Old World Chronicles

Stromdorf Act 8
Stromdorf Act 7
Yet More Things Happen
Stromdorf Act 6
More Things Happen
Stromdorf Act 5
Things Happen
Stromdorf Act 4
Planning Is For The Weak And Timid

Gang is milling around
Kromaw has a near-dead goblin, arrow in back, spear was smacked away
One goblin is running away in the forest, has a “second shadow” from Jorn
Chows down on dead compatriots while he waits for him to wake up…. but it doesn’t
Smacks it around, threatens it while he pulls the arrow out
“Base… fortress… Gobspite will defeat you with his magic…”
Durion overhears… says it’s uncharacteristic, known to stay in cavs

Gang sleeps in farmhouse for ~5 hours until dawn (Kromaw in barn, snacking on goblin corpses)
Max spends nigh in the “Geegee Hut” with the farmer’s daughter
Ackerman’s wife cooks up a bunch of eggs, a little mutton (a little crispy)
Gang heads to the south, in the direction the one living goblin went last night
Through damp woods for about half an hour
faint shadow (overcast wx) approaches, leaps to join Jorn’s

Goblin goes through woods for a couple hours, crests over a few hills
Goblin makes way slowly, cackling and grumbling, dragging sheep
Arrives at large farmhouse at the bottom of the last hill

large farmhouse, fortified manor with palisade, large guard tower
gate opens, lets goblin and sheep in
large pile of slaughtered (partially) animals, parts drying, cooking
several goblins milling around prepping food
getting ready for ‘bed’ for the day
at least two dozen milling around
goblins deposits sheep into small, scared flock
large creature chained up, red bouncy bipedal thing, huge tooty mouth
goblin gets ready for bed, shadow gets recalled
courtyard fairly empty, most of them in the hay barn (dark/shade)
farmhous fairly intact
set of gates on the far side of house

Group makes way to farmhouse, stops short at last hill before the crest
at top of hill, see a patrol of goblins (two) fairly being dragged by a large, red squig
(“bipedal monster, all mouth, teeth, legs and tail”)
Gang talks for several minutes… and Kromaw gets impatient, bellows, and starts running down the hill
Gang grabs weapons, hastily gets ready for battle
Jorn uses invisibility spell on self
Goblins retain initiative… easily notice huge ogre running down the hill

Round 1
Red squig freaks out, thrashes and chomps, sprints and jumps towards Kromaw, dragging its keeper on the chain
Other one runs to catch up
Durion lobs a xbow bolt at the running squig, misses, lodges it in the gatehouse on the wall
Goblins in gate house fire shortbows at Kromaw as he lumbers downhill
Aleron – shot – missed as well
Goblins in gatehouse fire arrows (shortbows) at Kromaw – couple of hits
Max follows Kromaw, stays behind him (relative to gate)

Round 2
Squig leaps and attacks Kromaw… and busts off a tooth on his forearm guard
Running goblin flails at long range, rattles spear off of Kromaw’s gutplate
Durion closes a bit, steadies, then declares a trick shot –
Hits one goblin in shoulder, he spins, releases arrow…. right into the other one
both are dead – only two left, both squawk in surprise and grab weapons
Kromaw shoves the squig aside, lowers a shoulder, and charges headlong right into the gate (23-5=18 damage)
Two goblins left in gatehouse, both poke bows out the slits, fire down at Kromaw – one crits
Max delivers Magritte Thrust unto squig – deep puncture wound, but it growls, hops away…
…then drops when Jorn blasts it with magic missile
Goblin spearman – continues jabbing at Kromaw – gets a few pricks in while Kromaw whales away on door, breaks spear on gutplate
Dragged goblin rolls several feet, ends up next to Durion, pulls out scimitar and starts swiping… falls over and drops it (dizzy)
Yells of goblins from gatehouse alerting goblins inside fortress

Round 3
Kromaw bashes gate again – 16 damage – splinters go flying, boards let loose, and it caves in…
…but just leads to another gate on far side of gatehouse
Aleron lobs xbow bolt into goblin w/ broke spear
Max strolls past wounted goblin, and shoves rapier through his skull, not slowing
Durion nails one goblin in the gatehouse with a disorienting shot
Goblins contine to rain arrows at Kromaw through murder holes
Jorn enters gatehouse, fires magic dart through murderhole… screaming goblin falls through, and lands on floor writhing around

Gang hears loud guttural screaming from far side of gate – goblins screaming in fear and delight… large footsteps resounding

Round 4
Squirming goblins tries to bite/stab Kromaw’s ankle
Goblin in gatehouse drops barrel of potatoes through murderhole, breaks open on Kromaw’s head – potatoes raining everywhere
Kromaw begins smashing the inner gate, knocks several dents into wooden slats
Aleron – bashes squirming goblin in the head with mace, boot sucked into mud, drops mace into mud
Max – smoke fills the gatehouse and deafening blast – goblin in gatehouse drops crate of turnips next to Aleron, keels over dead

Round 5
Kromaw finishes bashing door down… mostly. Couple
Revealing a really pissed off, large, ugly stone troll
Large herd of Night Goblins behind the troll – a few jabbing at him, goading him forward
Grabs one that pokes particularly hard, tears it in half and tosset it away
One of the goblins sidles through broken gate, attacks Kromaw
Kromaw fends of poking spear, swats it viciously back into the crowd, pulped
Max shoots pistol at troll, only to ricochet off of its stony hide
Durion whips out blunderbus, unloads on the troll/goblins/Kromaw… except the gun goes “click” – exposed to elements
Jorn stabs troll with “shadowblade” spell – goblin’s spear shadow stabs it in the ass

Round 6
Troll advances solidly, swings club and smashes Kromaw thoroughly
Goblins advance on Max – stick with pointy end – stabbed – twice!!!
Kromaw goes double-fisted on the stone troll, crushes its hide in to its chest, slumps to ground unconscious
Durion… asshole!… unloads blunderbuss into the crowd (this time it goes boom) hits all goblins, Aleron and Max
Several goblins whale on Max – parries and dodges several, but begins to accumulate slashes and piercing wounds
Troll begins to stir, starts to rise – steps on a few goblins, stumbles towards Kromaw
Aleron swings club around, knocks a goblin in the skull, plunging it into the mud
Jorn – magic missile on goblin – two goblins go flying
Max – holds goblins at bay with whirling rapier, lodges his dagger in one’s skull, breaks away and climbs the ladder to the gatehouse

Round 7
Last of the few goblins go down under fusillade of crossbows… courtyard is an abattoir

Stromdorf Act 3
No Rest For The Wicked

Gang goes to see Kessler – town watch commander
two-story townhouse, reception room when entering
Man named Meyer, greets party – calls commander for his six o’clock appointment
Kessler – no-nonsense manner, floppy noble hat, nice clothng, one hand missing
“thanks, gentlemen, for coming”
Kessler’s office – large – cluttered, books scrolls, boxes, large desk w/ paperwork, candelabra in corner
deep red curtain behind desk; a few chairs in front of chairs
Gentleman sitting in front of chairs – “burgermeister Adler is indisposed – will deliver offer for him.”
“Been having problems as of late – farmsteads south of town, fod for city (livestock) – livestock disappearing for the last ten days
Sitting – country gentleman, middle aged, bald pate, black beard, worried. Herr Gubo Ackerman.
Theives come when the night falls. Kessler says farmers will be ruined within month. Granary also ruined from storm – bad shit.

Reiterates great deeds of party – bringing in heretics, catching poisoner, dealing with Oberslecht farm burnings.
Offers 50 silver coins each for investigating/eliminating rustlers – up front.
Max – info on rustlers? Number? type? number of cattle taken?
Ackerman: several animals at a time each night despite livestock closer to farm, right under their noses. Rain eliminates tracks.
Dogs ran back to farm yelping, useless – refused to go outside after dark at all.
Patrols on shifts from dusk to dawn, but first shift always exhausted when leaving shift an hour after midnight.
Kessler: two suspected sheep rustlers – had them hung a few days ago, but raids continued regardless. Dozens taken, various farms, 1-2/night.
Doesn’t seem like beastmen – not their style (much more destructive, obvious)
Aleron: why is the burgomeister so reclusive these days?
Kessler – he hasn’t stirred from his room since young lass committed suicide.
Max – detects bullshit (witholding some info)
Kessler (flustered, slipping over story): It’s… possible… might have had some inappropriate relationship with late mrs. Brenner (Innkeeper’s wife)
So little payment? (25 silver now, 25 after rustlers brought to justice) – Dwarf has lost armor, have sustained losses and wear saving the town from beastmen… surely 10more silver appropriate? (success) – 25 now, 35 after complete
Ushers group out, brusquely/flustered – goodnight, goodnight, the farmer will deliver you to his farm tomorrow to begin.

Kromaw heads for western gate to retrieve rusted out cannon from damaged battlements
Wet, covered with slippery vines/moss – fails first (slips, falls on ass) – causes consternation amongst guards
Cannon is rusted severely, waterlogged – pretty much unusable – climbs back down
nearby – empty drill field, bleachers nearby, for militia training – hangman’s tree is adjacent, near gate
two men hanging from tree, rotting, birds pecking at flesh

Kromaw goes back to gaol, questions men from Oberslecht again.
Jorn – field of arena – look at hangmans tree; pukes

Jorn, Aleron, Max – go to bug burgomeister – ask around, find & make way to burgomeister’s house
No response to knock on door
Max tries three times to climb – fails twice with extreme grace, then makes it to top (Aleron fails to help, then leaves muddy handprint on Max’s asscheek)
Sees burgomeister sitting at a desk – wearing night gown, eyes red (crying), early 40’s, skinny, hagard… boring
Jumps down, heads to inn – no recovery overnight (Max – has Rattlelung +1 fatigue, plus fever – +1 black die to mental checks)
Jorn – still severely wounded – (blood in eyes?) – goes to doc in morning – much chopping, minus one disease, three wounds, one crit (nerve damage)

Gang goes to Ackerman’s wagon, he’s loading up some produce at local market, dry goods, supplies, tools, rope
Offers ride to most of you (minus ogre)
Aleron – gets “under weather” along with Jorn – suffer add’l fatigue, every time fatigued.
Cart gets stuck, Kromaw easily pulls out of muck
Few, scattered cottages w/ small clearings
Hill in distance, clouds over hill gathering blackly, lightning crackling – Ackerman makes Sigmar’s sign
“The tempest’s knap – a haunted place where nobody ventures – spectres whirling around the top of the hill one evening – lit with a dreadfull blue light
Lowlands start rising into foothills – reach Ackerland farm soon after.
Large farmhouse, wooden watchtower, cattle huddling nearby, sheep grazing
Ackerman starts unloading, wife comes out along with son, solid six-foot lad, grabs goods
Wife welcomes group into warm kitchen – startled at the ogre, of course
Hands out hot mead to everyone, sits the gang by the fire
Gang asks about security plan

One dude in the tower with a crossbow, sentries around the field, torches going all night, first watch returns at ~1am exhausted

Far Field – sheep, several large boulders in one corner (good hiding place)
Kromaw finds husks of some plant – brings to Jorn – identifies as Slack Fungus – can cause soporific effects (fatigue, unconsciousness)
Couple of these in each field, no spores remaining in them (deflated)
Gang pulls Max out of the daughters room at ~10

Kromaw hides in amongst cows, wears horns
Durion – watch tower with crossbow and night vision
Aleron – in rocks near sheep in Far Field
Max – in cow shed, near Kromaw in Long Field
Jorn – in trees near Kromaw and cows in Long Field
Two shepherds – with sheep in Far Field
Farmer and farmhand – in Long Field near west (far) edge

Max – sees nothing
Kromaw (KroMoo) – wet vegetable smacks him in the head – falls face down in the mud, but sees four small humanoids in robes with pointy hats
Aleron gets smacked in the chest with a wet vegetable, gets tired, slumps against rock
Two shepherds go down, along with farmer and farm hand
Jorn sees something flying at him, dodges, smacks against tree as he leaps aside
Durion up in the tower, puff goes off, drops crossbow and slumps over

Max sneaks to tower, picks up loaded crossbow, heads to fenceline, and blasts a goblin off of Kromaw with the pistol
Goblins start panicking like a scattering ant hive
Jorn casts invisibility

Cow-stealing goblins are scared, unable to rustle cow
Sheep-stealing goblins are not scared, able to rustle sheep

Nearby goblins charge Max, fail to injure while dodging

Aleron, Kromaw and Durion all wake up
Kromaw stumbles to feet, takes a clumsy swing with sword and cuts a goblin in half, impales another on steel fist
Max spits one goblin with rapier, buries main gauche in another’s chest, loses grip on it
Goblin stabs Max, blade breaks off in buckle of armor (just a stick left)
Aleron hollers at goblins rustling sheep near fence – buries crossbow bolt next to head of one – they let sheep go
Durion picks up bow of passed-out guard – misses shot at goblins, arrow buried in mud

Kromaw – charges goblins – gets to fence of FAr Field
Max – tuck and roll, grab main gauche from dead goblin, jump up, stab standing goblin, and haul ass to fence of Far Field
Aleron – reload crossbow (?)
Arrow hits the fence near Max and Kromaw
Jorn – still invisible – walks to middle of goblin group, summons black lightning bolts, and fries entire group
Minions – dead

Aleron – crossbow – hits rustler in back, knocks over, squealing and crawling away
Kromaw jumps fence, chasing towards goblins on far edge of field
Max – run alongside Kromaw
Jorn – summons second shadow on Aleron(?)
Durion – out of range

Aleron – chases goblins – bashes one of two still standing in the head, drops him, it tries to crawl away
Kromaw – hauls ass to catch up, smacks spear away from downed goblin (arrow in back) who is trying to get up
Jorn – give up chase?
Goblin – rustles sheep (shadow attached) – pulls sheep away, leaves buddies in the muck

Stromdorf Act 2
Names Are Taken, Asses Are Kicked

Gang is at Stewpot Inn, guards just took custody of Celia(?) Cobblepot.
Ogre threatened to squoze her until she broked because he was afraid of poison that she used.
Gang bedded down, pooped out. Hung out in common room.
Bayrn (Jorn) healed of nerve damage.
Max is up part of the night coughing, fever.
Was stormy all night, heavy rain and plenty of lightning, even within walls of town.
Gang wants to go see the doctor in the town that Cobblepot sold poison to. (Kopfchen).

Dude with wispy white beard, purple gown – doctor Kopfchen.
Kromaw confronts – “find your gortsiet, you gave to Cobblepot”
Max asks if any is missing – Greg tries to detect lies, looks legit
Kromaw warns doctor clear of it, “chaos poison” – hobbit go to witch trial, poison food, got be careful
Jorn asks about the storm – doctor says it’s been a little more severe the last few days
Doctor pulls down almanac, shows party average rainfall, overall poor weather, last few days got worse
Kromaw “spots” chaos book – doctor explains it’s an educational tome
Max jumps in and tells doctor that if Kromaw gets to burn the book, maybe he doesn’t have to burn ALL the books. And the doctor.
Warn doctor not to spread more poison, otherwise, it’s his ass.

Go back to the town square – pass fountain, stone structure with gable, hasn’t been used in a long time.
Tiny, mailbox-sized chunk of wood, stuck on a staff, off to the side of the fountain/well. Off-white statue of Shallya.
People give the well a wide berth while walking through square.

Go back to Thunderwater Inn – notice windows nailed shut, chairs nailed to floor.
Gentleman in mid-20s with skullcap, high cowl, azure blue skullcap and cloak (Celestial College, Jorn notes).
Several scrolls, jeweled dagger, staff with clockwork planets.
Teaching the children their letters in the tavern. Prim, proper, well manicured, haughty.
Proprietor is there, graying, balding, decent gut, two sons helping behind bar.
One is ~20, other is ~15 or so.
Chair by fireplace is empty.
Max says hay to bartender, gets a Thunderwater, asks about the hunter – Hans “Biebs” Bieber
Tells of renown, tales of amazing shots, friendly and cool, brings in tons of game, god price.
Always gone a week or two, back for a few days, back in a day or two probably. Usually out at Oberslech.
Farms to south have tried to raise crops, pretty sure there’s a goblin tribe in the hills, livestock get taken, not doing too well.
If you go too far out in the Oberslech, can meet a pretty nasty end by beastmen or other things.

Reinholtz farm – got directions. Biebs not back for a few days.
Ask barkeep about Wizard. Endeared with townsfolk, taught them to read and write.
Aleron – what’s up with the well out there? Gets choked up a bit.
Couple of months ago his wife jumped in the well, drowned.
Barkeep excuses himself, youngest son cries a bit, can we do anything else for you?
Max give condolences, no reason for death – beloved by community, just normal fights with husband.
5 brass for breakfast, 5 more for provision.

Aleron bug wizard – “Ho there wizard, what’s the forecast for tomorrow?”
Taken aback, but playing along – “not likely, been this way the last hundred years or so.”
Aleron tries “Fake Out” – pre-empt an offensive attack somehow.
Trying to locate ancient pieces of stone tablet – ancient elvish script, might be able to get to bottom of weather.
Kromaw – “chaos storm?” – “no no, winds of Azyr, tear in magical fabric, causing storms”
Know how many pieces there are? Where they might be located?
Dunno, connected to the Azyr portal, where the power is leaking through.

Go to gate, roof structure collapsed, cannon there.

Gate we’re going out (east), cannon faced out from the east, roof over it, a few guards present.
Grab waterproof cloak
Start walking out to the east
about an hour out, see some smoke about an hour away
to the east – sullen rainclouds streaked with red light
whiff of smoke from the east, something burning
head toward the fire – burning remnants of farmstead
smoldering barn, farmhouse, grain silo, two outbuilding – near(ish) to the Holtzheim(?) farmstead
Jorn spots the origins of the fire – deliberate – no bodies
Max passed, notes cloven hoofprints in the mud
Aleron finds chaos star daubed in mud on the still-standing brick chimney
no bodies, livestock pens empty, no animals, dead or alive
small unburnt sign that says “aigel ranch”

Ogre sees Holtz farm off to the north – sees over a low rise
Fresh set of human boot tracks heading towards Holtz farm

Rally step – recover stress/strain

get to Holtz farm – two farmers in the barnyard, in a heated argument
one- tall and gangly, long blong hair, clothes torn, smeared with soot, mud, blood
other – short, dark, clothed in ..,
blond – “all your fault, dead becasue of you!”
dark – “i told you, tristan, i didn’t do it!”
blond – bullshit! i know it was you!
dark – what you think, they’d just go away?

blond guy glances over, pulls knife out, stabs the dark guy while he’s looking
other two hillbilly guys leap in, try to pull knife away from blond (Tristan)
rest of family hanging out, “doing chores” (eavesdropping)
distant twanging of lute from the farmhouse

Kromaw steps in – “That’s enough, calm down there – EVERYBODY STOP” (indimidate check) – success, group is startled by voice
stop yelling at each other

Tristan breaks down in tears, looks worked over, filthy, sooty, covered in mud
Explains that beastmen came and burned down farmstead, took family – he and brother out hunting, ran into Oberslecht w/ pitchforks
Brother was killed by beastmen, Tristan escaped, directly back to confront Holtzes
Kromaw – “Why it their fault?”
Breaks down, blubbering

Kromaw intimidates the stab victim, “tell truth, i’m a witch hunter”

Marie Holtz – mother – dark hair w/ streaks of gray, grief and worry
M Holtz – daughter – close set eyes, doughy face, close-set eyes

Tristan started throwing accusations around – no reason
only farmsteads for miles around – never happened before

Talk to mother – Tristan is her nephew, she was an Aigel before she married Otto, families got on well for generations fairly well

Aleron – goes up to farmhouse porch – addresses son (little Otto, teens) – “where’s Reiner?”
Has to talk over the kid’s lute playing, freakishly good, won’t stop playing. Won’t respond.
“Reiner, you in there?!?!?” Reiner – Otto’s brother, smaller/harder than Otto, dark hair and grim eyes.

Kromaw walks up to the guy that looks, says “you under arrest for hereticful behaviors – kidnap merchant Florian, steal wagon and pony”

Jorn stops bleeding for Fritz while Kromaw finishes tying him up.

Max heard commotion, saw the mother get up and run out (Marie), she pleads with Kromaw to let Reiner go
Kromaw intimidates Marie, tells her he’s going to jail in Stromdorf – hammer + comet (extra info)
Aleron sits on his horse and watches, “supervises”

Marie breaks down – starts to spill guts – “don’t hurt him, put him down, someone I want you to meet…, come with me…”
Takes a lantern from hook outside farmhouse, leads past fields to to the edge of Oberslecht
Otto – big solid man, thick neck, bulky, stoic farmer, glares suspiciously, doesn’t like outsiders
Climb onto a small hillock above the boggy ground, small cart on the edge of the clearing
Massive squat brooding tree to north, feathers, bones, stains, fur, bits of metal. Collection of bones at base, all over hill.
Imelda follows closely on Max’s heels…
Aleron left horse back at porch (really likes the banjo).

Marie – “Please don’t get restless, you’ll frighten them off…”
Intuition/Observation – no intention to harm, no ambush

Jorn – really faint tinge of something from tree – special in some way, not sure why

“are you there, I brought friends, they can help us”
Lightning strikes somewhere to the east
Crackling out of undergrowth, figure hunched, animal fur, feathers, stones, leather mantle with animal bones, grubby, black nails
Voice that rasps and crackles – “I hope you can help us, she is correct, time is short”
Blacktooth comes to destroy the works of man, will leave no work of man or gods standing…
Must ake the source of his power and ntake from him the source of the dark gods
Must steal from him the lighning stone…

Kromaw – “who you?”
“I am Foldath – this is my mother (Marie)”
Aleron – you didn’t bring our merchant friend out here an feed him to Foldath, did you?
Foldath – the sacrifices are not for me – they are to placate the hordes of beastmen
Place is REALLY creeping Jorn out, takes 3 stress
Aleron and Max – overwhelming sense of dread (not from Foldath) – sacrifical tree

Aleron looks down… sees signet ring on finger bone – reaches down and grabs it

Kromaw reaches down – grabs Marie, ties up – “you all chaos worshippers…”
“They’s worshipping chaos – go jail! Your mother go to trial!
Foldath – if this were a trap, the beastment would descend upon you without number…
Foldath – become a respected Bray Shaman, gifted with the dark gods’ magical might
Parents offered him as a sacrifice to the beastmen hordes – they saw his mutation, and raised him themselves
Love/hate relationship with human family

There’s a piece of stone, lashed to a beastman herdstone (large monolith) – been glowing the last few nights
attracts lightning, been driving the beastmen to madness, they are about to go mad and burn down everything, run amok
Pretty decent sized herd
Kromaw – “beastman accept challenge?”
Foldath – of course – that’s how they determine leadership of the herd

Party agrees with Foldath’s plan – Kromaw go challenge chief Gor, rest of party steals stone from Herdstone
Lightning blasts repeatedly hit the same location we’re headed towards

after half hour
See beastmen dancing, chanting around the herdstone, getting ready for battle
lightning stone lashed to side of stone, slightly har
Iska standing in front of herdstone, every few minutes, lightning hits stone, sparks fly, glow of azure light, beastmen freak out
beastment point, attract attention of Iska
Kromaw bellows ’ Iska, i challenge you! Beastmen must die! Chaos worshippers must die"
Iska bellows challenge response, raises double-bladed axe above head (just slightly shorter than Kromaw)
Most of party hides – find trees/logs to duck behind

Two rando beastmen charge Kromaw, pissed – Kromaw goes for double strike, pass – mash one into a super pulp
Kromaw bashes one’s head in, tears the hand (w/ sword) off of the other, then shoves blade through chest
another lightning bolt hits the stone – Iska roars, and charges
Both Kromaw and Iska tear into each other – huge, tearing blows, ribbons of blood, skin and fur flying, both roaring

Max sneaks – masterfully… Jorn stomps around like he’s trying to make as much noise as possible – two beastmen start sniffing around
Jorn casts spell, leaps out of bushes as beastman – other two cheer him on, then return
Max is quiet as fuck… but can’t hold in his coughing, belts out a couple coughs – throws self to ground
two beastmen turn, inspect herdstone, medium range
Max stands up, reaches around herdstone, fumbles with knot – takes a while, no instant success
Aleron lobs a shot ( of some kind) at the two beastmen approaching, takes one out, other distracted, quits looking for Max

Stromdorf Act 1
Max and Friends Go Swimming

Party limps into the Red Moon Inn, gets poor/short night of sleep (get back ~3 AM)
Party goes to Temple of Shallya in morning – limited success
Max gets a bit sicker, Durino as well.

Gang goes to market square, looks for deals
Max picks up a blue, glowing healing draft – was unlabeled, great deal on it
Kromaw makes an order for an ogre-sized Witch Hunter hat, gets good deal as well (but will now be sponsored by Mad Hatter Inc.).

Gang heads to Temple of Sigmar to turn in loot
Vern is there, will help defend the party to best of his/Aschaffenberg’s ability
Kromaw tosses dust at Sigmarite priest’s feet, dust all over the place (no effect)
Durion(?) surrenders the green weeping blade as well – goes into lead-lined case
Gang waits several minutes to be interviewed, gets bored.
Adelle (Witch Hunter) interrogates party, but limited patience; called to capital

Gang goes to Guild Headquarters, meets with Von Karstadt (leader)
Will fund trip to Stromdorf to search for Florian Wechsler, must find him or ring
Will pay 30sp for trip, and additional 20 apiece if Florian’s coal shipment is found
No foul play expected, no reports or information – just go find

Gang heads to docks, searches for barge/ship down river
Finds passage, 3sp each (6 for Kromaw and Aleron’s horse) – take most of the day
Weather/river are calm, until approaching Stromdorf – stormclouds, rain, occasional thunder
River gets rough, Kromaw attempts to “help” maintain control of ship
Crew member is promptly knocked off – captain calls man overboard, throws preserver
Log hits ship – captain also washed overboard, unable to control ship
Max/Aleron attempt to control the tiller, but additional log hits ship and begins to sink
Max and Kromaw get safely clear, swim to shore and head for town
Rest of the gang gets pulled under, taken downstream

Durion sinks, pulls off gromril armor, pops to surface, sees and saves the captain
Aleron dislocates shoulder while attempting to get to shore
Kromaw tosses a spar at Jorn, able to keep him afloat
Gang gets washed ashore at the bridge by the mill – miller drags them in and helps out
Durion stays behind to make sure captain is ok – rest of gang heads for town

Kromaw/Max make way down path to city, question watchman at gate
Knows nothing of Wechsler’s location
Family crest at gate is Von Jungsfreud (Suponatheim’s relatives)
Watchman recommends “Thunderwater Inn” – Max/Kromaw head there
Road filled with mud – town drenched in constant rain – use boarded walkways on streetside
Plenty of people around – busy, despite rain – lively town
Foul, disgusting, nasty odorous stench – tannery by entrance to town

Rest of gang catches up to Max/Kromaw (minus Durion) at the Thunderwater Inn

Ubersreik Act 5
Can You Feel The Stink Smell?

9:30 – Ball is over. Complete chaos. Monsters slain. Ballgoers deserting mansion.

-Everyone chooses Aschaffenberg as a patron.

-Aleron sees a sneaky thing leap into well – couldn’t catch it.
-Mansion is cleansed.

-Guildmaster – Impressed by the group, wants to hire later, cool with Aschy as liege lord (if there must be one)

-Witch Hunter shows up after festivities over – confronts guests
-Keeps hearing about Skaven, calls bullshit, says it’s a children’s tale
-Aleron confronts – implicates Von Holsenauer, promotes Aschy
-Max also promotes Aschy, says it’s good he employes stalwart warriors like himself

-Von Holsenauer shows up and listens in, makes sure he’s not being dimed out – Aleron doesn’t say so overtly

-Pfeffer (watch capt) may loan a few guards to investigate, but won’t go herself

-Aschy and Ludmila take off – Ludmila gives a glance and wink at Max

-Kromaw lowers gnoblar into the well with a rope, bangs him around clumsily in a bucket, sees nothing
-Jorn is super frustrated, will do it himself (more smartfully) – party tension goes up
-Jorn lowers Durion in bucket with crank… maybe not a good idea, strength check not good – goes zipping down freefall
-Kromaw grabs the rope… misses. Durion smashes into the surface (~25 feet down)
-Durion grabs the bucket, Kromaw pulls him back up, but Durion realizes he dropped his dwarf heirloom hammer

-5’ above the water, Durion sees a hole in the side of the well, man-sized
-Steps in, sees man-sized animal tracks, faint traces of glowing green dust on sides and bottom of well

-Aleron climbs down next, follows Durion into well, then Max and Jorn
-Kromaw has to walk to main sewer junction and catch up

-Aleron busts out a map of the sewers that Noseless gave him
-Aleron gets to first junction – starts to walk into sewage
-At knee-deep, Aleron bangs his foot on a spike (pass disease check)
-Figures out how they are placed, tells party how to avoid them easily

-Musty, nasty smell accumulates, noxious fumes, party decides no more open flames
-Jorn uses staff to provide light

-Party continues to trudge through sewer, picking up vile disgusting afflictions
-Durion picks up a nasty disease – body/face covered with boils
-Max picks up Yellow Skull Fever and Rattlelung

-Gang spots Skaven assassin turning left own a corridor
-Aleron hauls ass, tries to catch up, small tunnel, lets Durion by so he can sprint upright (three feet diameter)
-Durion catches up, gets a swing at the Skaven as it tries to turn another corner, catches its eye mid-blow, misses(?)

-Skaven returns the blow, whirl of poisoned “weeping” blades
-Hits viciously (five wounds), but the weapon twists out of rat’s hand, lands in sewage
-Durion disengages and drops back a little
-Aleron closes, takes a few swings but rat dodges his mace easily
-Max pulls his pistol, takes a shot, but a clean miss due to rat bouncing off the walls and dudes in between
-orn uses Shadow Blade, blade slices out of rat’s shadow and stabs him through the side

-Rat tries to disengage, but ends up just underneath sewer grate in deep water/sewage
-Kromaw above drops a huge rock on his head, crushes rat into sewer water, corpse begins to melt/bubble
-Durion swishes around in muck, can’t find sinking corpse
-Jorn searches for Weeping Blade (warpstone, corrupting), takes disease check as he roots around in sewage
-Jorn picks up Stenchfoot – black, hardened flesh, with overpowering stench

-Jorn sees traces of warpstone powder down the main passageway
-Aleron picks up Giddy Haunts, Scarlet Fog – delerium
-Aleron(?) has Pox, Green Pox, Red Pox

-Kromaw opens grate, climbs down into sewer with the gang
-Follow the dust down the main passage until they spot side passage, dug out, several yards long
-Exit into Skaven lair, several ratmen in rusting armor, old rags

-Kromaw blasts out of corridor, hammers one rat into another with both fists, both crushed to floor
-Rat-Ogre roars, beats chest, challenges Kromaw
-Durion hangs back in tunnel entrance – takes a shot with x-bow – hit with critical,
-Max charges at group of three on right (with spears) places sword through one’s heart, drops it – bubbles, green goo
-Max’s follow-up strike slashes arm of second, loses grip on spear
-Aleron jumps into the fray with mace, clobbers weaponless rat while recovering from Max’s second strike
-Jorn moves beside Durion in entrance, casts spell – Shadow Bolt (magic dart) – dark flash explodes on Rat-Ogre’s face
-Rat-Ogre gets angry, takes swing at Kromaw with huge bladed gauntlet
-Hits Kromaw, huge gash in chest

-Kromaw does Capt Kirk super double-fist blow to the chin, sends him flying backward into the wall unconscious
-Rat gets cheap shot on Max, gets a few tears in his costume – pissed enough to take return strike, a few light slashes
-Rat takes cheap shot on Ogre, misses, opens himself up for counterstrike, and Kromaw impales it on fist blade – dead

-Vast, monstrous Rat Super-Ogre tears its way out of far entrance to tunnel
-Accompanied by small rat cloaked in gray robes, horns coming out of hood, wild-eyed, chattering wildly
-Max advances, drops a rat with several slashes of his blade

-Jorn casts Shadow Blade at rat shaman guy – several gashes appear on torso from blades materializing inside cloak
-After recoiling, rat shaman reaches out hand, blasts Jorn with green lightning, does xx wounds
-Rat Super-Ogre batters Kromaw, but manages to barely parry with gauntlet, driven to a knee from massive blows
-Kromaw rises, huge fist to face, knocks Super-Ogre backwards on ass

-Kriksnak throws both hands forward, launches gaseous ball of noxious fumes, gasses whole melee party
-Jorn collapses, overcome by fumes, along with one rat
-Max is still pissed, charges shaman dude, deals 11 damage, flurry of slices
-Aleron bludgeons a rat repeatedly, hammering it to the ground and out of action – only one standing, next to splayed Super-Ogre

-Super-Ogre stands back up, delivers several fierce blows to Kromaw – driven back a few feet, but still up
-Kromaw immediately retaliates – huge slabs of muscle as they both rain blows on each other
-Rat Shaman is feeling threatened – casts Skitterleap, teleports to behind party (other tunnel entrance)
-Clan rat stabs Aleron with spear (cheap shot) – few points of damage, fatige point
-Durion takes a crossbow shot at Shaman, lodges bolt in shoulder – causes him to panic
-Max advances and shoots with pistol – blasts hole in leg
-Rat Shaman screams in frustration – “man-things ruin plan!”

-Kromaw continues to whale on Rat-Ogre, both reeling in pain from many gashes and vicious blows
-With last bit of strength, Rat-SuperOgre uses both arms to pummel Kromaw to the ground, unconscious
-Last rat strikes at Aleron, flails wildly, Aleron parries easily

-Max – signs “M” in Rat-Ogre’s ass, but just pisses him off (tried to be to clever!)
-Rat-Ogre turns, one last strong swipe, sends Max tumbling across the room, but crumples to the floor, unconscious and bleeding
-Durion shatters last rat’s leg with crossbow – collapses, dead

Rally Step

Ubersreik Act 4
Von Holsenauer's Got The Biggest Balls of Them All

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