Old World Chronicles

Averheim Act 4

Clothilde attempts to chat with gang to help recover from the trauma of the robbery
Max tells Clothilde at great length of his accomplishments
Aleron munches on a sandwich
Ulfvar talks poorly veiled smack about Sigmar

Come up to glorious mansion on hillside – large stone ring pool in the coachway
ornate shrubbery
Skillfully deflects Max’s attempts at providing accompaniement to the upcoming Averhiem ball

Servants rush out and remove baggage from carriage, offer to patch up Ulfvar’s
Servants throw a bandage on the wounded bandit’s head, tie him up, throw him on the back of the carriage
Captain of Guard: Marcus Bauerfast

Gang heads back toward town – pass by the area where the branches were cleared from the road – just past, Jorn sees something
Several hoofprints heading into a narrow path through woods – probably several horses
Max/Durion/Jorn/Ulfvar dismount the coach, head through woods. Durion on a pony.
Follow a trail – not particularly heavy woods – apple trees intermixed.

Max sneaks like a boss, Ulfvar too… until he breaks into laughter at a bird shitting in Jorn’s eye while looking around
4 tents spread around a campfire in a clearing
near the fire is a wooden crate with Averheim seal branded into it, small (jewelry box size)
broken pistol with Averheim marking
small ornate lockbox under one of the tents’ pillows – Durion finds, tries to pick

Ulfvar grabs the pistol, sniffs it – definitely belongs to the highwaymen… but…
Pistol is cocked and loaded, goes off in Ulfvar’s hand and explodes, shrapnel in chest/face
Also catches the scent of another person that wasn’t with the gang on the road – human/female – ~20 yards that direction

Max sneaks off at an angle, then doubles back – total success – almost exactly 20 yards out in trees
comes up behind her – sees a youth (13-14), close cropped hair – can’t tell if girl boy
has a bulging backpack, dagger at belt, hand on dagger – hiding and looking back towards camp
sneaks up behind, pokes pistol into the back of her head – cock the hammer

She throws up her hands – “don’t shoot!” – acts totally surprised – “hope i’m not disturbing you!”
“fell asleep in the hot sun, heard you coming and ran into the woods”

and starts walking to the camp
Ulfvar offers to remove her guts unless she hands over her backpack
she hands it over – Ulfvar finds a hunting horn and several apples
Durion looks for a lockbox key too – no deal
Ulfvar intimidatest the hell out of her – she admits to being complicit with highway robbers, look out and blow horn for likely marks
Gang only operating within the last few weeks, leader (Hektor) being fed news of opportunities by “Hooded Man” who helps fence the loot
She’s never done any of the dealings, doesn’t know what he looks like

Ulfvar tell her they’re dead – she has a new wave of fear, says she’ll have to somehow make her way in the world
Does she know anything about gunpowder? No – but two of the members were deserters from the Averheim garrison.
No connection to other gangs – Hector dealt directly with the Hood.
Ulfvar has her blow the horn – sounds just like the one from the highway

Ulfvar shakes her, tries to figure if she’s telling the truth
Obviously lying to Durion and Jorn, who narrow their eyes at her
She kicks Ulfvar in the shin, throws the horn at his face, and starts running
Max reaches out and grabs her before she gets away – manages to get a hand on her shirtsleeve
She manages to whip out her knife, spins around and misses Max, but he has to let go – keeps running
Jorn casts Steed of Shadows to blast past her and cut her off, flairs out his pink robe… and Ulfvar tackles her to the ground
Durion lifts his crossbow, no longer needing to put a bolt through her knee

Durion gives the lockbox to Max, manages to get it open by straining mightily, rips the lid off of the box…
But there’s a puff of gas, and Max breathes it in. Max sees stars and collapses to ground.
Pearl necklace insid the box, as well as several loose coins
Durion catches the box, sees the pearl necklace. Also a pouch with 35 shillings inside.
Durion pockets the necklace, and starts to smack Max awake.

Gang heads back to town, turns in the girl to the town watch, then heads to the Upright Pig. Early evening, skies darkening,
Kurt Weiss hands out 20 shillings each and congratulates the gang on good work – will contact us when more work available.

Fritz Flink – Thief, blackmailed by gang to keep an eye out
Friedrich Grotz – old school racketeer, afraid of new gang moving in (Durion knows him from way back, kept him out of jail for stealing rolls)
Gotford Hansen – gong farmer (poop collector)
Beatrice Knox – gambler, owes the racketeers, on the lookout for large bribe
Mathilde Durbine – 40s, very pretty face, plump, hangs out at Upright Pig – she’s a fence, gang is familiar with her

Beatrice – sitting at end of bar by herself, sullen look on face
Sees the gang enter, she looks away, seems to feel useless, hasn’t gotten any good info, feels uncomfortable
Mathilde – sees gang enter – “hello my friends, what have you got for me today?”
Durion motions her to a secluded booth in the back of the bar to discuss business – she grabs her pint and follows
Gang seats ourselves at the booth – Durion brings out necklace, says we’ve “come across” a pearl necklace, wants to see what she can do
Ulfvar – “wait, wait – do you know anythign about this?”
Mathilde – "Hey now, these are real pearls. Rare to have them all the same color like this.
“Haven’t heard who’d this belongs to, but can get you a pretty penny for it.” Who belong go? “Can’t really divulge, of course. Get you 50 shillings though.”
She has a fairly solid rep – unlikely. But Ulfvar tries to talk her up. Failure. “The power of Ulfric compels you!”
She will go up to 55 shillings, but won’t go higher. Pulls out a bag from her bodice, deposits the necklace. “as always, a pleasure dealing with you fellas.”

Fritz Flink – looking afraid, concerned – “the guy I worked for ended up dead outside the tavern, I gotta get out of this town” – very distracted
Jorn (bullshitting) – “town watch was asking after you, buddy” – “Sigmar’s balls… I gotta get out of here!”
Fritz chugs his ale, slaps a coin down, and rushes out the door into the night scared shitless.

Aleron is halfway through a plate of lamb shank and beef. Rest of gang slaps down a handful of brass and joins him.
As gang is eating, Kurt Weiss walks in the door. Sits down with gang to talk.

“Must tell you gentle men – you’ve really impressed the owner, Herr von Kaufman”
He would like to meet with you over an evening’s drink at the Journey’s End inn, on the Red Arrow’s expense."
Hosting a small gathering, perhaps you would like to head over and join.
Max dresses up in his fine clothing.

SHow up at a higher class inn,
A few friends, investors and merchant class greet the gang, slap shoulders, show general thanks for eliminating banditry.
Von Kaufman shows with his poofy sleeves, Von K crest embroidered proudly on tunic.
Much thanks for protecting Clothilde. Heard that the gang possessed some Averheim weaponry, perhaps deserters?
Ulfvar – curious – what’s your interest?
“Think it’s fairly fascinating – keep having these coaches and carts robbed, stealign things such as gunpowder.”
Heard of some disappearing from garrison, equipment disappearing, undermanned watches.
Ulfric – most definitely!
Von K – recently had an expedition return from the southlands – small garden party at Averland Garden to show off the wonders they obtained.
Leaning towards hiring some security. Perhaps the gang would like to provide additional protection, in lieu of the… less than reliable… garrison?
Gang can come along and act as household watchmen? Dress in house livery, patrol the grounds, make sure everything’s kosher.
The Ogre would be an added bonus… suspect we can figure out something with the tailor. Calls servant over to have him take care of it.
Show up at about 10am tomorrow?

Max – anything you suspect might happen? Von K – not so much, just the coaches disappearing.
Jorn – anything strange found in the southlands? Von K – come by and check it out.
Max- need less conspicuous assistance amongst the guests? No – wants very obvious and unquestionable security.
Gang enjoys fine food and drink, then heads back to Upright pig and crashes.

A little foggy down by the river, but otherwise clear night. Night passes without any interruptions (for a change).
Gang wakes up, heads down to common room – free porridge (Max gets steak and eggs).
Bartender: “Weren’t you talking to that Beatrice lady last night? Some rough looking guy came in and escorted her out.”
“Probably 11 or so, when they left. She didn’t look like she was happy about it. Seen him once or twice – new muscle in town.”

Friedrich walks in – goes up to bar, orders a brew to start the day. Sees gang at
“Normally see Beatrice down at the gambling house, usally astarts early. Didn’t see her today though.”
Bartender describes the dude that walked out with her. (dark, bald patch, tallish)
Friedrich – “Yeah, sounds like one of the new racketeers in town. Known moneylender.”
“Don’t know him well, try not to get too associated with these new guys. Couldn’t tell you where to look for him.”

Gang heads to the Menagerie. Out the front door – commotion over by the pier. Crowd gathering down by the docks.
“Ah, they found somebody in the river!” – it is, in fact, Beatrice. Dead, bloated.
Luminary Mauer is there, inspecting the body – lifting shirt, looking for strange wounds.
Nothing strange, probably strangulation (marks on neck). Wasn’t raining… just a “normal” killing, looks like.

Gang shows up at the Averberg Palace at one side of the PenzerPlatz near center of town.
Grounds are in the far corner of the Averberg GArdens from the front gate.
Half ring of cages on one side, hedge maze on the other.
Averland marquee arrayed in the center, with Von Kaufman colors next to them.
Tables with finger foods and drinks arrayed for refreshment.
Artifacts arrayed in a glass cabinet.
Small duck pond in the back of the garden. Opposite the pond is a small stand with Von K’s falconier attends to birds.
Lawn is ringed by a hedge. 10 enclosures that will contain some sort of animal.
3 designed – aviaries with glass plating and iron bars. (door at rear)
Bird cages – large circular wrought iron enclosures. Domes decorated with guilded wrought iron. Door in side with padlock.
Animal cages – 35×25×15, large door secured with padlock.
Small signs in front of enclosures with names of exhibit.

Enclosure 1 – Cockatrice. Reptile crossed with bird, electric blue feathers. Red wattle, green serpent’s tail. Size of cow. Eyes put out.
Enclosure 2 – Empty. No label.
Enclosure 3 – Gigantic Spider. Sticky stringy web covering. 8’ long. Red with black markings.
Enclosure 3 – Bird cage. Southland Carnivorous Snapper. Curcular dirty pond. Sickly crocodilian. 11’ long, bilious green.
Enclosure 5 – Bird cage. Empty. Animal feed sacks.
Enclosure 6 – Southland Flightless Griffin (birdcage). Demigryph. Griffin without wings, juvenile. Imposing, horse-sized. Eagle lion hybrid.
Between 6/7 – large area of lawn. Falconier’s prey will be here.

Enclosure 7 – Norscan White Bear. Pacing back and forth.
Enclosure 8 – Sabretusk Cat. Mountains of Morn. Heavily built cat with massive canines. Suffering from climate – too hot/humid. Panting heavily.
Enclosure 9 – Aviary. Giant Owl. 5’ tall fricking owl. Gazing around with intelligent eyes.
Enclosure 10 – Hairless Southland Rhinox. Huge rhino with large horns on shout. Dark gray warty hide.

Hedge maze – large and overgrow, not particularly hard to find through, mostly just a pleasant walk. Steward keeps a map of the maze.
Von K has a copy, will distribute to the party. Maze taller than Kromaw – densely planted evergreens perhaps 15’ in height, poorly tended.
Stepping stones haphazard, tilted.
First clearing: Large mosaic sun with Frowning Face (Solland Family)
Second clearing: Statue with Liberty chick balanced scales
Third Clearing: Old and twisted oak tree, sagging branches held up by props.

Bauerfaust – soldier (town guard captain)
Arta Schafer – soldier
Walfried Wertz – soldier
Waldtraut – soldier

Konrad Mauer
Clothilde von Alptraum
Giselbert Kund (Clottie Bodyguard)
Theodosius Teuchtenhagen – obnoxious redheaded noble, fierty whiskers
Degelbert D’Abor – Theodosius’ wizard.
Hogweed – Theo’s imbecile jester.
Ferdinand Lietdorf – tall elegant man in 30s, disputed head of Lietdorf family. Long curly gray hair, pompous ass. Satin and silk with jewels
Claudia Lietdorf – pale woman in early 20s. Cousin of Castor/Ferdinand, Ferdinand’s wife.
“Waldo” Waldemarius Loamdelve – head of Halfling community (Mootland is nearby) – fairly large local Halfling community, Youthful 78, dark brown hair grey at temples

Amelie Steiner – lady in waiting – Von K retinue
Fausta Herzog – lady in waiting – Von K retinue
Wanda Grunwald – lady in waiting – Von Teutenberg retinue
Albrund Falk – Von K’s falconier
Adele Ketzenblaum – Witch Hunter

Guards let the gang into the gates. Three dudes at the gates of the garden. Ordered to guard the perimeter, but not enter the garden.
Von Kaufman overseeing final preparation for event. Staff is tightening guy wires, straightening hedges, etc.
Amelie, Fausta sitting on marquee, fanning selves. Falk hangign with birds and fussing with them.
Bauerfaust in uniform, arguing with Von Kaufman. Seems humiliated that Von Kaufman wants the gang to guard instead of his men.
Von Kaufman sees gang approach. “GOod good, you’ve arrived! Coats of arms and respectable hats in the tent there – wear them throughout the day.”
“Take half an hour or so familiarizing your self with the grounds – here’s a map of the maze to pull the odd idiot out as required.”
Imperial cross emblazoned onto golden sun, red flames. Hats with red plumes provided as well.

After gang walks around and checks out grounds, Von K checks in. “Guard the tents and exhibits while I welcome guests.”
“Then we’ll head to falconier for a show. Be discreet, and let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary. Don’t cause a fuss.”


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