Theodosius von Tuchtenhagen

Human Male, Minor Averland Noble - Temporary liege lord of Grenzstadt


Theodosius is a tall and lean man of thirty, with fiery red hair and long whiskers. He dresses in sumptuous robes decorated with a veritable treasure trove of gemstones – though they are mostly just costume jewelry.

He speaks with a distinct lisp as an affectation and often breaks into irritating gales of
high-pitched laughter.


He is an obnoxious Minor Averland Noble. Theodosius has been made the temporary liege lord of Grenzstadt, the fortress town guarding the approach to the Black Fire Pass, whilst the other noble families contest the Electorship.

Theo’s family was elevated to the status of nobility a century ago by Emperor Matthias IV and strives to obscure the memory of the merchants they had been. When his elder brother Volker was slain in a duel, Theodosius’ mother died from grief and the young nobleman found himself the head of the family. Such a position has left Theo insecure in his position, yet possessed of an unshakable sense of entitlement. Theodosius lacks the experience and upbringing to understand the nuances of Averheim’s political situation. His goal is to show off how wealthy and dignified he is; unfortunately his boorish behavior undermines this.

Theodosius von Tuchtenhagen

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