Old World Chronicles

Averheim Act 7

Ratmen? Or Manrats?

Rain continues heavily, no further attacks – Grotz offers a further 10 shillings each in thanks
Aleron “Why’d they come after you like that?”
Grotz – “Not really big on people who don’t join. Too damned much indiscrimiate killing for me…”

Von Kaufman wanted gang to meet up with him midday at the Journey’s End (For Great Justice!)

Head back to docks after thug/ninja attack – no further happenings – night, dark, raining, pretty dead in Averheim
Gang dries off at the Upright Pig, craps out for the night

Morning – gang hears someone across the road from the Pig – at the Knacker’s yard – much ruckusses
“Come on, open up, waiting out here forever, lazy no-good knacker!”
Ulfvar stumbles out, asks him why he’s trying to wake the dead
“Hans is supposed to take care of this nag! Don’t know where he is!”
Ulfvar offers to smash the nag over the head for free
Kromaw looks over the gate, the joint is still locked up, quiet, nobody has set up shop yet
Kromaw rips the chain easily off the gate and shoves it open, dude stands by in shock at his brazen breaking/entering
Handful of old/sick/crippled farmyard animals – goats, a cow, horse, etc.
Dude wanders in cautiously after Kromaw, hollering for the knacker
Shack in the rear of the knackery is lived in, but empty – recent habitation
Wind shifts a little bit – Kromaw and Jorn pick up whiffs – dung and quicklime (tannery smell)
Kromaw starts wandering upwind towards the smell – but it pervades the whole east end of the docks (comes from tannery, of course)
Gang abandons search in the knackery, heads over to the tanneries – two next to each other – no signs of activity, closed up still

As the gang is about to walk into the tannery, they hear a familiar voice call out – Mathilde Durbine (the fence, Aleron has semi-romantic history)
Calls out to Aleron – “Hey, do you have a minute?” Noticed you’ve been doing some detective work around here…
Hoped you might know something about my friend Ute, was hoping you can help us find her.
“Our sources tell us she was carried off by the Black Cowl – we’ve checked her apartment, found nothing
Notices the gang had just broken into the gate of the tannery
“You know what… really funny you are standing here in the tannery – belongs to Linus Atzwig.
Linus has had this place closed down almost two weeks exactly now. Place next to it is owned by Dieter Jockutz.
Both of them seen at the taverns, throwing money around, but both tanneries closed the entire time.
Linus came around looking to fence some chunks of gold last night… (takes it out and shows gang)
Rectangular chip, chiseled or sheared off of a larger piece – “If it’s pure, probably about 60 shillings worth”
Whatever it came off of, it’s probably worth quite a bit.

Kromaw – “Large hunk of gold stolen yesterday… Curio cabinet, from expedition to Southlands…”
Mathilde – “Well, if you find the big chunk… you know where to bring it!”

Gang shows up at the Journey’s end a few minutes before noon
Von Kaufman arrives in a coach promptly as clock is striking noon- servant looks pleased to meet the gang
“Please, make yourselves at east, meals are on me, will be along shortly”
Kromaw – orders whole pig from the waitress “the ribs, or the hock?” – “The whole pig…”
Kaufman rejoins after gang orders, buys a round of ales to get started.
Starts throwing questions at the gang – can we tell any info we learned at the menagerie last night?
Ulfvar – tells him of chunks of gold circulating around town from some large gold object “very interesting!”
Kaufman – recent rumblings in the criminal community probably revolves around the menagerie robbing
“Want to get some justice for my falconer… and, of course, regain my honor”
Ulfvar brings up Skaven… only gets a raised eyebrow, tells them to pull his other leg, maybe go bother Mauer about that hogwash
Goes on about crime and corruption; fills the gang in
Crime/corruption been worse since the count died, but much worse in the last month or two… normal “protection” money isn’t working
Almost like there’s a new criminal in town or something, doesn’t know to leave the Red Arrow alone
Jorn – Gold Wizard? Kauf – dunno much, though he was ok, since he said the gold mask wasn’t cursed… (obvs was lying… but beneficially)
Was in the retinue of THeodosius von Teuchtenhagen – good gods, made a mistake inviting them. Theo is new money, no proper appreciation of aristocracy.
Wanted to appear even handed, but he was uncultured and disruptive, definitely not the best choice.
“He was kinda eyeballing my curio cabinet a bit… maybe something to that.”
Jorn – “but doesn’t make sense for him to deface whatever he stole…”
Max – How did they come into new money? Von K – they inherited a good deal from eastern Averland, is the new head of that family.
Kromaw – KNow anything about Red Crown mutant cult? Von K – no… actually… knwo nothing about it. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
WOuld lump them in the normal batch of criminals in the local area. I pay them no specific heed.
Max – Missing equipment from the Averland? Hasn’t found out anything else from anyone in town. Just knows what we’ve brought to him. Mistrusts Bauerfaust & City Watch.
Jorn – What about the jade mask in the curio case? Von K – just an amazing artifact – thought I was very lucky to acquire it… at great cost. Want it returned!
Jorn babbles a little about the jade mask a bit, interest in the primitives in the Southlands – longer history than Empire magic users, mixing the winds, Elven influence…
Von K doesn’t really follow… never got any vibes from the mask, just wants a high-prestige item back in his collection. (other than mesmerized like the rest of the people)
Johann Templeman didn’t make it back? (Adele thought it was suspiciously “convenient” when he died leading the Southland expedition… wanted to question him")
Mauer and Bauerfast both helped set up the expedition. Mauer designed the party and equipment, Bauerfaust took care of the security. to protect the expedition. Von K funded it.
Mauer have any specific goals for the mission? Not that Von Kauf was aware of…
Von Kaufman hoped it would boost his status, get him somewhere in spitting distance of consideration for the seat of power (Count of Averland)
What’s your deal with Adele? (straight up accused him) – “THey say you have to be crzzy to be a Witch Hunter… and they’re probably right…”
Shan’t let her bother me…
Meal shows up… gang tears into the best meal they’ve had since arriving at Averheim
Mauer? "Rubs me the wrong way, I admit it. Treats me like an uneducated country yokel. Might be right about the effigy though… but disappeared before the thief struck.

Would pay good money to have my artifacts recovered – a gold crown per artifact – and another for the murderer.
Gang talks him into a single gold crown to get started, and 4 per recovered artifact.

Gang heads over to Mauer… except Ulfvar, who’s heading down towards the docks to jump into the sewers and start killing something

Mauer – held great concern over the effigy and it’s energies… holds no satisfaction at being right (although he obviously is)
Should you find it…. DO NOT touch it, place it in a thick sack or box and bring it directly to me…

I’ve seen you investigating and prowling around the docks… perhaps you’ve found something I haven’t?

“Crying sword, it’s called in some texts… vile ratmen! Never seen one..”
WIll tell the gang as much as we want… but it’s mostly rumor and wrongness – kinda like vampire lore
Jorn – waht about the jade mask? is it Jade, for realsies?!!?! Or… something else?!!?!!?!
What about touching it? “Can cause any number of hideous mutations…”
Jorn – reward? Mauer is disappointed… waht about the Greater Good?
Tell you waht… pay us the 4 gold that Von Kaufman offered, and he will never know we found it!
He agrees… and increases offer to 5 gold to ensure that we don’t go to Von Kaufman
Red Crown? Mutants… beastmen… old Chaos Cult. Something I should know?

Ulfvar drags Durio into the sewer. Durion has a very good sense of direction. Both are immediately covered in grime and sewage.
Durion spots a strange footprint in the much – elongated foot with claws – headed towards the docks
Ulfvar leaves marks on the wall in the shape of a wolf’s head for the rest of the crowd to catch up

Max and Aleron scare up hip/chest waders for the sewers – 50 shillings each!!!
Gang moves down the main road to the dockside, tries to find a large sewer entrance
Nearing the tanneries, smell that old stank again, coming primarily from around the back

Ulfvar picks up “Grimdark Fever” in the stinky nasty dark… head feels like it’s about to burst (extra difficulty for Intel checks)
Durion keeps an eye on the muck as he passes through the sewer – spots
The two keep trudging, Ulfvar starts to smell slighly cleaner water from the river up ahead
Going around the back of the Atswig tannery, gang finds a trough that leads into the sewer system (between the two tanneries, shared)

Begin searching the tannery… and find that the tanning pits are filled with bodies (13 in all)
Bodies all have their chests torn open with hearts torn out

Kromaw and Ulfvar hammer away at the door, but it only splinters slowly.
Max climbs up to the loft window, drops down and attempts to open the door… but drops the bar as he is hit in the back by a projectile
Aleron watches patiently.
Ulfvar takes another whack at the door, knocks a chunk off, and notices a huge Rat Ogre – scorpion tale, large green/black stone welded into shoulder

Max pulls a green throwing star out of his ass, whirls around, draws his pistol and fires at the barely visible assassin that shot him in the ass…
And hits! A screech, and a spray of blood, and the assassin is blown back in the darkness of the tannery

Ulfvar finally crushes the door and charges through… to be met by an enraged rat ogre, as it fixates on him!
Ulfvar whirls his hammer overhead and prepares to receive a charge from five hundred pounts of muscle and fury
Rat ogre delivers vicious blows, but Ulfvar manages to block them… only to lose a finger as it claws at his upraised hammer

Sorcerer says “Grott, get them!” and throws down a super ninja smoke bomb, promptly disappears

Ulfvar shakes the blood from his hand, takes a firm two-handed grip on his hammer, and shouts several gutteral words of power
Swinging his ice-blue glowing hammer above hsi head, he delivers a crushing blow to the rat ogre’s shoulder, knocking it back with a stunned look on it’s face
The sound of crackling emanated from it’s shoulder as a blue sheen of frozen skin began to creep down its arm and across its torso

While it stares, puzzled, at it’s freezing limb, Kromaw clocks it firmly in the side of the head with doubled fists, sending it reeling

Warpstone ninja star flies out of the shadows into Aleron’s shoulder, deflects off his buckler but sticks in his forearm

Durion kneels, takes aim at the rat ogres, and looses a crossbow bolt – directly into the shadows, where his eagle eyes spot the creeping assassin

Jorn waves his middle fingers in the air vigourously while shouting obscenities, and the rat ogre’s shadow reaches up and tears a long, ragged gash in its own chest

Rat ogre reels… recovers, and tears aggressively at Kromaw, delivering a string of slashes to his chest and arms

Ulfvar charges the rat ogre, drives his hammer unerringly into its warpstone totem… shattering both the hammer and the totem

Shards of warpstone embed themselves in Ulfvar’s forearms… and Max picks up a few shards in the face and inhales some of the dust – corruption x2!!!
Durion starts hunting around for the assassin in the dark corners of the tannery… and finds… jack shit!

Golden plaque is on display on a table in the back of the room. Plaque is clipped into several chunks and slivers (~10 crowns worth) – 6 pieces in total
Small chunk of the effigy mask – about the size of a fingertip – laying on the ground near a brazier


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