Tag: Averheim


  • Giselbert Kuhn

    Giselbert has served the von Alptraum family for almost 40 years. Whilst he is now in his sixties, and crumbling rapidly, he still gives off an impression of considerable power and confidence.

  • Theodosius von Tuchtenhagen

    He is an obnoxious Minor Averland Noble. Theodosius has been made the temporary liege lord of Grenzstadt, the fortress town guarding the approach to the Black Fire Pass, whilst the other noble families contest the Electorship. Theo’s family was …

  • Dagoberdt Gabor

    Theodosius’ Pet Wizard. He is a member of the Gold Order, though it has been a long time since he attended the Gold College in Altdorf. Instead Dagoberdt is now a full time member of Theodosius’ retinue, amusing his liege with magical displays and …

  • Hogweed

    Theodosius’ Imbecilic Jester. Hogweed is an imbecilic and bitter individual, whose cruel japes are aimed at anyone other than Theodosius and Dagoberdt. Hogweed is subject to violent shaking fits, which Theodosius finds even more amusing than his jokes.