Old World Chronicles

Stromdorf Act 3

No Rest For The Wicked

Gang goes to see Kessler – town watch commander
two-story townhouse, reception room when entering
Man named Meyer, greets party – calls commander for his six o’clock appointment
Kessler – no-nonsense manner, floppy noble hat, nice clothng, one hand missing
“thanks, gentlemen, for coming”
Kessler’s office – large – cluttered, books scrolls, boxes, large desk w/ paperwork, candelabra in corner
deep red curtain behind desk; a few chairs in front of chairs
Gentleman sitting in front of chairs – “burgermeister Adler is indisposed – will deliver offer for him.”
“Been having problems as of late – farmsteads south of town, fod for city (livestock) – livestock disappearing for the last ten days
Sitting – country gentleman, middle aged, bald pate, black beard, worried. Herr Gubo Ackerman.
Theives come when the night falls. Kessler says farmers will be ruined within month. Granary also ruined from storm – bad shit.

Reiterates great deeds of party – bringing in heretics, catching poisoner, dealing with Oberslecht farm burnings.
Offers 50 silver coins each for investigating/eliminating rustlers – up front.
Max – info on rustlers? Number? type? number of cattle taken?
Ackerman: several animals at a time each night despite livestock closer to farm, right under their noses. Rain eliminates tracks.
Dogs ran back to farm yelping, useless – refused to go outside after dark at all.
Patrols on shifts from dusk to dawn, but first shift always exhausted when leaving shift an hour after midnight.
Kessler: two suspected sheep rustlers – had them hung a few days ago, but raids continued regardless. Dozens taken, various farms, 1-2/night.
Doesn’t seem like beastmen – not their style (much more destructive, obvious)
Aleron: why is the burgomeister so reclusive these days?
Kessler – he hasn’t stirred from his room since young lass committed suicide.
Max – detects bullshit (witholding some info)
Kessler (flustered, slipping over story): It’s… possible… might have had some inappropriate relationship with late mrs. Brenner (Innkeeper’s wife)
So little payment? (25 silver now, 25 after rustlers brought to justice) – Dwarf has lost armor, have sustained losses and wear saving the town from beastmen… surely 10more silver appropriate? (success) – 25 now, 35 after complete
Ushers group out, brusquely/flustered – goodnight, goodnight, the farmer will deliver you to his farm tomorrow to begin.

Kromaw heads for western gate to retrieve rusted out cannon from damaged battlements
Wet, covered with slippery vines/moss – fails first (slips, falls on ass) – causes consternation amongst guards
Cannon is rusted severely, waterlogged – pretty much unusable – climbs back down
nearby – empty drill field, bleachers nearby, for militia training – hangman’s tree is adjacent, near gate
two men hanging from tree, rotting, birds pecking at flesh

Kromaw goes back to gaol, questions men from Oberslecht again.
Jorn – field of arena – look at hangmans tree; pukes

Jorn, Aleron, Max – go to bug burgomeister – ask around, find & make way to burgomeister’s house
No response to knock on door
Max tries three times to climb – fails twice with extreme grace, then makes it to top (Aleron fails to help, then leaves muddy handprint on Max’s asscheek)
Sees burgomeister sitting at a desk – wearing night gown, eyes red (crying), early 40’s, skinny, hagard… boring
Jumps down, heads to inn – no recovery overnight (Max – has Rattlelung +1 fatigue, plus fever – +1 black die to mental checks)
Jorn – still severely wounded – (blood in eyes?) – goes to doc in morning – much chopping, minus one disease, three wounds, one crit (nerve damage)

Gang goes to Ackerman’s wagon, he’s loading up some produce at local market, dry goods, supplies, tools, rope
Offers ride to most of you (minus ogre)
Aleron – gets “under weather” along with Jorn – suffer add’l fatigue, every time fatigued.
Cart gets stuck, Kromaw easily pulls out of muck
Few, scattered cottages w/ small clearings
Hill in distance, clouds over hill gathering blackly, lightning crackling – Ackerman makes Sigmar’s sign
“The tempest’s knap – a haunted place where nobody ventures – spectres whirling around the top of the hill one evening – lit with a dreadfull blue light
Lowlands start rising into foothills – reach Ackerland farm soon after.
Large farmhouse, wooden watchtower, cattle huddling nearby, sheep grazing
Ackerman starts unloading, wife comes out along with son, solid six-foot lad, grabs goods
Wife welcomes group into warm kitchen – startled at the ogre, of course
Hands out hot mead to everyone, sits the gang by the fire
Gang asks about security plan

One dude in the tower with a crossbow, sentries around the field, torches going all night, first watch returns at ~1am exhausted

Far Field – sheep, several large boulders in one corner (good hiding place)
Kromaw finds husks of some plant – brings to Jorn – identifies as Slack Fungus – can cause soporific effects (fatigue, unconsciousness)
Couple of these in each field, no spores remaining in them (deflated)
Gang pulls Max out of the daughters room at ~10

Kromaw hides in amongst cows, wears horns
Durion – watch tower with crossbow and night vision
Aleron – in rocks near sheep in Far Field
Max – in cow shed, near Kromaw in Long Field
Jorn – in trees near Kromaw and cows in Long Field
Two shepherds – with sheep in Far Field
Farmer and farmhand – in Long Field near west (far) edge

Max – sees nothing
Kromaw (KroMoo) – wet vegetable smacks him in the head – falls face down in the mud, but sees four small humanoids in robes with pointy hats
Aleron gets smacked in the chest with a wet vegetable, gets tired, slumps against rock
Two shepherds go down, along with farmer and farm hand
Jorn sees something flying at him, dodges, smacks against tree as he leaps aside
Durion up in the tower, puff goes off, drops crossbow and slumps over

Max sneaks to tower, picks up loaded crossbow, heads to fenceline, and blasts a goblin off of Kromaw with the pistol
Goblins start panicking like a scattering ant hive
Jorn casts invisibility

Cow-stealing goblins are scared, unable to rustle cow
Sheep-stealing goblins are not scared, able to rustle sheep

Nearby goblins charge Max, fail to injure while dodging

Aleron, Kromaw and Durion all wake up
Kromaw stumbles to feet, takes a clumsy swing with sword and cuts a goblin in half, impales another on steel fist
Max spits one goblin with rapier, buries main gauche in another’s chest, loses grip on it
Goblin stabs Max, blade breaks off in buckle of armor (just a stick left)
Aleron hollers at goblins rustling sheep near fence – buries crossbow bolt next to head of one – they let sheep go
Durion picks up bow of passed-out guard – misses shot at goblins, arrow buried in mud

Kromaw – charges goblins – gets to fence of FAr Field
Max – tuck and roll, grab main gauche from dead goblin, jump up, stab standing goblin, and haul ass to fence of Far Field
Aleron – reload crossbow (?)
Arrow hits the fence near Max and Kromaw
Jorn – still invisible – walks to middle of goblin group, summons black lightning bolts, and fries entire group
Minions – dead

Aleron – crossbow – hits rustler in back, knocks over, squealing and crawling away
Kromaw jumps fence, chasing towards goblins on far edge of field
Max – run alongside Kromaw
Jorn – summons second shadow on Aleron(?)
Durion – out of range

Aleron – chases goblins – bashes one of two still standing in the head, drops him, it tries to crawl away
Kromaw – hauls ass to catch up, smacks spear away from downed goblin (arrow in back) who is trying to get up
Jorn – give up chase?
Goblin – rustles sheep (shadow attached) – pulls sheep away, leaves buddies in the muck


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