “I’ll get another opinion”
Dagobert is enamored with the gold plaque in the other cabinet, drooling over it with face pressed to it, turns
Dagobert supports Von Kaufman, distracted – “surely there’s no problem here, nothing to be concerned with”
Von Kaufman – “You see! You are mistaken..”
Konrad Mauer is enraged, face turns red, and storms out of the gathering

“in the hedge maze is a statue of Verena – I’ll go by the statue, and blindfold myself.”
“First one to find me will be lauded as the winner and rewarded handsomely”
Dagobert, Hogweed, Waldo, Hatelin, Gerlin, Wands (ladies in waiting)

Middle of menagerie – bloodcurdling scream!
Kromaw, Aleron, Ulfvar run over
Prone form next to the cage of the demigryph – Falk, with a huge gash in his head, bleeding
Cage is open, demigryph is missing, lock is opened
Tracks heading away from the cage into the hedge maze (of course)
Jorn tries to patch up Falk, but he is bleeding severely

Ulfvar stays near Falk and Von Kaufman, Jorn as well (trying first aid on Falk)

Kromaw, Aleron, Ulfvar, Max head into the maze. Kromaw/Aleron tracking the demigryph, Max looking for guests.

Ulfvar goes sprinting past Aleron, and Kromaw lumbers quickly ahead of both
Hear loud screech of fear coming from east (right on the map)
Kromaw, Aleron and Ulfvar get to the end of the straightaway, see Wanda, disheveled running the opposite direction
THey question her – just saw it in the maze – hear her as she shrieks her way out of the maze and faints
Gang heads north to the center of the garden, planning to get to the shield and fetch Amelie
Shrieks coming from just north of the Sun shield, Kromaw breaks off and heads northeast towards them, Aleron follows

THey near the sun

Hears sound of an explosion coming from the tent near the Marquee
Jorn dumps some of his healing potion onto Falk’s head
Glass cases in the tent (Marquee) – something exploded in there, smoke billowing out from the raised tent flaps
Only Giselbert was in there (Clothilde’s bodyguard) – Jorn rushes over, casts a stormwind to clear out the smoke
\Blows the smoke out of the tent
Giselbert is laying on the ground, stabbed several times
Effigy is missing from the cabinet, glass broken and shelves smashed
Large gold disk is missing as well
A few feet from Giselbert amongst the chairs, remnants of a broken glass sphere, pool of bubbling green smoking goo
As soon as the stormwind spell begins to dissipate, the sphere and goop begin to smoke heavily
Giselbert is dragging himself away towards the tent exit, bleeding heavily from several wounds

Guests are standing around – a few are helping Wanda up from the maze, others taking care of Falk

Rest of the gang continues to follow around the corner, hoofing it to catch the demigryph

Hear gurgling, gasping sound coming from the northwest, sounds like the jester having a seizure

Jorn runs into the tent, attempts to grab and remove Giselbert (hard resilience check for smoke)
Jorn starts coughing heavily, eyes and throat burning, watering, snot running, grabs Giselbert
Aleron and Jorn pulling Giselbert out, both blinded by gas as they stumble through the tent flap
Giselbert is coughing, bloody spittle coming out

Maze – gang turns the corner just as the demigryph reaches the center of the statue
Girls is standing still, with blindfold still on, humming to hersself
Max whips out his pistol, shoots the demigryph in the haunch, and it rears up and shrieks
Amelie whips off her mask, sees the demigryph rearing, shrieks and faints

Kromaw charges the demigryph – it’s pissed, eyes locked on Max, ready to charge
The demigryph dodges with great agility, and Kromaw stumbles and tackles the statue of Verena instead
Max backs away furiously, scrambling to jam the pistol in his belt
The demigryph takes a swipe, and manages to rip the pistol out of his hand, just missing his ribcage
- pistol suffers from Unreliable 1
Max is knocked back even from the deflected force into the hedgerow on his ass, dagger in one hand and damaged pistol in the other
Aleron raises his crossbow, releases and lodges a bolt in the demigryph’s ribcage

Back at the tent, Giselbert is bleeding from multiple stab wounds in his back
“Little figure… (cough) figure in black… yellow fangs… couldn’t see face… (cough)…” Passes out.
Jorn – investigates the tent after waiting for the smoke to dissipate
Smallish slit behind the shattered cabinet – sees some brown goop smeared on the tent flaps
No further hints, other than some small humanoid footprints

Aleron & Jorn examine Giselbert – see waxy/cottage cheese flesh around the stab wounds in his back

Max rips out his rapier and stabs it into the demigryph’s haunch, causing it to stumble (staggered)
Kromaw extricates himself from the statue, attempts to grapple the demigryph and wrestle it to the ground
Aleron helps Amelie out

Dagobert freaked out and ran out the north exit
Waldo got lost in the northeast spiral of the maze

Von Kaufman is enraged by the carnage and mayhem
Somewhat pleased with our efforts, recovering the demigryph, saving two guests
30 schillings each for payment, 5 each for bonus
Also… starts raining

Von Teuchtenhagen gathers his retinue, thanks everyone for a “most enjoyable and interethting day”
Members of local Shallya and Morr cults come in – Morr priests surprised to find no work
Priests of Shallya get to work on the torn up Falk and Giselbert

Bauerfaust comes back – soldiers continue to guard the menagerie
Von Kaufman storms over to Bauerfaust, have heated argument, blasts him for leaving his post
Bauerfaust and soldiers end up leaving, annoyed by nobleman

Rain is increasingly heavy

Meet Von Kaufman at the Journey’s End Tavern the next day at Noon(ish) to talk over the events

Do notice that the footprints in the tent are smaller than adult human… but toes are tipped with long claws
Yellow fangs, black cloak, claw-tipped toes, knife that causes waxy/cheesy wounds, can pick a lock

Gang makes it back to the Upright Pig, towards nightfall
About to enter the door, then see a figure walk up in the rain – Friedrich Grotz
Finally decided – things are getting too hairy here in Averheim, will be leaving before he joins the dead
Wants to ask for one last favor, an escort to the west gate of the city – 10 schillings each for the favor
Plan on traveling to Nuln to start a new life there…

Trip is fairly uneventful, no issues until about to part ways.
Grotz turns to head out the gate… and gang sees some shadowed figures lurking in the alleyways.
Ulfvar sprints into the shadows at one of the figures, accepting fatigue
Chants as he runs, hammer begins to glow, and he brings it down viciously on the thug’s skull, shattering it
Max runs into the dark alley… and only manages to puncture one of the thugs’ capes a few times as he dodges
Distracted, he doesn’t see Kromaw swinging his fist, and is crushed into and partially through the alley wall
Aleron sprints in, takes a swing, and connects with a thug’s midriff, driving him back into the alley
Footpad comes flying out of the alley behind Jorn, manages to lodge a knife in his ribs, but loses grip, slips on wet stone, and falls
Another dude piles into Grotz, knocking him down, and attempts to drive a knife into his chest
From the shadows – “Grotz, you’re going down!!!”
Jorn attempts to make both himself and Grotz invisible (even in combat)
Dude at Jorn’s feet is flummoxed as he fades from view
Grotz’s assailant flinches as Grotz disappears, and rolls off, arms spread as he swings his knife wildly
Splashing steps gives another thug as he charges out of the alley… and slips, sprawling at Aleron’s feet

Ulfvar’s hammer takes on a blue glow as frost quickly accumulates on the head
Ulfvar takes a golf swing at one of the prone thugs’ head… and sends it flying down the alley, his ribcage shattering

Hear a “whit, whit” and both of the grounded men groan, then go limp
Kromaw points the blunderbus down the alley from where they came, and blasts a cloud of shrapnel at them
Wounds on the downed men starts to turn green/slimy/pale

Rain continues heavily, no further attacks – Grotz offers a further 10 shillings each in thanks
Aleron “Why’d they come after you like that?”
Grotz – “Not really big on people who don’t join. Too damned much indiscrimiate killing for me…”

Averheim Act 4

Clothilde attempts to chat with gang to help recover from the trauma of the robbery
Max tells Clothilde at great length of his accomplishments
Aleron munches on a sandwich
Ulfvar talks poorly veiled smack about Sigmar

Come up to glorious mansion on hillside – large stone ring pool in the coachway
ornate shrubbery
Skillfully deflects Max’s attempts at providing accompaniement to the upcoming Averhiem ball

Servants rush out and remove baggage from carriage, offer to patch up Ulfvar’s
Servants throw a bandage on the wounded bandit’s head, tie him up, throw him on the back of the carriage
Captain of Guard: Marcus Bauerfast

Gang heads back toward town – pass by the area where the branches were cleared from the road – just past, Jorn sees something
Several hoofprints heading into a narrow path through woods – probably several horses
Max/Durion/Jorn/Ulfvar dismount the coach, head through woods. Durion on a pony.
Follow a trail – not particularly heavy woods – apple trees intermixed.

Max sneaks like a boss, Ulfvar too… until he breaks into laughter at a bird shitting in Jorn’s eye while looking around
4 tents spread around a campfire in a clearing
near the fire is a wooden crate with Averheim seal branded into it, small (jewelry box size)
broken pistol with Averheim marking
small ornate lockbox under one of the tents’ pillows – Durion finds, tries to pick

Ulfvar grabs the pistol, sniffs it – definitely belongs to the highwaymen… but…
Pistol is cocked and loaded, goes off in Ulfvar’s hand and explodes, shrapnel in chest/face
Also catches the scent of another person that wasn’t with the gang on the road – human/female – ~20 yards that direction

Max sneaks off at an angle, then doubles back – total success – almost exactly 20 yards out in trees
comes up behind her – sees a youth (13-14), close cropped hair – can’t tell if girl boy
has a bulging backpack, dagger at belt, hand on dagger – hiding and looking back towards camp
sneaks up behind, pokes pistol into the back of her head – cock the hammer

She throws up her hands – “don’t shoot!” – acts totally surprised – “hope i’m not disturbing you!”
“fell asleep in the hot sun, heard you coming and ran into the woods”

and starts walking to the camp
Ulfvar offers to remove her guts unless she hands over her backpack
she hands it over – Ulfvar finds a hunting horn and several apples
Durion looks for a lockbox key too – no deal
Ulfvar intimidatest the hell out of her – she admits to being complicit with highway robbers, look out and blow horn for likely marks
Gang only operating within the last few weeks, leader (Hektor) being fed news of opportunities by “Hooded Man” who helps fence the loot
She’s never done any of the dealings, doesn’t know what he looks like

Ulfvar tell her they’re dead – she has a new wave of fear, says she’ll have to somehow make her way in the world
Does she know anything about gunpowder? No – but two of the members were deserters from the Averheim garrison.
No connection to other gangs – Hector dealt directly with the Hood.
Ulfvar has her blow the horn – sounds just like the one from the highway

Ulfvar shakes her, tries to figure if she’s telling the truth
Obviously lying to Durion and Jorn, who narrow their eyes at her
She kicks Ulfvar in the shin, throws the horn at his face, and starts running
Max reaches out and grabs her before she gets away – manages to get a hand on her shirtsleeve
She manages to whip out her knife, spins around and misses Max, but he has to let go – keeps running
Jorn casts Steed of Shadows to blast past her and cut her off, flairs out his pink robe… and Ulfvar tackles her to the ground
Durion lifts his crossbow, no longer needing to put a bolt through her knee

Durion gives the lockbox to Max, manages to get it open by straining mightily, rips the lid off of the box…
But there’s a puff of gas, and Max breathes it in. Max sees stars and collapses to ground.
Pearl necklace insid the box, as well as several loose coins
Durion catches the box, sees the pearl necklace. Also a pouch with 35 shillings inside.
Durion pockets the necklace, and starts to smack Max awake.

Gang heads back to town, turns in the girl to the town watch, then heads to the Upright Pig. Early evening, skies darkening,
Kurt Weiss hands out 20 shillings each and congratulates the gang on good work – will contact us when more work available.

Fritz Flink – Thief, blackmailed by gang to keep an eye out
Friedrich Grotz – old school racketeer, afraid of new gang moving in (Durion knows him from way back, kept him out of jail for stealing rolls)
Gotford Hansen – gong farmer (poop collector)
Beatrice Knox – gambler, owes the racketeers, on the lookout for large bribe
Mathilde Durbine – 40s, very pretty face, plump, hangs out at Upright Pig – she’s a fence, gang is familiar with her

Beatrice – sitting at end of bar by herself, sullen look on face
Sees the gang enter, she looks away, seems to feel useless, hasn’t gotten any good info, feels uncomfortable
Mathilde – sees gang enter – “hello my friends, what have you got for me today?”
Durion motions her to a secluded booth in the back of the bar to discuss business – she grabs her pint and follows
Gang seats ourselves at the booth – Durion brings out necklace, says we’ve “come across” a pearl necklace, wants to see what she can do
Ulfvar – “wait, wait – do you know anythign about this?”
Mathilde – "Hey now, these are real pearls. Rare to have them all the same color like this.
“Haven’t heard who’d this belongs to, but can get you a pretty penny for it.” Who belong go? “Can’t really divulge, of course. Get you 50 shillings though.”
She has a fairly solid rep – unlikely. But Ulfvar tries to talk her up. Failure. “The power of Ulfric compels you!”
She will go up to 55 shillings, but won’t go higher. Pulls out a bag from her bodice, deposits the necklace. “as always, a pleasure dealing with you fellas.”

Fritz Flink – looking afraid, concerned – “the guy I worked for ended up dead outside the tavern, I gotta get out of this town” – very distracted
Jorn (bullshitting) – “town watch was asking after you, buddy” – “Sigmar’s balls… I gotta get out of here!”
Fritz chugs his ale, slaps a coin down, and rushes out the door into the night scared shitless.

Aleron is halfway through a plate of lamb shank and beef. Rest of gang slaps down a handful of brass and joins him.
As gang is eating, Kurt Weiss walks in the door. Sits down with gang to talk.

“Must tell you gentle men – you’ve really impressed the owner, Herr von Kaufman”
He would like to meet with you over an evening’s drink at the Journey’s End inn, on the Red Arrow’s expense."
Hosting a small gathering, perhaps you would like to head over and join.
Max dresses up in his fine clothing.

SHow up at a higher class inn,
A few friends, investors and merchant class greet the gang, slap shoulders, show general thanks for eliminating banditry.
Von Kaufman shows with his poofy sleeves, Von K crest embroidered proudly on tunic.
Much thanks for protecting Clothilde. Heard that the gang possessed some Averheim weaponry, perhaps deserters?
Ulfvar – curious – what’s your interest?
“Think it’s fairly fascinating – keep having these coaches and carts robbed, stealign things such as gunpowder.”
Heard of some disappearing from garrison, equipment disappearing, undermanned watches.
Ulfric – most definitely!
Von K – recently had an expedition return from the southlands – small garden party at Averland Garden to show off the wonders they obtained.
Leaning towards hiring some security. Perhaps the gang would like to provide additional protection, in lieu of the… less than reliable… garrison?
Gang can come along and act as household watchmen? Dress in house livery, patrol the grounds, make sure everything’s kosher.
The Ogre would be an added bonus… suspect we can figure out something with the tailor. Calls servant over to have him take care of it.
Show up at about 10am tomorrow?

Max – anything you suspect might happen? Von K – not so much, just the coaches disappearing.
Jorn – anything strange found in the southlands? Von K – come by and check it out.
Max- need less conspicuous assistance amongst the guests? No – wants very obvious and unquestionable security.
Gang enjoys fine food and drink, then heads back to Upright pig and crashes.

A little foggy down by the river, but otherwise clear night. Night passes without any interruptions (for a change).
Gang wakes up, heads down to common room – free porridge (Max gets steak and eggs).
Bartender: “Weren’t you talking to that Beatrice lady last night? Some rough looking guy came in and escorted her out.”
“Probably 11 or so, when they left. She didn’t look like she was happy about it. Seen him once or twice – new muscle in town.”

Friedrich walks in – goes up to bar, orders a brew to start the day. Sees gang at
“Normally see Beatrice down at the gambling house, usally astarts early. Didn’t see her today though.”
Bartender describes the dude that walked out with her. (dark, bald patch, tallish)
Friedrich – “Yeah, sounds like one of the new racketeers in town. Known moneylender.”
“Don’t know him well, try not to get too associated with these new guys. Couldn’t tell you where to look for him.”

Gang heads to the Menagerie. Out the front door – commotion over by the pier. Crowd gathering down by the docks.
“Ah, they found somebody in the river!” – it is, in fact, Beatrice. Dead, bloated.
Luminary Mauer is there, inspecting the body – lifting shirt, looking for strange wounds.
Nothing strange, probably strangulation (marks on neck). Wasn’t raining… just a “normal” killing, looks like.

Gang shows up at the Averberg Palace at one side of the PenzerPlatz near center of town.
Grounds are in the far corner of the Averberg GArdens from the front gate.
Half ring of cages on one side, hedge maze on the other.
Averland marquee arrayed in the center, with Von Kaufman colors next to them.
Tables with finger foods and drinks arrayed for refreshment.
Artifacts arrayed in a glass cabinet.
Small duck pond in the back of the garden. Opposite the pond is a small stand with Von K’s falconier attends to birds.
Lawn is ringed by a hedge. 10 enclosures that will contain some sort of animal.
3 designed – aviaries with glass plating and iron bars. (door at rear)
Bird cages – large circular wrought iron enclosures. Domes decorated with guilded wrought iron. Door in side with padlock.
Animal cages – 35×25×15, large door secured with padlock.
Small signs in front of enclosures with names of exhibit.

Enclosure 1 – Cockatrice. Reptile crossed with bird, electric blue feathers. Red wattle, green serpent’s tail. Size of cow. Eyes put out.
Enclosure 2 – Empty. No label.
Enclosure 3 – Gigantic Spider. Sticky stringy web covering. 8’ long. Red with black markings.
Enclosure 3 – Bird cage. Southland Carnivorous Snapper. Curcular dirty pond. Sickly crocodilian. 11’ long, bilious green.
Enclosure 5 – Bird cage. Empty. Animal feed sacks.
Enclosure 6 – Southland Flightless Griffin (birdcage). Demigryph. Griffin without wings, juvenile. Imposing, horse-sized. Eagle lion hybrid.
Between 6/7 – large area of lawn. Falconier’s prey will be here.

Enclosure 7 – Norscan White Bear. Pacing back and forth.
Enclosure 8 – Sabretusk Cat. Mountains of Morn. Heavily built cat with massive canines. Suffering from climate – too hot/humid. Panting heavily.
Enclosure 9 – Aviary. Giant Owl. 5’ tall fricking owl. Gazing around with intelligent eyes.
Enclosure 10 – Hairless Southland Rhinox. Huge rhino with large horns on shout. Dark gray warty hide.

Hedge maze – large and overgrow, not particularly hard to find through, mostly just a pleasant walk. Steward keeps a map of the maze.
Von K has a copy, will distribute to the party. Maze taller than Kromaw – densely planted evergreens perhaps 15’ in height, poorly tended.
Stepping stones haphazard, tilted.
First clearing: Large mosaic sun with Frowning Face (Solland Family)
Second clearing: Statue with Liberty chick balanced scales
Third Clearing: Old and twisted oak tree, sagging branches held up by props.

Bauerfaust – soldier (town guard captain)
Arta Schafer – soldier
Walfried Wertz – soldier
Waldtraut – soldier

Konrad Mauer
Clothilde von Alptraum
Giselbert Kund (Clottie Bodyguard)
Theodosius Teuchtenhagen – obnoxious redheaded noble, fierty whiskers
Degelbert D’Abor – Theodosius’ wizard.
Hogweed – Theo’s imbecile jester.
Ferdinand Lietdorf – tall elegant man in 30s, disputed head of Lietdorf family. Long curly gray hair, pompous ass. Satin and silk with jewels
Claudia Lietdorf – pale woman in early 20s. Cousin of Castor/Ferdinand, Ferdinand’s wife.
“Waldo” Waldemarius Loamdelve – head of Halfling community (Mootland is nearby) – fairly large local Halfling community, Youthful 78, dark brown hair grey at temples

Amelie Steiner – lady in waiting – Von K retinue
Fausta Herzog – lady in waiting – Von K retinue
Wanda Grunwald – lady in waiting – Von Teutenberg retinue
Albrund Falk – Von K’s falconier
Adele Ketzenblaum – Witch Hunter

Guards let the gang into the gates. Three dudes at the gates of the garden. Ordered to guard the perimeter, but not enter the garden.
Von Kaufman overseeing final preparation for event. Staff is tightening guy wires, straightening hedges, etc.
Amelie, Fausta sitting on marquee, fanning selves. Falk hangign with birds and fussing with them.
Bauerfaust in uniform, arguing with Von Kaufman. Seems humiliated that Von Kaufman wants the gang to guard instead of his men.
Von Kaufman sees gang approach. “GOod good, you’ve arrived! Coats of arms and respectable hats in the tent there – wear them throughout the day.”
“Take half an hour or so familiarizing your self with the grounds – here’s a map of the maze to pull the odd idiot out as required.”
Imperial cross emblazoned onto golden sun, red flames. Hats with red plumes provided as well.

After gang walks around and checks out grounds, Von K checks in. “Guard the tents and exhibits while I welcome guests.”
“Then we’ll head to falconier for a show. Be discreet, and let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary. Don’t cause a fuss.”

Averheim Act 3

Discovered a mutant camp (5 dudes), broke up the party, interrogated one chick, brought back to Averheim
Several kegs of black powder missing, but recovered silk cloth from Cathay for Red Arrow Coach service
Stayed at Welcome Rest in on Red Arrow’s dime
Checked in at Red Arrow (Kurt Weiss), turned in captive mutant to Town Watch (name – Zonguldak Hoofengroofer?)
Max – dinner with local groupie – found out Ute’s address, looked in on her… missing for couple days (no violence)
Kromaw – saw dude yelling at his dragooned racketeer, went out back… and killed him!!!
– “we need to look in the darkness”
Aleron’s dudes picked up some good info, but just to corroborate known missing dudes – saw dark figure, disappeared into the darkness

Gang goes to back of bar, meets up with Jorn – Kromaw walking towards bar, blood dripping down his hand – body propped against the wall
Max finishes up dinner with his girlfriend Ilse
Aleron writes “Red Crown Lives” on the wall with the dude’s blood
Max sneaks upstairs at the Pig to keep an eye on the surrounding area
Ulfvar gets a vantage point where he cn see the body
Jorn hides in the shadows across the alley

Max sat uncomfortably atop the roof of the Upright Pig, huddling close to the chimney to keep the worst of the driving rain off of him. He pulled his cloak tighter around his shoulders and adjusted his position to keep his leg from falling asleep yet again. Voices rose above the splashing raindrops in the distance, a few buildings away. A couple arguing loudly, perhaps. A few low barks from the man were answered by shrill shouts from the woman, before a door slammed and relative silence resumed. Perhaps the most exciting thing in the last hour or so. This pathetic weather was unfortunate for Max’s midnight sentry duty, but fairly normal for this season in the Empire. This kind of rain happened every few days here in Averheim it seemed, and it wasn’t even winter here. Estalian weather was so much more pleasant. But nothing to be done for it. Max continued to wait.

Max was about to turn in after several minutes of discomfort when a pair of sodden watchmen passed along the dock road. Catching a glimpse of something they stopped, and one of them pointed down the alley. Ducking more closely against the chimney, Max watched one watchman shrugged and began to walk down the alley. Stopping nearly beneath Max, the watchman shouted and gestured to the wall of the opposite building. “There’s some writing over here, maybe red paint or blood. Come see what it says!” The other watchman shuffled over to join him while muttering loudly.

“What’s this? It’s all smeared. I can’t hardly make it out,” the watchman said angrily. The other moved closer and squinted. “The… red crow… lies? Lives? No. It’s crown, I think,” he sounded out slowly. “The Red Crown lives. What in the name of Sigmar is the Red Crown?” The other man snorted. “You don’t pay attention to much, do you? It’s some old Chaos cult, or at least it used to be. Not so much one anymore, it’s pretty much broken up. But the odd band of mutants here and there gangs up together and uses the name. Come on. Let’s go tell the watch captain.” They both walked off into the rain, rounding the corner back on the dock street.

Some moderately interesting information, but not what Max was hoping for. Levering himself against the chimney, Max walked on pins and needles from his sleeping leg to the open window of his room, and lowered himself carefully through to prevent making excess noise. Cloth rustled as Inge shifted in the bed. Max shushed her has he closed the shutter. “Just me, my love. Back to sleep, no worries, you must regain your energy. Tomorrow will be an exciting and exhausting day!” Removing his belt along with sword and pistol, he undressed quickly and slid under the covers next to Inge’s warmth. Yet another night without any sighting of the killer.

Max – sees a couple of town watchmen walking down the dock front road – river is heavily flowing, at floodline
They take a turn down a road (B2) past Upright Pig (Handelweg?), glance over at alleyway, see the body in the lantern light
Pause and appear to discuss, motion, one guy stays while the other heads down alley to check – “Oi! Shove off! After curfew!”
Notices the guy’s not moving, diluted stream of blood – “Gah! Get over here! We got a dead one!”
Other guy trots over, both stand a few feet clear to check it out. Bit of wood hanging off his chest, partially washed clear…
“Red… crow… lies? Crown? Maybe Red Crown lives? What’s the Red Crown?” “Ain’t you never heard of the Red Crown?”
Run off to find a pries of Morr, about an hour later a priest comes by with a wheelbarrow, attempts to write up scene description
THen hauls body off…
Don’t see shit for the rest of the night…

River is still maxed out. No hurdy gurdy to wake the gang up. Had an appointment with Herr Weiss at the Red Arrow.
Still drizzling, fog is slowly lifting, clouds showing a few gaps
Head down past Penzerplatz, dude on a soapbox talking shit about nobility and wealthy
Much talk about a killing perpetrated by the Red Crown last night
Fairly busy foot traffic, market stalls and hawkers are busy

Tell Weiss that the ogre had a bad meal, not able to make it
“That’s just as well – today’s task would be a bit difficult to achieve with his size, and requires a bit of discretion”
Hands out some tabards – black heavy cloth – devices embroidered on chest.
Right breast – Red Arrow logo. Left breast – silver Von Kaufman coat of arms (black cross with outline of sun).
Kaufman helps everyone straighten up and look presentable with them on.
“While you wear these you represent the von Kaufman family – please act with the decorum and image I expect you to present.
Brave friend Grafen Clothilde von Alptraum Treated the heros of Blackfire Pass, including Kromaw.
Well known and wealthy, but has a reputation – likes to make a show of helping the poor and unfortunate.

Quick coach journey to Heidach – normally in secrecy, but will be rather over, best coach, comments among the commoners.
Word should reach the ears of the bandits, and we should be able to make a report of their activity.
Remain hidden inside the coach – upon ambush, turn the tables on any attackers.
The highway robber bands are ususally strong enought to cope with a coachman and perhaps a bodyguard, but probably will not press this time.

Graven Clothilde is unmarried, holds her title in her own right (fairly unusual).
Subjected to many proposals (including Aleron’s half brother, Herr Weiss of the Red Arrow, etc.)
Vision of radiant beauty, curvaceous hourglass figure, curly auburn hair, decorated with feathers and the imperial cross.
Not trained in the arts of war, but demonstrated courage on several occasions in a field hospice at the 3rd battle of Blackfire Pass
Concerned with matters pertaining to Shallya and Verena – gravest threats are privation and prurience(?)
Not in line for the Elector seat, and finds the issue tiresome – simply wants the new one to be fit to rule and not prone to excess (unlike Marius)

Kurt goes to check on the coach – then comes back and introduces to Clothilde, her bodyguard Giserbert Kund – 60’s, crumbling but powerful and competent
Close cut white beard, sword and pistol – like the cowboy from the Big Lebowski

Other dude in 40’s, withdrawn/quiet – usually discusses wine/women,
Load into the coach – Giselbert and Werther on the front, some luggage on top, a few chests and cases.
Graven facing forward
Aleron introduces himself as an agent of Aschaffenberg – merchant class, slightly notable
Mention Kromaw in passing – she remembers him – “such a good character” – perfunctory politeness, but well meant
Laughs about him proposing to her just like all the other men
Aleron – “on this trip for business or pleasure”
Clottie – “a bit of both – von Kaufman is having a spot of trouble and of course, don’t mind a spot of adventure”

Coach is loaded – takes off slowly and parades around the Penzerplatz a few laps – Clottie does the princess wave, hams it up
Coach heads across the east gate, turn south and head towards next town of Heideck

After a while the coach slows and comes to a halt
Trees are relatively close, but with a short clearance on either side (not quite a tunnel) – large array of thick branches laying across the road

Two coachment get off, go to investigate branches – some of the gang gets angsty, but Clottie reminds them to stay cool and unseen unless attacked
Ulfvar starts praying to curry favor, chanting lowly with eyes closed, gripping wolf icon
Max makes a show of observing, but is focused on Clothilde (and she is impressed with his behavior)
Coachmen are muttering and complaining, but eventually clear the brush with hatchets and clear the route
Taps on the window “road’s clear, heading out now”
Continues south for a while
Durion belting out a dwarfen marching song
Over it, Jorn hears somehting – whacks Durion on the side of the head, cart goes silent
-in the distance, a horn blast, from the direction we came (at the deadfall)
Silhouette of a humanoid standing near branches blowing a hunting horn (extreme distance)
Ulfvar lets loose a spell (speed of the wolf), does a tuck and roll, tumbles out of the carriage (lands hard), gets up and runs alongside the coach

Out of the woods near the deadfall, five horsemen emerge, galloping quickly after the coach.
Ulfvar ducks into the bushes alongside the road, nestled against a tree – the horses gallop past.
He can see they’re up in the saddle, riding hard, both hands on the reins. (two by two by one)
Ulfvar jumps out in ambush as the last singleton passes by… jumps out and surprises him, swings hammer directly into his face, ripping him off the back of the horse

Giselbert hastily loads his blunderbus – aims it to the rear
Highwaymen – “Put your weapons down! We’re here to relieve you of your goods – we’ll not harm you if you follow our orders!”

We have reason to believe that hte von Alptraum diamond is traveling with you – drop it out the window and we’ll be on our way!"
Four gunmen have a pistol on each door and each coachman.

Jorn pulls a coin out of his pocket, chants briefly, passes a hand over it, and suddenly has a copy of the Alptraum ring in his hand – Clottie is amazed.
Clottie pulls the window open – “okay, I’m dropping it!”
Dude dismounts from horse (pistol trained on door), looks at it – utterly impressed and focused on it – takes the ring and pockets it!!!!!
Says again – “I said drop the ring out the window, or I’ll fire!”

Gang simultaneously fires two pistols, a crossbow, and a shadow blade
Dude on his feet gets blasted in the chest, falls back into the bushes screaming
Dude on a horse with a hat gets stabbed by a shadow blade from undert he brim…. and chaos magic swirls around him….
With a loud pop, the dude teleports to Jorn’s seat across from Clothilde, and Jorn appears on the guy’s horse
Another guy slumps over his saddle with a crossbow bolt through his chest
Another screams out as a bolt thuds into his face, topples off the horse

Ulfvar comes screaming up, rapidly starts tying up injured dudes

Dude in the carriage is confused, but sees Clothilde in front of him draped in jewelry… and lunges!
Durion quickly jams his crossbow’s butt into his back.. but the foot ring catches on the cart
Max quickly motions to the lady to stay back, firmly plants his foot in the robber’s chest, and launches him out the door… directly at Ulfvar’s feet

The Graven is shaking her head… “can’t believe I agreed to such a foolhardy plan – could have lost my ring – what was I thinking!”

Startling discovery while tying up the thieves – one of the robbers is wearing a black and yellow uniform of an Averland state trooper
The rusty, corroded pistols are stamped with a sun bearing a gloomy expression (Averheim seal).
Thirteen silver coins amongst the lot of them. Three horses are branded Averheim Militia (two are not, local farmers’ brands).

Continue on to the country house – about 20 minutes later, the road climbs up hills amongst scrubby trees
Stellar view of Averland lowlands – house is large luxurious, fortified manor
Fed a slap-up meal before being placed on the coach and being sent back to Averheim – with 20 shillings each in our pocketses!!!

Takes 3 hours for the coach to make the return journey

Averheim Act 2
Averheim Act 1
Stromdorf Act 14

Gang has been recently thrashed on the riverbank by a huge wave caused by a descending meteor
Durion is missing a freaking leg!

Jason – veteran pitfighter “Ludolf the Headtaker”
Sold to underground fighting pits in Altdorf
City guard raided to stop pitfighting
Offed his master during the raid, escaped
Went off to fight battles & gain a fortune
Joined the Empire’s army, wants to be a Greatsword and/or Knight
Fought under Markus Bauerfaust
Headed to Averheim to fight the 3rd battle of Blackfire Pass
Greatsword, shield, sword, armor – enjoys lopping heads off
Hired by various mercenary companies
Became bodyguard for Red Arrow shipping company (led by Von Kaufman)
Escorting a coach from Averheim to Stromdorf (firewood + coal + beef)
Picking up Thunderwater Ale for return to Averheim
Done trip a couple of times – knows it’s always raining here
Sees flash/boom in distance, then rain lets up (first time… ever!)

Dwarf is laying on porch of abandoned shack, in tatters (both him and the shack)
Aleron applies first aid – stabilized, stopped bleeding, one wound back
Gang begins long muddy trudge back to Stromdorf

Get back to town – everyone (townspeople) is bummed
Aleron offers to sell info on why it stopped to Capt Kessler (guard captain)
Sigmar Priest – ’I assumed you got the wizard – I saw a sign from Sigmar!"
No more azyre wind of Hysh in the stone now – just a piece of chiseled marble
Priest stacks them in the corner, face down, in an alcove in the reliquary

Gang makes it back outside – sees a coach coming in from the coach gate
Only horse left in town is Aleron’s horse (except for the coach horse)
Still muddy soggy, driver and bodyguard are fairly shocked it’s not raining
Work gang at the bridge is about a day or two from making it coach-worthy
Coach pulls up to the Thunderwater inn, armored coachman (breastplate/chainmail/kite shield)

Innkeep out back flailing arms – “Where are my hroses?!?!?!?”
Trader/driver start unloading crates, traders gathering around to receive/purchase
Stablehand sweepingout coal dust from coach’s cargo bay

Aleron – “you got room for another keg of Thunderwater on the way back”
Yeah, got a light road, taking one of these down to Ubersreik before going to Averheim
If you have some coin, welcome to hitch a ride. Suppose we can figure out something – not luxury of course
2 sp per head/keg for the ride to Ubersreik
driver is doing this ont he side (pocketing, not writing in ledger)

Jorn goes to the inn, heads up to wizard’s room – steals a book marked with Celestial College spells
Aleron goes to Brenner, says we got a Witch Hunter to cleanse it for you, if not, nobody gets to go into the room… ever
Passes check – Brenner agrees to pay a handful of silver, and a free round of Thunderwaters

Jump on the coach, head over river Teufel on repaired bridge, get to Ubersreik uneventfully
Ludolf recognizes Kromaw from the 3rd battle of Blackfire Pass
- looking for fame/fortune – not much to be gained as a coach guard
- party says we have influence with Aschaffenburg in Ubersreik, maybe hook up an old Army buddy…

Head to Von Kaufman – Guild Leader – ask for a discount on goods in town for the party in return for info on Stromdorf weather
- gives gang a 10% discount at market stalls for the rest of the stay
- expects to reduce coal production

Go on over to Aschaffenberg, update him on the dealings in Stromdorf and the ridiculousness there…
Vern Hendrick greets gang at the door with a grimace afer Kromaw says “how’s pudding Vern…”
“I’ll go get Aschaffenberg…”
Aschaffenberg – “My men! What ho? How are dealings in the great Empire?”
Update him on the dealings in Stromdorf – very impressed, back slaps all around

Aschy – in Averheim (recently visited while gang adventuring), crime getting out of hand
Ask for physician (legitimate) for Durion – Aschy knows of a Dwarf barber-surgeon
Max passes a message to Lady Aschaffenberg’s maid – let her know that Max is at her disposal for… dancing lessons
and perhaps the odd bit instruction in Estalian court etiquette
Aleron – “Crime problems – are the Von Alptraums taking care of it?”
Aschy – that’s the problem, there’s no Elector Count. Markus Bauerfaust’s soldiers are functioning as City Watch
Defacto city warden is not effective – overwhelmed by day-to-day matters
Aschaffenberg’s thoughts on Alptraums? Worthy of control?
Aschy: Clauthilde is wonderful, no finer example of a noble woman, well known for charity, donations to poor/Shallya/etc.
-Also speaks highly of Bauerfaust (Captain of town guardsmen), impressed with his qualities
Crime out of control in dock area, changing of the guard in the underworld scene – perhaps due to no Elector Count
North of the river Aver is not generating/collecting taxes and tarriffs, much smuggling & graft
Promised Bauerfast to try and help if he could find a way
Aleron: we have business to finish up there, should be no problem

Vern’s heart goes out to Flea, no kids of his own, (Gildetta Balmer) – can see about getting some employment for her here?
Will be well taken care of here at the manor – she doesn’t look pleased, wants to be out adventuring
Ludolf: “Life is shit! Make a sandwich out of it and take a bite! You should be happy here…”

Gang heads off into town…
Jorn/Max – tailor
Ludolf – brothels

Night at Red Moon Inn

Max “reacquaints” with Gertie while awaiting for message from Lady Aschaffenberg

Gang gets together, heads out towards Averland – 5 day trip, spending nights at coach inns

past Nuln, opposite town of Franzen (while approaching river)
broken-down coach, two coachmen and a guard dead, and two rotting horses -was pointed opposite direction (west)
body of humanoid creature near edge of woods – looks “like” a human from the road
Not a passenger or crew – probably attacker, dressed in rags – human shape, but scales all over skin (blue)
Can’t tell exactly how many things attacked, maybe 1 or 2 weeks ago
Jorn goes through coach, tries to figure out what it was carrying – getting a bit dark, lights a match
Finds some black powder laying around…. and lights it on fire – not a lot, but singes beard/eyebrows with a flash
Obvious now that coach was carrying barrels of gunpowder

Approach fork in road approaching Averheim (north side of Aver river)
Feel large jolt – left front wheel shatters
large pit in road, covered with thin wood & layer of sand
see four figures lying in wait in the woods at the side of the road (to the south)
1 – feathers instead of hair
2 – reddish/orange pasty skin
3 – tentacled left arm
4 -

Round 1
Aleron spends a maneuver regaining control of his horse, who is unnerved by the humanoids for “some” reason (Chaos!!!)
Kromaw charges furiously at the nearest dude – two-handed swing of sword, cleaves one dude head to crotch
Max flourishes his blade, but fails to puncture his target
- dude wraps a freaking TENTACLE around Max’s sword, swings a broadsword and scores a hit on his leg (3)
Ludolf’s bolt misses a dude, Durion’s plants itself in one dude’s shoulder
One dude lodges an arrow in Kromaw’s gut plate for minor damage
Another dude lodges an arrow in Kromaw’s arm for minor damage

Round 2
Gallops up to a dude, whacks him in the face with his mace (guy that took magic missile in the face)
Unengaged dude runs up to Kromaw… and pokes him in the leg a few time
Ludolf ‘charges’ at one of the dudes engaging Kromaw… and slices his head completely off (one more notch!)
Kromaw lumbers into a run, and steamrolls one of the bowmen, cleaving him in two with the 2h sword
Max proceeds to insert his dagger into the dude’s nasal cavity, upon which he drops, twitching, to the ground
Aleron blocks an arrow with his buckler
Dude shoots at Kromaw… and bounces an arrow off of his gut plate
Jorn casts a shadow spell… but the sun disappears just as he releases it and it fizzles

Round 3
Kromaw – “execution shot” – walks up to a dude with a blunderbus, unloads into his face, then impales him with his spiked fist
last bowman puts an arrow back in the quiver, picks up, and starts to run
Ludolf sprints up to him, screams in triumph, and cleaves both legs out from under him


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