Adele Ketzenblum

Human Female, Witch Hunter


Adele Ketzenblum is a stern and striking woman in her early thirties, physically fit, and hardened by experience. She wears brown leather breeches and a large black coat. She wears the tall, heavy leather hat that is common to most Witch Hunters, and around her neck she wears a chunky silver hammer pendant, a symbol of the Order of the Silver Hammer, to which she belongs. Adele has chin length, straight, silver-white hair and has a hook where her left hand should be.


Adele Ketzenblum is a Witch Hunter with over a decade of experience in hunting and killing the enemies of the Empire. Her left forearm has been amputated as the result of an injury sustained in the line of duty. She wears a prosthetic steel hook in place of her missing hand.

Adele Ketzenblum

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