Old World Chronicles

Stromdorf Act 14

Gang has been recently thrashed on the riverbank by a huge wave caused by a descending meteor
Durion is missing a freaking leg!

Jason – veteran pitfighter “Ludolf the Headtaker”
Sold to underground fighting pits in Altdorf
City guard raided to stop pitfighting
Offed his master during the raid, escaped
Went off to fight battles & gain a fortune
Joined the Empire’s army, wants to be a Greatsword and/or Knight
Fought under Markus Bauerfaust
Headed to Averheim to fight the 3rd battle of Blackfire Pass
Greatsword, shield, sword, armor – enjoys lopping heads off
Hired by various mercenary companies
Became bodyguard for Red Arrow shipping company (led by Von Kaufman)
Escorting a coach from Averheim to Stromdorf (firewood + coal + beef)
Picking up Thunderwater Ale for return to Averheim
Done trip a couple of times – knows it’s always raining here
Sees flash/boom in distance, then rain lets up (first time… ever!)

Dwarf is laying on porch of abandoned shack, in tatters (both him and the shack)
Aleron applies first aid – stabilized, stopped bleeding, one wound back
Gang begins long muddy trudge back to Stromdorf

Get back to town – everyone (townspeople) is bummed
Aleron offers to sell info on why it stopped to Capt Kessler (guard captain)
Sigmar Priest – ’I assumed you got the wizard – I saw a sign from Sigmar!"
No more azyre wind of Hysh in the stone now – just a piece of chiseled marble
Priest stacks them in the corner, face down, in an alcove in the reliquary

Gang makes it back outside – sees a coach coming in from the coach gate
Only horse left in town is Aleron’s horse (except for the coach horse)
Still muddy soggy, driver and bodyguard are fairly shocked it’s not raining
Work gang at the bridge is about a day or two from making it coach-worthy
Coach pulls up to the Thunderwater inn, armored coachman (breastplate/chainmail/kite shield)

Innkeep out back flailing arms – “Where are my hroses?!?!?!?”
Trader/driver start unloading crates, traders gathering around to receive/purchase
Stablehand sweepingout coal dust from coach’s cargo bay

Aleron – “you got room for another keg of Thunderwater on the way back”
Yeah, got a light road, taking one of these down to Ubersreik before going to Averheim
If you have some coin, welcome to hitch a ride. Suppose we can figure out something – not luxury of course
2 sp per head/keg for the ride to Ubersreik
driver is doing this ont he side (pocketing, not writing in ledger)

Jorn goes to the inn, heads up to wizard’s room – steals a book marked with Celestial College spells
Aleron goes to Brenner, says we got a Witch Hunter to cleanse it for you, if not, nobody gets to go into the room… ever
Passes check – Brenner agrees to pay a handful of silver, and a free round of Thunderwaters

Jump on the coach, head over river Teufel on repaired bridge, get to Ubersreik uneventfully
Ludolf recognizes Kromaw from the 3rd battle of Blackfire Pass
- looking for fame/fortune – not much to be gained as a coach guard
- party says we have influence with Aschaffenburg in Ubersreik, maybe hook up an old Army buddy…

Head to Von Kaufman – Guild Leader – ask for a discount on goods in town for the party in return for info on Stromdorf weather
- gives gang a 10% discount at market stalls for the rest of the stay
- expects to reduce coal production

Go on over to Aschaffenberg, update him on the dealings in Stromdorf and the ridiculousness there…
Vern Hendrick greets gang at the door with a grimace afer Kromaw says “how’s pudding Vern…”
“I’ll go get Aschaffenberg…”
Aschaffenberg – “My men! What ho? How are dealings in the great Empire?”
Update him on the dealings in Stromdorf – very impressed, back slaps all around

Aschy – in Averheim (recently visited while gang adventuring), crime getting out of hand
Ask for physician (legitimate) for Durion – Aschy knows of a Dwarf barber-surgeon
Max passes a message to Lady Aschaffenberg’s maid – let her know that Max is at her disposal for… dancing lessons
and perhaps the odd bit instruction in Estalian court etiquette
Aleron – “Crime problems – are the Von Alptraums taking care of it?”
Aschy – that’s the problem, there’s no Elector Count. Markus Bauerfaust’s soldiers are functioning as City Watch
Defacto city warden is not effective – overwhelmed by day-to-day matters
Aschaffenberg’s thoughts on Alptraums? Worthy of control?
Aschy: Clauthilde is wonderful, no finer example of a noble woman, well known for charity, donations to poor/Shallya/etc.
-Also speaks highly of Bauerfaust (Captain of town guardsmen), impressed with his qualities
Crime out of control in dock area, changing of the guard in the underworld scene – perhaps due to no Elector Count
North of the river Aver is not generating/collecting taxes and tarriffs, much smuggling & graft
Promised Bauerfast to try and help if he could find a way
Aleron: we have business to finish up there, should be no problem

Vern’s heart goes out to Flea, no kids of his own, (Gildetta Balmer) – can see about getting some employment for her here?
Will be well taken care of here at the manor – she doesn’t look pleased, wants to be out adventuring
Ludolf: “Life is shit! Make a sandwich out of it and take a bite! You should be happy here…”

Gang heads off into town…
Jorn/Max – tailor
Ludolf – brothels

Night at Red Moon Inn

Max “reacquaints” with Gertie while awaiting for message from Lady Aschaffenberg

Gang gets together, heads out towards Averland – 5 day trip, spending nights at coach inns

past Nuln, opposite town of Franzen (while approaching river)
broken-down coach, two coachmen and a guard dead, and two rotting horses -was pointed opposite direction (west)
body of humanoid creature near edge of woods – looks “like” a human from the road
Not a passenger or crew – probably attacker, dressed in rags – human shape, but scales all over skin (blue)
Can’t tell exactly how many things attacked, maybe 1 or 2 weeks ago
Jorn goes through coach, tries to figure out what it was carrying – getting a bit dark, lights a match
Finds some black powder laying around…. and lights it on fire – not a lot, but singes beard/eyebrows with a flash
Obvious now that coach was carrying barrels of gunpowder

Approach fork in road approaching Averheim (north side of Aver river)
Feel large jolt – left front wheel shatters
large pit in road, covered with thin wood & layer of sand
see four figures lying in wait in the woods at the side of the road (to the south)
1 – feathers instead of hair
2 – reddish/orange pasty skin
3 – tentacled left arm
4 -

Round 1
Aleron spends a maneuver regaining control of his horse, who is unnerved by the humanoids for “some” reason (Chaos!!!)
Kromaw charges furiously at the nearest dude – two-handed swing of sword, cleaves one dude head to crotch
Max flourishes his blade, but fails to puncture his target
- dude wraps a freaking TENTACLE around Max’s sword, swings a broadsword and scores a hit on his leg (3)
Ludolf’s bolt misses a dude, Durion’s plants itself in one dude’s shoulder
One dude lodges an arrow in Kromaw’s gut plate for minor damage
Another dude lodges an arrow in Kromaw’s arm for minor damage

Round 2
Gallops up to a dude, whacks him in the face with his mace (guy that took magic missile in the face)
Unengaged dude runs up to Kromaw… and pokes him in the leg a few time
Ludolf ‘charges’ at one of the dudes engaging Kromaw… and slices his head completely off (one more notch!)
Kromaw lumbers into a run, and steamrolls one of the bowmen, cleaving him in two with the 2h sword
Max proceeds to insert his dagger into the dude’s nasal cavity, upon which he drops, twitching, to the ground
Aleron blocks an arrow with his buckler
Dude shoots at Kromaw… and bounces an arrow off of his gut plate
Jorn casts a shadow spell… but the sun disappears just as he releases it and it fizzles

Round 3
Kromaw – “execution shot” – walks up to a dude with a blunderbus, unloads into his face, then impales him with his spiked fist
last bowman puts an arrow back in the quiver, picks up, and starts to run
Ludolf sprints up to him, screams in triumph, and cleaves both legs out from under him


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