Old World Chronicles

Averheim Act 3

Discovered a mutant camp (5 dudes), broke up the party, interrogated one chick, brought back to Averheim
Several kegs of black powder missing, but recovered silk cloth from Cathay for Red Arrow Coach service
Stayed at Welcome Rest in on Red Arrow’s dime
Checked in at Red Arrow (Kurt Weiss), turned in captive mutant to Town Watch (name – Zonguldak Hoofengroofer?)
Max – dinner with local groupie – found out Ute’s address, looked in on her… missing for couple days (no violence)
Kromaw – saw dude yelling at his dragooned racketeer, went out back… and killed him!!!
– “we need to look in the darkness”
Aleron’s dudes picked up some good info, but just to corroborate known missing dudes – saw dark figure, disappeared into the darkness

Gang goes to back of bar, meets up with Jorn – Kromaw walking towards bar, blood dripping down his hand – body propped against the wall
Max finishes up dinner with his girlfriend Ilse
Aleron writes “Red Crown Lives” on the wall with the dude’s blood
Max sneaks upstairs at the Pig to keep an eye on the surrounding area
Ulfvar gets a vantage point where he cn see the body
Jorn hides in the shadows across the alley

Max sat uncomfortably atop the roof of the Upright Pig, huddling close to the chimney to keep the worst of the driving rain off of him. He pulled his cloak tighter around his shoulders and adjusted his position to keep his leg from falling asleep yet again. Voices rose above the splashing raindrops in the distance, a few buildings away. A couple arguing loudly, perhaps. A few low barks from the man were answered by shrill shouts from the woman, before a door slammed and relative silence resumed. Perhaps the most exciting thing in the last hour or so. This pathetic weather was unfortunate for Max’s midnight sentry duty, but fairly normal for this season in the Empire. This kind of rain happened every few days here in Averheim it seemed, and it wasn’t even winter here. Estalian weather was so much more pleasant. But nothing to be done for it. Max continued to wait.

Max was about to turn in after several minutes of discomfort when a pair of sodden watchmen passed along the dock road. Catching a glimpse of something they stopped, and one of them pointed down the alley. Ducking more closely against the chimney, Max watched one watchman shrugged and began to walk down the alley. Stopping nearly beneath Max, the watchman shouted and gestured to the wall of the opposite building. “There’s some writing over here, maybe red paint or blood. Come see what it says!” The other watchman shuffled over to join him while muttering loudly.

“What’s this? It’s all smeared. I can’t hardly make it out,” the watchman said angrily. The other moved closer and squinted. “The… red crow… lies? Lives? No. It’s crown, I think,” he sounded out slowly. “The Red Crown lives. What in the name of Sigmar is the Red Crown?” The other man snorted. “You don’t pay attention to much, do you? It’s some old Chaos cult, or at least it used to be. Not so much one anymore, it’s pretty much broken up. But the odd band of mutants here and there gangs up together and uses the name. Come on. Let’s go tell the watch captain.” They both walked off into the rain, rounding the corner back on the dock street.

Some moderately interesting information, but not what Max was hoping for. Levering himself against the chimney, Max walked on pins and needles from his sleeping leg to the open window of his room, and lowered himself carefully through to prevent making excess noise. Cloth rustled as Inge shifted in the bed. Max shushed her has he closed the shutter. “Just me, my love. Back to sleep, no worries, you must regain your energy. Tomorrow will be an exciting and exhausting day!” Removing his belt along with sword and pistol, he undressed quickly and slid under the covers next to Inge’s warmth. Yet another night without any sighting of the killer.

Max – sees a couple of town watchmen walking down the dock front road – river is heavily flowing, at floodline
They take a turn down a road (B2) past Upright Pig (Handelweg?), glance over at alleyway, see the body in the lantern light
Pause and appear to discuss, motion, one guy stays while the other heads down alley to check – “Oi! Shove off! After curfew!”
Notices the guy’s not moving, diluted stream of blood – “Gah! Get over here! We got a dead one!”
Other guy trots over, both stand a few feet clear to check it out. Bit of wood hanging off his chest, partially washed clear…
“Red… crow… lies? Crown? Maybe Red Crown lives? What’s the Red Crown?” “Ain’t you never heard of the Red Crown?”
Run off to find a pries of Morr, about an hour later a priest comes by with a wheelbarrow, attempts to write up scene description
THen hauls body off…
Don’t see shit for the rest of the night…

River is still maxed out. No hurdy gurdy to wake the gang up. Had an appointment with Herr Weiss at the Red Arrow.
Still drizzling, fog is slowly lifting, clouds showing a few gaps
Head down past Penzerplatz, dude on a soapbox talking shit about nobility and wealthy
Much talk about a killing perpetrated by the Red Crown last night
Fairly busy foot traffic, market stalls and hawkers are busy

Tell Weiss that the ogre had a bad meal, not able to make it
“That’s just as well – today’s task would be a bit difficult to achieve with his size, and requires a bit of discretion”
Hands out some tabards – black heavy cloth – devices embroidered on chest.
Right breast – Red Arrow logo. Left breast – silver Von Kaufman coat of arms (black cross with outline of sun).
Kaufman helps everyone straighten up and look presentable with them on.
“While you wear these you represent the von Kaufman family – please act with the decorum and image I expect you to present.
Brave friend Grafen Clothilde von Alptraum Treated the heros of Blackfire Pass, including Kromaw.
Well known and wealthy, but has a reputation – likes to make a show of helping the poor and unfortunate.

Quick coach journey to Heidach – normally in secrecy, but will be rather over, best coach, comments among the commoners.
Word should reach the ears of the bandits, and we should be able to make a report of their activity.
Remain hidden inside the coach – upon ambush, turn the tables on any attackers.
The highway robber bands are ususally strong enought to cope with a coachman and perhaps a bodyguard, but probably will not press this time.

Graven Clothilde is unmarried, holds her title in her own right (fairly unusual).
Subjected to many proposals (including Aleron’s half brother, Herr Weiss of the Red Arrow, etc.)
Vision of radiant beauty, curvaceous hourglass figure, curly auburn hair, decorated with feathers and the imperial cross.
Not trained in the arts of war, but demonstrated courage on several occasions in a field hospice at the 3rd battle of Blackfire Pass
Concerned with matters pertaining to Shallya and Verena – gravest threats are privation and prurience(?)
Not in line for the Elector seat, and finds the issue tiresome – simply wants the new one to be fit to rule and not prone to excess (unlike Marius)

Kurt goes to check on the coach – then comes back and introduces to Clothilde, her bodyguard Giserbert Kund – 60’s, crumbling but powerful and competent
Close cut white beard, sword and pistol – like the cowboy from the Big Lebowski

Other dude in 40’s, withdrawn/quiet – usually discusses wine/women,
Load into the coach – Giselbert and Werther on the front, some luggage on top, a few chests and cases.
Graven facing forward
Aleron introduces himself as an agent of Aschaffenberg – merchant class, slightly notable
Mention Kromaw in passing – she remembers him – “such a good character” – perfunctory politeness, but well meant
Laughs about him proposing to her just like all the other men
Aleron – “on this trip for business or pleasure”
Clottie – “a bit of both – von Kaufman is having a spot of trouble and of course, don’t mind a spot of adventure”

Coach is loaded – takes off slowly and parades around the Penzerplatz a few laps – Clottie does the princess wave, hams it up
Coach heads across the east gate, turn south and head towards next town of Heideck

After a while the coach slows and comes to a halt
Trees are relatively close, but with a short clearance on either side (not quite a tunnel) – large array of thick branches laying across the road

Two coachment get off, go to investigate branches – some of the gang gets angsty, but Clottie reminds them to stay cool and unseen unless attacked
Ulfvar starts praying to curry favor, chanting lowly with eyes closed, gripping wolf icon
Max makes a show of observing, but is focused on Clothilde (and she is impressed with his behavior)
Coachmen are muttering and complaining, but eventually clear the brush with hatchets and clear the route
Taps on the window “road’s clear, heading out now”
Continues south for a while
Durion belting out a dwarfen marching song
Over it, Jorn hears somehting – whacks Durion on the side of the head, cart goes silent
-in the distance, a horn blast, from the direction we came (at the deadfall)
Silhouette of a humanoid standing near branches blowing a hunting horn (extreme distance)
Ulfvar lets loose a spell (speed of the wolf), does a tuck and roll, tumbles out of the carriage (lands hard), gets up and runs alongside the coach

Out of the woods near the deadfall, five horsemen emerge, galloping quickly after the coach.
Ulfvar ducks into the bushes alongside the road, nestled against a tree – the horses gallop past.
He can see they’re up in the saddle, riding hard, both hands on the reins. (two by two by one)
Ulfvar jumps out in ambush as the last singleton passes by… jumps out and surprises him, swings hammer directly into his face, ripping him off the back of the horse

Giselbert hastily loads his blunderbus – aims it to the rear
Highwaymen – “Put your weapons down! We’re here to relieve you of your goods – we’ll not harm you if you follow our orders!”

We have reason to believe that hte von Alptraum diamond is traveling with you – drop it out the window and we’ll be on our way!"
Four gunmen have a pistol on each door and each coachman.

Jorn pulls a coin out of his pocket, chants briefly, passes a hand over it, and suddenly has a copy of the Alptraum ring in his hand – Clottie is amazed.
Clottie pulls the window open – “okay, I’m dropping it!”
Dude dismounts from horse (pistol trained on door), looks at it – utterly impressed and focused on it – takes the ring and pockets it!!!!!
Says again – “I said drop the ring out the window, or I’ll fire!”

Gang simultaneously fires two pistols, a crossbow, and a shadow blade
Dude on his feet gets blasted in the chest, falls back into the bushes screaming
Dude on a horse with a hat gets stabbed by a shadow blade from undert he brim…. and chaos magic swirls around him….
With a loud pop, the dude teleports to Jorn’s seat across from Clothilde, and Jorn appears on the guy’s horse
Another guy slumps over his saddle with a crossbow bolt through his chest
Another screams out as a bolt thuds into his face, topples off the horse

Ulfvar comes screaming up, rapidly starts tying up injured dudes

Dude in the carriage is confused, but sees Clothilde in front of him draped in jewelry… and lunges!
Durion quickly jams his crossbow’s butt into his back.. but the foot ring catches on the cart
Max quickly motions to the lady to stay back, firmly plants his foot in the robber’s chest, and launches him out the door… directly at Ulfvar’s feet

The Graven is shaking her head… “can’t believe I agreed to such a foolhardy plan – could have lost my ring – what was I thinking!”

Startling discovery while tying up the thieves – one of the robbers is wearing a black and yellow uniform of an Averland state trooper
The rusty, corroded pistols are stamped with a sun bearing a gloomy expression (Averheim seal).
Thirteen silver coins amongst the lot of them. Three horses are branded Averheim Militia (two are not, local farmers’ brands).

Continue on to the country house – about 20 minutes later, the road climbs up hills amongst scrubby trees
Stellar view of Averland lowlands – house is large luxurious, fortified manor
Fed a slap-up meal before being placed on the coach and being sent back to Averheim – with 20 shillings each in our pocketses!!!

Takes 3 hours for the coach to make the return journey


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