Old World Chronicles

Stromdorf Act 13

Dodging Comets

Dodging a backhanded swipe from Stitch-Helm’s stone shield, Maximilien managed to get a clear view into the room that the massive skeleton defended so fiercely. In the dim light of a few candles, the pale and withered body of of a woman knelt over the Priest of Morr. She chanting rapidly with a raspy voice, harsh syllables hissing and spitting. She was bedraggled, her long black hair and filthy red dress soaked and dripping, her skin pruned as if she’d just climbed out of a river. Madriga, from the picture in the mayor’s house! Her frail body tensed, atrophied muscles writhing as she struggled to control glowing magical energies swirling about her in a vortex. Walltrout kneeled across the Priest of Morr’s body from her, holding his torn shirt open and exposing a chest completely covered in angular script.

Eyes locked on Walltrout’s malnourished ribs,the woman grated out syllable after syllable of what could only be a necromantic spell. Walltrout’s tattoos began to glow, a sharp lavender light outlining each word as she uttered it. Ecstacy shown on his face, his teeth clenched together in a maddened grin. Madriga’s outstretched hands began to massage a whirlpool of glowing ether which condensed above the Priest’s body, reaching out and linking his body to Madriga’s. The Priest gasped and began to grow pale, beads of sweat appearing on his face and body shivering. Tendrils of energy wisped from his body into hers, lending her strength and vigor.

“She’s killing the priest,” Max belted out as he leapt back from a vicious swing of Stitch-Helm’s blade. Briefly glancing at a new slice in his coat, Max furiously reached for his pistol’s grip at his belt, drew, and leveled the barrel at Stitch’Helm’s head. With a blinding flash and an incredibly loud blast reverberating off the walls, Max sent a bullet speeding into the skeleton’s skull… only to hear it ricochet off and bury itself in the wall. Backpedaling a few step, Max snatched at his bag of black powder and began to reload his pistol. “She’s trying to cast some kind of spell on the the priest – we need to get past this pile of bones, before she finishes him!”

Stitch-Helm’s gigantic two-handed sword emitted a series of whistles as he swept it back and forth to keep his attackers at bay. Aleron waited until Stitch-Helm swung his stone shield at Flea, and darted in to attack. Aleron heard a shriek as the shield sent Flea tumbling backward several feet, but ignored it and put all of his concentration into his next blow. With a solid crunch, Aleron drove his mace into the skeleton’s massive thigh bone and caused a small spray of bone shards to scatter across the floor. Whipping his left hand up, Aleron barely parried a crushing return blow with his buckler and staggered back a few feet from the force of the impact.

Looking up with a freshly loaded shot in his pistol, Maximilien saw his opening. The skeleton had held a wide stance to swing at Aleron, and there was now a passage large enough for a nimble man to dive through! Flinging himself at the gap between the creature’s massive shin bones, Max leapt feet first and slid on his backside… directly into Stitch-Helm’s shin as the creature shifted its stance. Sprawling on his buttocks at the skeleton’s feet with pistol in hand and a dumbstricken look on his face, Max scrambled vigorously onto his hands and knees, barely passing through the skeleton’s towering legs as Stitch-Helm sent his massive sword whistling past Max’s departing hind end. Scrabbling forward across the floorstones, Max found himself only a few feet from Waltrout’s back. Both Waltrout and the woman completely distracted while in the throes of their ritual. Pressing his pistol’s barrel firmly against the center of Waltrout’s back, Max pulled the trigger.

With a muffled thump, a fountain of flesh erupted from Waltrout’s ribcage and splattered the woman’s face and chest with bits of bone and gore. Waltrout began to cough up great gouts of blood with a dumbstruck look on his face. The woman sputtered as her spell ground to a halt, drew a deep breath, and issued a bloodcurdling scream of rage. With teeth bared, she raised a hand and thrust a closed fist at Max. Shouting a stream of obscene and garbled speech, she opened her hand and from her palm streamed a black blast of energy.

Max wanted no part of whatever was streaming towards him. Flinging himself to the side and throwing an arm around Waltrout’s neck, Max dragged the expiring traitor’s body in front of him as a shield. As the black ribbon of energy impacted Waltrout’s chest, his labored coughing ceased and changed to a rattling scream. Max could feel Waltrout’s body lighten as skin began to pull itself tight over his bones, flesh shrinking and drying into a dessicated husk.

Meanwhile, Kromaw sat alone upstairs because the Game Master was mean and wouldn’t let him come downstairs and play.

A crossbow bolt zipped under his outstretched shield arm, striking Madriga in the shoulder and pinning her against the wall. Durion hooted in glee from the far end of the room as he reached for another bolt and hurriedly inserted it into its groove.

Durion releases another quarrel and Lazarus/Madriga is struck in the chest, pinning her to the wall
Magical energy begins to reverse itself, draining back into the Priest of Morr
Skeletons upstairs surrounding Kromaw fall down and clatter while they disintegrate

Priest of Morr is heavily drained of blood – very pale
Walltrout is slumped over, chest opened, sternum shattered by a bullet and tattoos shredded
Large bludgeoned skeleton of Stitch-Helm falls, now laying on the ground, scattered/disassembled
No evidence of undead activity any longer – silence from above
Jorn can’t detect any Necromancy, other than Wind of Death around the amulet
- polished black onyx with filigreed silver
Gang remembers – Madriga Brenner was pushed to her death by her husband…
Gang throws woman’s corpse, Stitch-Helm’s sword, other bodies in coffin & drags them upstairs
No more noise, no undead banging on the external door of crypt
Gang opens door, not quite day – some light on eastern horizon
Kromaw carries blue stone fragment, rest of gang carries/drags coffin with bodies and sword in it
Kromaw throws black gem in his gnoblar bag
Flea and Aleron “under the weather” during long trudge through rain back home

Town guard is manning walls/gate when gang approaches the gate
Gang tells tale of defeating the threat
About half the militia released from duty, several surround party to thank them
Militia hauls off with the coffin and the bodies
Aleron to Kessler – “we should talk business in your office”

Gang takes Priest of Morr to the physician

Kessler takes gang to Adler to talk
Aleron – “We have all the details… but it’s going to cost extra”
“Pay the 25 you owe us and know it’s safe, or pay us extra and get all of the details”
“We would love to tell you all about what happened to your girlfriend… for a few extra coin, of course”
Adler pays add’l 20 silver each to have us tell everything…
Adler not being straightforward about where he got the amulet – being shifty…
Tell him that the life force of the necromancer is contained in the amulet
Adler’s face falls – breaks down and tells that a few years back that Lazarus Morn was caught doing spells
Brought corpses back to life, tried attacking the town
Ended up burning him at the stake, raided his house, found the amulet
Kept it for himself because it looked valuable…
Witch Hunter chapter from Altdorf sent a contingent down and retrieved most of his other stuff
“Ive neglected my duties while I’ve pined over my friend…”
“But now I myself have returned from the dead, and I have you to thank…”
“Informt he elders of the town I’m having a meeting in the Council Chambers!”
Notices Stitch-Helm’s sword – “Where’d you find it!”
Shows the gang a painting of a bronze statue without sword – “May we place it back in his hands?”
“For a free night at the inn and drinks as well, we sure can…”

Lightning has struck the building several times while gang was talking
Stroll out into the rain, cross the square and Kromaw puts the sword back in the statues hand
Nichlaus Schullmann runs out of the tavern – “Did you guys find it??!!?!”
Aleron – “Think we found something, but need to take care of some things and we’ll be right up…”

Go talk to Arch-Lector Gottschalk.
Tell him we saw the life force of Lazarus Morn diffuse back into the amulet.
“Ah yes, yes, I have just the thing – come quickly”
Goes into transept, pulls a large box out – heavy, lined with lead – places it in the box
Moves the symbol of Sigmar out of the way, hides it in the alcove
“Can keep this hidden an protected until we can summon an envoy from the Witch Hunter enclave at Altdorf…”

Aleron – "Need to level with you on this – we have several pieces of it
“Want you to overlook the proces as the wizard assembles it, vouch for whether it’s safe/holy or not”

Lector is pissed at first, wants party to atone for theft from the temple, but realizes it could be a great boon.
Agrees to stand ready to assist – grabs his great hammer and takes a post in the temple door facing the tavern.

Gang heads back to the tavern, Kromaw plops the huge stone on the bar and asks for a keg of Thunderwater
Younger son rolls in the keg
Aleron encourages Brenner to drink along with the gang
Hans Bieber is drinking in his special chair by the stove
Eduardo is telling stories at one of the tables
Jorn buys a “super drink” for Eduardo (with the tadpole) – son smirks – Eduardo smiles, then gasps/chokes

Schullman hurries downstairs – “Gentlemen, no time to waste, need to complete the message!”
Gang keeps blowing him off – harrumphs and heads back upstairs, but keeps coming back down to check, look over shoulders
Son totally looking in, entranced by tale
Max keeps describing the woman in more detail a bit at a time
Bartender gets suspicious, tells son to go in the back and clean

Gang finally delivers blackmail – he buckles under both Max & Aleron’s onslaught
“Hey… hey… no need to be so loud. I think we can come to an agreement – what do you want?”
Max – “20 silver each, and a keg of Thunderwater for the road”
His knuckles go white on the bar… “FINE!”

Gang pounds a few more beers – everyone inebriated – then grabs runestone and heads upstairs
Schullman is excited – “At last! We can find out the secret!”
Does a hurried rubbing with a sheet of parchment and charcoal
Mutters… “blah blah Nexus… blah blah… more powerful than I thought!”
Face goes vacant… then realizes party is still here – looks shady, eyes narrowed
“I uh, forgot afew notes downstairs I need to finisht he translation – just a few moments, I’ll be back!”
Brought his staff with him
Max heads down quickly after the wizard
Down the stairway, wizard turning left towards the door, edge of cloak whips around corner
Max tries to be sneaky, but is slowed down (deliberate due to drunk), Wizard makes it out the front door before Max can catch up
Kromaw slumping against the wall, drunk as hell
Aleron fairly plastered
Magmus tromping across the square towards Max
“Something is not right here!
“That shifty wizard came downstairs, transformed into a blue streak and zipped to the western gate!”
Max sprints for the stable beside the tavern, sends Flea to alert the gang

Most of the gang is hanging upstairs – Aleron is half out of it, Kromaw continues to drink
Flea bursts in, warns the gang that the wizard is escaping, gang rouses themselves and heads downstairs
Max is on someone’s horse already down the road, Durion/Jorn placing tackle on horse, Aleron jumps on Rebel
Kromaw just starts running down the road

Max arrives at gate, finds scorched guard – “he blasted me, then headed down the south road!”

Chase: Max is 1 range band closer than gang

Round 1:
Kromaw hauls ass, catches up to Max temporarily
Max kicks the horse, rockets ahead, gains on Wizard

Round 2: (Max – Extreme, Kromaw – Extreme, others Extreme++)
Wizard pulls off the trail tothe right, to where clouds start circling the area near the river Tranig
Small fishing shack comes into view – Schullman dismounts his horse
See a spell go off – streak of light – Schullman untethers a boat, pushes into the river
Kromaw hauls ass, closes significantly
Max has horse bust ass, accelerates but the horse lames itself, busts a tendon
Max lands successfully without injury, but tumbles facefirst into the mud
Jorn w/ pink cloakattempts a trick… “I saw this once!” – grabs Max and yanks him up onto the horse, draped over saddle
Catch up quickly to the ogre, who is now winded

Round 4:
Wizard is in the boat at Long range from Kromaw – leaps into the water headfirst
Only one boat remaining tied up to the dock
Run-down wooden hut – drenched old man face up, dead in front, eyes staring up at clouds, smoking hole in his chest
Jorn: sees wizard casting Azyr magic into the water, swirling colors and lights
Kromaw wades out to Medium range
Aleron, Jorn, Durion, Max pile into the boat, push it into the water – starts filling rapidy with water
Jorn and Max bail furiously- barely keep up with the incoming water
Kromaw flails, but has to use one hand to keep his chainmail from coming apart, doesn’t catch up quickly

Schullman attempts to crack off a spell – fails, magic dissipates…
…then feedbacks into Schullman, enveloped by blue Azyr aura

Round 5

Durion jump up, takes aim, levels his crossbow… and hits Nichlaus Schullman in the shoulder
Schullman twirls, lands in the boat
Durion overbalances, drops the crossbow directly on the patch, which is leaking faster now
Durion, however, falls out of the boat (without armor this time…)
Schullman – casts a spell – successful/miscast – suffers a fatigue (suffer 1 stress, 1 fatigue, all power)
Blue light descends into the river, dissipates – Schullman: “the voices, oh gods, the voices!”
Kromaw paddles furiously – closes a bit

Round 6

Eddy of water created right where Schullman’s boat is – rotating around it, not dragged downriver
Kromaw keeps thrashing towards Schullman – no gain, holding on to chainmail
Schullman – full reckless – casts another spell into the water – right into the eddy
Durion scrambles back into the boat, bedraggled resumes bailing (boat has already settled a bit)
Jorn begins to chant, dissipates into darkness and streaks to Schullman’s boat… but miscasts!
Petrification – chaos energy swirls constrictingly around Jorn, hampering his movement during his next turn

Round 7

Jorn – casts a spell – thunderclap, blasts downward from above, knocks Schullman off of his feet
Schullman – spends a maneuver to get up, confused, just now notices Jorn in the boat
Schullman swings his staff at Jorn to knock him out of the boat – bashes Jorn in the arm, stumbles against the side
Max – loses a little ground
Kromaw keeps flailing while grabbing on to his chainmail – no progress
Durion – bailing
Aleron – bailing

Round 8

Jorn casts Shadow Blade – misses Schullman – blade plunges into the side of the boat, water gushes in
Max & Aleron take an oar each, row like mad –
Schullman channels energy, gathers, waves arm and – miscasts – position swap! – with Kromaw!
Loud blue cloud of magic bursts, loud pop – Schullman blasts to Kromaw’s position and starts flailing in water
Kromaw pops into existence above the boat… and plunges down into it and throught he bottom, shattering it

Schullman flails with his robe floating all around him, thrashing in the water
Sinks below the water, staff bobbing below the current… and bobs above it – golden comet sigil in hand
Sigil glows scarlet in his hands
“You have ruined my plan, as I have foreseen – but you are all doomed along with me!”
Casted a comet on us!!! Not cool!!! Right toward the vortex…

Round 9

Jorn attempts to teleport to shore… falls a little short, falls about even with Kromaw
Kromaw gets shallow enough to gain footing, starts to trudge out of water

Comet explodes, energy lashing out, overflowing river’s bank
Durion LOSES A LEG!!!
Max – Weeping Sore
Jorn – Broken Nose


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