Old World Chronicles

Stromdorf Act 4

Planning Is For The Weak And Timid

Gang is milling around
Kromaw has a near-dead goblin, arrow in back, spear was smacked away
One goblin is running away in the forest, has a “second shadow” from Jorn
Chows down on dead compatriots while he waits for him to wake up…. but it doesn’t
Smacks it around, threatens it while he pulls the arrow out
“Base… fortress… Gobspite will defeat you with his magic…”
Durion overhears… says it’s uncharacteristic, known to stay in cavs

Gang sleeps in farmhouse for ~5 hours until dawn (Kromaw in barn, snacking on goblin corpses)
Max spends nigh in the “Geegee Hut” with the farmer’s daughter
Ackerman’s wife cooks up a bunch of eggs, a little mutton (a little crispy)
Gang heads to the south, in the direction the one living goblin went last night
Through damp woods for about half an hour
faint shadow (overcast wx) approaches, leaps to join Jorn’s

Goblin goes through woods for a couple hours, crests over a few hills
Goblin makes way slowly, cackling and grumbling, dragging sheep
Arrives at large farmhouse at the bottom of the last hill

large farmhouse, fortified manor with palisade, large guard tower
gate opens, lets goblin and sheep in
large pile of slaughtered (partially) animals, parts drying, cooking
several goblins milling around prepping food
getting ready for ‘bed’ for the day
at least two dozen milling around
goblins deposits sheep into small, scared flock
large creature chained up, red bouncy bipedal thing, huge tooty mouth
goblin gets ready for bed, shadow gets recalled
courtyard fairly empty, most of them in the hay barn (dark/shade)
farmhous fairly intact
set of gates on the far side of house

Group makes way to farmhouse, stops short at last hill before the crest
at top of hill, see a patrol of goblins (two) fairly being dragged by a large, red squig
(“bipedal monster, all mouth, teeth, legs and tail”)
Gang talks for several minutes… and Kromaw gets impatient, bellows, and starts running down the hill
Gang grabs weapons, hastily gets ready for battle
Jorn uses invisibility spell on self
Goblins retain initiative… easily notice huge ogre running down the hill

Round 1
Red squig freaks out, thrashes and chomps, sprints and jumps towards Kromaw, dragging its keeper on the chain
Other one runs to catch up
Durion lobs a xbow bolt at the running squig, misses, lodges it in the gatehouse on the wall
Goblins in gate house fire shortbows at Kromaw as he lumbers downhill
Aleron – shot – missed as well
Goblins in gatehouse fire arrows (shortbows) at Kromaw – couple of hits
Max follows Kromaw, stays behind him (relative to gate)

Round 2
Squig leaps and attacks Kromaw… and busts off a tooth on his forearm guard
Running goblin flails at long range, rattles spear off of Kromaw’s gutplate
Durion closes a bit, steadies, then declares a trick shot –
Hits one goblin in shoulder, he spins, releases arrow…. right into the other one
both are dead – only two left, both squawk in surprise and grab weapons
Kromaw shoves the squig aside, lowers a shoulder, and charges headlong right into the gate (23-5=18 damage)
Two goblins left in gatehouse, both poke bows out the slits, fire down at Kromaw – one crits
Max delivers Magritte Thrust unto squig – deep puncture wound, but it growls, hops away…
…then drops when Jorn blasts it with magic missile
Goblin spearman – continues jabbing at Kromaw – gets a few pricks in while Kromaw whales away on door, breaks spear on gutplate
Dragged goblin rolls several feet, ends up next to Durion, pulls out scimitar and starts swiping… falls over and drops it (dizzy)
Yells of goblins from gatehouse alerting goblins inside fortress

Round 3
Kromaw bashes gate again – 16 damage – splinters go flying, boards let loose, and it caves in…
…but just leads to another gate on far side of gatehouse
Aleron lobs xbow bolt into goblin w/ broke spear
Max strolls past wounted goblin, and shoves rapier through his skull, not slowing
Durion nails one goblin in the gatehouse with a disorienting shot
Goblins contine to rain arrows at Kromaw through murder holes
Jorn enters gatehouse, fires magic dart through murderhole… screaming goblin falls through, and lands on floor writhing around

Gang hears loud guttural screaming from far side of gate – goblins screaming in fear and delight… large footsteps resounding

Round 4
Squirming goblins tries to bite/stab Kromaw’s ankle
Goblin in gatehouse drops barrel of potatoes through murderhole, breaks open on Kromaw’s head – potatoes raining everywhere
Kromaw begins smashing the inner gate, knocks several dents into wooden slats
Aleron – bashes squirming goblin in the head with mace, boot sucked into mud, drops mace into mud
Max – smoke fills the gatehouse and deafening blast – goblin in gatehouse drops crate of turnips next to Aleron, keels over dead

Round 5
Kromaw finishes bashing door down… mostly. Couple
Revealing a really pissed off, large, ugly stone troll
Large herd of Night Goblins behind the troll – a few jabbing at him, goading him forward
Grabs one that pokes particularly hard, tears it in half and tosset it away
One of the goblins sidles through broken gate, attacks Kromaw
Kromaw fends of poking spear, swats it viciously back into the crowd, pulped
Max shoots pistol at troll, only to ricochet off of its stony hide
Durion whips out blunderbus, unloads on the troll/goblins/Kromaw… except the gun goes “click” – exposed to elements
Jorn stabs troll with “shadowblade” spell – goblin’s spear shadow stabs it in the ass

Round 6
Troll advances solidly, swings club and smashes Kromaw thoroughly
Goblins advance on Max – stick with pointy end – stabbed – twice!!!
Kromaw goes double-fisted on the stone troll, crushes its hide in to its chest, slumps to ground unconscious
Durion… asshole!… unloads blunderbuss into the crowd (this time it goes boom) hits all goblins, Aleron and Max
Several goblins whale on Max – parries and dodges several, but begins to accumulate slashes and piercing wounds
Troll begins to stir, starts to rise – steps on a few goblins, stumbles towards Kromaw
Aleron swings club around, knocks a goblin in the skull, plunging it into the mud
Jorn – magic missile on goblin – two goblins go flying
Max – holds goblins at bay with whirling rapier, lodges his dagger in one’s skull, breaks away and climbs the ladder to the gatehouse

Round 7
Last of the few goblins go down under fusillade of crossbows… courtyard is an abattoir


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