Old World Chronicles

Averheim Act 5

Chaos at Von Kaufman's Menagerie

Guards (Besides us)
Bauerfaust – soldier (town guard captain)
Arta Schafer – soldier
Walfried Wertz – soldier
Waldtraut – soldier

Konrad Mauer
Clothilde von Alptraum
Giselbert Kund (Clottie Bodyguard) – aging, but knowledgeable bodyguard/footman
Theodosius Teuchtenhagen – obnoxious redheaded noble, fierty whiskers
Degelbert D’Abor – Theodosius’ “Pet” wizard. Gut spilling over belt, loose clothes, but jeweled/rich.
Hogweed – Theo’s imbecile jester.
Ferdinand Lietdorf – tall elegant man in 30s, disputed head of Lietdorf family. Long curly gray hair, pompous ass. Satin and silk with jewels. Nephew of Marius.
Claudia Lietdorf – slight, pale woman in early 20s. Cousin of Castor/Ferdinand, Ferdinand’s wife.
“Waldo” Waldemarius Loamdelve – head of Halfling community (Mootland is nearby) – fairly large local Halfling community, Youthful 78, dark brown hair grey at temples

Amelie Steiner – lady in waiting – Von K retinue
Fausta Herzog – lady in waiting – Von K retinue
Wanda Grunwald – lady in waiting – Von Teutenberg retinue
Albrund Falk – Von K’s falconier
Adele Ketzenblaum – Witch Hunter

Guards let the gang into the gates. Three dudes at the gates of the garden. Ordered to guard the perimeter, but not enter the garden.
Von Kaufman overseeing final preparation for event. Staff is tightening guy wires, straightening hedges, etc.
Amelie, Fausta sitting on marquee, fanning selves. Falk hangign with birds and fussing with them.
Bauerfaust in uniform, arguing with Von Kaufman. Seems humiliated that Von Kaufman wants the gang to guard instead of his men.
Von Kaufman sees gang approach. “GOod good, you’ve arrived! Coats of arms and respectable hats in the tent there – wear them throughout the day.”
“Take half an hour or so familiarizing your self with the grounds – here’s a map of the maze to pull the odd idiot out as required.”
Imperial cross emblazoned onto golden sun, red flames. Hats with red plumes provided as well.

After gang walks around and checks out grounds, Von K checks in. “Guard the tents and exhibits while I welcome guests.”
“Then we’ll head to falconier for a show. Be discreet, and let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary. Don’t cause a fuss.”

Clothilde makes way to the Gang, says hi, relives “old” times, makes a to-do over the party
Luminary Mauer swings by, pays his respects (without the respect part), then heads to the menagerie
Claudia adn Ferdinand Leitdorf arrive, swings by – theatrically proclaims himself present (a little over the top)
Ladies-in-waiting step up and curtsy
Gang shows the ladies around the grounds
2 large curio cabinets covered by cloth in the middle of the grounds near the snack tables
Claudia complains of a splitting headache, sits in the shade near tents
Small guy – halfling – richly dressed in silks, nose in the air – walks up to the wizard (jorn)
“May inform the guests that Waldemarius Loamdelve has arrived to grace them with my illustrious presence”
Jorn introduces him flamboyantly – halfling digs it – pleased at the intro

Young buxom girl, uncomfortable in her pomp and finery (dressed to the nines, but out of her league)
Fat leering man bedecked in robes of gold thread (gold wizard)
Capering youth dressed in Jester’s motley
Nobleman – Teuchtenhagen – finely dressed and haughty
Buxom girl (Wanda Grunberg) meekly announces him looking embarassed, upon which Teuchtenhagen giggles dismissively/effeminately

Gryfalcon comes out – unusually large (small pony-sized) griffin/
Waldemarius becomes nervous as it circles, afraid it might snatch him up (almost big enough)

Claudia watches the show, squinting, with a migraine
Max and Aleron catch the tinest acrid, caustic whiff of something, then disappears
Max looks around for a few seconds, then goes back to chatting up Wanda Grunberg
Ulfvar concentrates with his pseudo-wolf-sense, catches something towards the demigryff’s cage
“Going to go see about something, back shortly”

Jester – “probably suffering from the effects of Clothilde’s perfume”
Teuchtenhagen bursts into giggles
Fakl – “probably the smell from the falcon cage, my lords and ladies”

Ulfvar tracks the smell to the demigryff cage (horse-sized griffin without wings)
Smell is distinctly different from the demigryff or it’s… “guano”
Hedgerow back behind the cage seems to be dispersing the scent

Very large cage with a bedraggled basilisk, it’s eyes put out

A few of the ladies cowering in a huddle while looking at the spider cage

Norscan White Bear (polar bear)
Giant Owl (creepy, intelligent looking eyes)
Hairless Southland Rhinox (familiar to ogre, only without normal fur)

Jorn heads over to Claudia, offers her a small swig of his elixir (healing potion) (fails charm check, looks sketchy)
Claudia glances over at Leitdorf, who looks back warily, and she refuses it graciously
“Just not feeling fit for public today… please excuse me” – takes her leave with Ferdinand and Von Kaufman
Ferdinand is exasperated, in a foul mood

Amelie Steiner (Von Kaufman lady in waiting) – heads over to Ulfvar
“Was assailed by a dreadful stench while I was looking over the bear…”
Kromaw heads over to the bear with Ulfric, notices a whiff of something coming from a hedge behind the bear cage
Kromaw smashes through a shrub, tromps on a hedgerow, and notices a small cutout the size in a man inside the hedge (pocket)
Small enough that a man could crouch and fit inside it – the trunks of the hedges are smeared with stinky brown goo

Kromaw sniffs it – smells godawful – Ulfvar leaning over in concentration as he takes a few whiffs
Kromaw realizes that it smells like the tannery down by the docks – quicklime mixed with dung – dabs all over the branches

Max is closely guarding the ladies-in-waiting

Ulfvar notices Waldemarius (Waldo) has made his way back to the Marquee
The Jester sidles up to the halfling, nudges him in the ribs – tells a joke
“Three fat mootlanders went down Blackfire pass,a nd were waylaid by goblins. Two were bound up with robes, and the third
was boiled in the pot with chopped endives and garlic.”
One says “It’s a travesty!”
The other says “Of course, garlic should be crushed!”

Waldemarius is horribly offended, complains to Teuchtenhagen, tells him to reign in his jester
Teuchtenhagen eggs him on to tell the entire joke, upon which Teuchtenhagen breaks into laughter
Waldo is pissed, and storms off, looks for better company
The ladies-in-waiting proceed to comfort him

As this is winding down, a familiar face walks through the gate whithout acknowledging the guards – Adele Kutzenblaum
Strides directly up to Markus Bauerfast – greets her brusquely, exchange basic pleasantries
Kromaw walks up to them with no guile, but Ulfvar manages to eavesdrop before they notice Kromaw

Ulfvar trips over a root, and shakes the bush as he’s trying to sidle closer
They stare at Ulfvar for a moment, but are distracted by the ogre stomping closer
Adele raises an eyebrow, then asks Kromaw where he managed to find a joke hat like that, with minimal humor

They make their away from him, dismissively
Von Kaufman explains that the templeman had died on the journey intot he southlands
Adele – “quite convenient, isn’t it”
They lean together to argue, voices are heated, but Kromaw can’t quite overhear, just hissing
Volume ramps up as they get more heated, but Kromaw’s hearing sucks
Adele – “I know about the man in the black hood, and I’ve had enough of your crap”
“No idea what you’re on about, Fraulein Ketzenblaum!”
“Maybe YOU are the man in the black hood!”
Tells her to either level an accusation wtih some support, or leave the party

As she storms out and down a path into the maze, she makes deliberate eye contact with Markus Bauerfaust
Bauerfaust gives a slight nod, follows her a way down the patch
Ulfvar is still close enough to catch their conversation as they halt in the hedgerow

Von Kaufman is back in teh Marquee, now pissed after the conversation with Adele

Adele has another heated exchange with Bauerfaust
“This entire situation is unacceptable. Everyone involved in this expedition should be suspect!”
Bauerfaust says he himself set it up, so perhaps he should be a suspect.
She is even angrier, storms off and leaves the party entirely.
Bauerfaust takes the opportunity to make the rounds of the garden

Von Kaufman is highly aggravated, but Ulfvar makes his way over to talk to him
Looks like he wants to punch somebody
“Bauerfaust shouldn’t have left his post. He’ll need to be spoken to.” Growling.
Kromaw asks him why Adele is so agitated over the expedition.
“No idea. Markus Bauerfaust set it up with me. Konrad Mauer helped determine our itinerary.”
Kromaw – “Find anything bad?”
Von Kaufman – “No, actually found some amazing things, you’ll see shortly.”
Makes an announcement: “Please assemble in the Marquee, as we will shortly unveil our prize exhibits!”

Crowd begins gathering at the Marquee
Von Teuchtenhage and his crowd are at the back

Leitdorf and his gang are on the left

Whips the curtain off the curio cabinet – and exposes several artifacts and trinkets within
On top – leering effigy carved from smoky jade, evil gaze
Several items carved from ivory, funerary goods from southlands tombs
One constructed from wood and hair – Glowering head with fierce eyes
Big gold plaque inscribed with runes, glyphs and sigils – found in tall tiered pyramid, protectedy by scaled creatures

Discovered after beset up on by orks

Begins to go on at length about the jade statue
Interrupted by Luminary Mauer – “Evil! It’s an evil thing and you should surrender it to me immediately!”
Von Kaufman – "I will do nothing of the sort! Pride of my collection! You will have the opportunit…
“I will not study it, I will destroy it!”
Kromaw feels that they are both quite sincere about their positions
Jorn looks upon it with magic sight – gets a vague sense of unease and despair

Von Kaufman won’t surrender the artifact – begins to get desperate, turns to Dagobert “I’ll get another opinion”
Dagobert is enamored with the gold plaque in the other cabinet, drooling over it with face pressed to it, turns
Dagobert supports Von Kaufman, distracted – “surely there’s no problem here, nothing to be concerned with”
Von Kaufman – “You see! You are mistaken..”
Konrad Mauer is enraged, face turns red, and storms out of the gathering

“in the hedge maze is a statue of Verena – I’ll go by the statue, and blindfold myself.”
“First one to find me will be lauded as the winner and rewarded handsomely”
Dagobert, Hogweed, Waldo, Hatelin, Gerlin, Wands (ladies in waiting)

Middle of menagerie – bloodcurdling scream!
Kromaw, Aleron, Ulfvar run over
Prone form next to the cage of the demigryph – Falk, with a huge gash in his head, bleeding
Cage is open, demigryph is missing, lock is opened
Tracks heading away from the cage into the hedge maze (of course)
Jorn tries to patch up Falk, but he is bleeding severely

Ulfvar stays near Falk and Von Kaufman, Jorn as well (trying first aid on Falk)

Kromaw, Aleron, Ulfvar, Max head into the maze. Kromaw/Aleron tracking the demigryph, Max looking for guests.

Ulfvar goes sprinting past Aleron, and Kromaw lumbers quickly ahead of both
Hear loud screech of fear coming from east (right on the map)
Kromaw, Aleron and Ulfvar get to the end of the straightaway, see Wanda, disheveled running the opposite direction
THey question her – just saw it in the maze – hear her as she shrieks her way out of the maze and faints
Gang heads north to the center of the garden, planning to get to the shield and fetch Amelie
Shrieks coming from just north of the Sun shield, Kromaw breaks off and heads northeast towards them, Aleron follows

THey near the sun

Hears sound of an explosion coming from the tent near the Marquee
Jorn dumps some of his healing potion onto Falk’s head
Glass cases in the tent (Marquee) – something exploded in there, smoke billowing out from the raised tent flaps
Only Giselbert was in there (Clothilde’s bodyguard) – Jorn rushes over, casts a stormwind to clear out the smoke
\Blows the smoke out of the tent
Giselbert is laying on the ground, stabbed several times
Effigy is missing from the cabinet, glass broken and shelves smashed
Large gold disk is missing as well
A few feet from Giselbert amongst the chairs, remnants of a broken glass sphere, pool of bubbling green smoking goo
As soon as the stormwind spell begins to dissipate, the sphere and goop begin to smoke heavily
Giselbert is dragging himself away towards the tent exit, bleeding heavily from several wounds

Guests are standing around – a few are helping Wanda up from the maze, others taking care of Falk

Rest of the gang continues to follow around the corner, hoofing it to catch the demigryph

Hear gurgling, gasping sound coming from the northwest, sounds like the jester having a seizure

Jorn runs into the tent, attempts to grab and remove Giselbert (hard resilience check for smoke)
Jorn starts coughing heavily, eyes and throat burning, watering, snot running, grabs Giselbert
Aleron and Jorn pulling Giselbert out, both blinded by gas as they stumble through the tent flap
Giselbert is coughing, bloody spittle coming out

Maze – gang turns the corner just as the demigryph reaches the center of the statue
Girls is standing still, with blindfold still on, humming to hersself
Max whips out his pistol, shoots the demigryph in the haunch, and it rears up and shrieks
Amelie whips off her mask, sees the demigryph rearing, shrieks and faints

Kromaw charges the demigryph – it’s pissed, eyes locked on Max, ready to charge
The demigryph dodges with great agility, and Kromaw stumbles and tackles the statue of Verena instead
Max backs away furiously, scrambling to jam the pistol in his belt
The demigryph takes a swipe, and manages to rip the pistol out of his hand, just missing his ribcage
- pistol suffers from Unreliable 1
Max is knocked back even from the deflected force into the hedgerow on his ass, dagger in one hand and damaged pistol in the other
Aleron raises his crossbow, releases and lodges a bolt in the demigryph’s ribcage

Back at the tent, Giselbert is bleeding from multiple stab wounds in his back
“Little figure… (cough) figure in black… yellow fangs… couldn’t see face… (cough)…” Passes out.
Jorn – investigates the tent after waiting for the smoke to dissipate
Smallish slit behind the shattered cabinet – sees some brown goop smeared on the tent flaps
No further hints, other than some small humanoid footprints

Aleron & Jorn examine Giselbert – see waxy/cottage cheese flesh around the stab wounds in his back

Max rips out his rapier and stabs it into the demigryph’s haunch, causing it to stumble (staggered)
Kromaw extricates himself from the statue, attempts to grapple the demigryph and wrestle it to the ground
Aleron helps Amelie out

Dagobert freaked out and ran out the north exit
Waldo got lost in the northeast spiral of the maze

Von Kaufman is enraged by the carnage and mayhem
Somewhat pleased with our efforts, recovering the demigryph, saving two guests
30 schillings each for payment, 5 each for bonus
Also… starts raining

Von Teuchtenhagen gathers his retinue, thanks everyone for a “most enjoyable and interethting day”
Members of local Shallya and Morr cults come in – Morr priests surprised to find no work
Priests of Shallya get to work on the torn up Falk and Giselbert

Bauerfaust comes back – soldiers continue to guard the menagerie
Von Kaufman storms over to Bauerfaust, have heated argument, blasts him for leaving his post
Bauerfaust and soldiers end up leaving, annoyed by nobleman

Rain is increasingly heavy

Meet Von Kaufman at the Journey’s End Tavern the next day at Noon(ish) to talk over the events

Do notice that the footprints in the tent are smaller than adult human… but toes are tipped with long claws
Yellow fangs, black cloak, claw-tipped toes, knife that causes waxy/cheesy wounds, can pick a lock

Gang makes it back to the Upright Pig, towards nightfall
About to enter the door, then see a figure walk up in the rain – Friedrich Grotz
Finally decided – things are getting too hairy here in Averheim, will be leaving before he joins the dead
Wants to ask for one last favor, an escort to the west gate of the city – 10 schillings each for the favor
Plan on traveling to Nuln to start a new life there…

Trip is fairly uneventful, no issues until about to part ways.
Grotz turns to head out the gate… and gang sees some shadowed figures lurking in the alleyways.
Ulfvar sprints into the shadows at one of the figures, accepting fatigue
Chants as he runs, hammer begins to glow, and he brings it down viciously on the thug’s skull, shattering it
Max runs into the dark alley… and only manages to puncture one of the thugs’ capes a few times as he dodges
Distracted, he doesn’t see Kromaw swinging his fist, and is crushed into and partially through the alley wall
Aleron sprints in, takes a swing, and connects with a thug’s midriff, driving him back into the alley
Footpad comes flying out of the alley behind Jorn, manages to lodge a knife in his ribs, but loses grip, slips on wet stone, and falls
Another dude piles into Grotz, knocking him down, and attempts to drive a knife into his chest
From the shadows – “Grotz, you’re going down!!!”
Jorn attempts to make both himself and Grotz invisible (even in combat)
Dude at Jorn’s feet is flummoxed as he fades from view
Grotz’s assailant flinches as Grotz disappears, and rolls off, arms spread as he swings his knife wildly
Splashing steps gives another thug as he charges out of the alley… and slips, sprawling at Aleron’s feet

Ulfvar’s hammer takes on a blue glow as frost quickly accumulates on the head
Ulfvar takes a golf swing at one of the prone thugs’ head… and sends it flying down the alley, his ribcage shattering

Hear a “whit, whit” and both of the grounded men groan, then go limp
Kromaw points the blunderbus down the alley from where they came, and blasts a cloud of shrapnel at them
Wounds on the downed men starts to turn green/slimy/pale

Rain continues heavily, no further attacks – Grotz offers a further 10 shillings each in thanks
Aleron “Why’d they come after you like that?”
Grotz – “Not really big on people who don’t join. Too damned much indiscrimiate killing for me…”


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