Old World Chronicles

Averheim Act 8

War Has Come to the Empire

Golden plaque is on display on a table in the back of the room. Plaque is clipped into several chunks and slivers (~10 crowns worth) – 6 pieces in total
Small chunk of the effigy mask – about the size of a fingertip – laying on the ground near a brazier

Headed over to Luminary Mauer’s shop – met by apprentice
Kind of a nerd/dork/dweeb
“Mauer heard that you’ve encountered the lair of ratmen…”
Dude actually gives some credibility

head up the main drag – Bruckbergstrasse – to the Penzerplatz (town square/market)

Town is a little more amped up, citizens a little more active but wary (anxiety/excitement)
See scattered people running towards the Penzerplats, shouts of “Chaos has broken through the borders in the north!”
“War has come to the Empire!”
Entering the Penzerplats, a frenzy of activity taking place
Soldiers and servants with commandeered carts & wagons assembling a baggage train
Captain Bauerfast hollering out orders to soldiers, the gang catches his eye
“Lt Schaefer, take over preparations!”
“We’ve been callied the the front – summoning the garrison. Rather be fighting northmen than hoods and thieves.
“Need you men to take care of some business on my behalf while I’m off fighting enemies of the empire…”
“GO down the docks, ask for Adele Ketzenblum. Find out anything you can about the Black Cowl.”
“Report to me in person – no letters – and let me know what you find. Can find me in Altdorf.”

This is about 200 yards away from Luminary Mauer’s office
See his door open, steps out in his white robes. Waves his arm at the gang excitedly.
“Ah, good, you’ve arrived! I’m afraid I must attend to dealings in Altdorf at once.”
“The Luminark will of course head to the front, and they’ll need someone of substance to take charge…”
Mauer points at a book – “Hand me that one, will you?”
Drawing of a strange carriage and a wagon with a large bell…
Jorn can see that it’s a hypothetical Skaven called a Screaming Bell
Mauer snatches the book, and secrets it away in his trunk.
“Heard rumors… did you find the tainted masque artifact?”
Jorn says… um… yes – reformed into a bellclapper w/ warpstone? Kromaw whips box out, attempts to open and show Mauer.
Mauer catches a glimpse, but slams the lid closed.
“Good gods, no, man, don’t open it! That’s impregnated by warpstone, will cause any number of maladies…”
Mauer begins a series of cantrips, waves his hands over the box several times.
Produces a trinket with several sigils carved into it, needs to give it along with the box to a colleague of his.

“Been one of the goals of my order to discover a way to distroy the warpstone taint entirely.”
Bring to my colleague Luminary Oppenheim… unable to do so myself, much more difficult to do on the move, of course."
“Von Kaufman has indicated you’ll be going to >>>>heim, so of course, it will be convenient to bring this.”
Hands an envelope sealed with white wax to Jorn, pushes box back towards Kromaw to carry.
“Now be useful and help me pack…” and begins pointing to a series of objects.
Mauer whips out his coin purse, and deals over 5 gold to the party to split. (Already fenced the gold plaque for 2 gold each)
Comes to 83 silver and 6 brass apiece
“Hope you consider this a good faith payment – please ensure it gets to Middenheim safely…”
Ulfvar’s eyes widen at the mention of Middenheim.

Offers gang 20 shillings each (10 now, 10 more at Middenheim) for returning the artifact to Luminary Oppenheim
To assist his research on using the winds of magic (particularly heavenly) to cleanse the taint
Max cracks a joke… after a few seconds of puzzlement, Mauer laughs – “Good one!”

Hear a loud bang in the alleyway – Max looks puzzled, looks over at Mauer – Mauer’s eyes go wide, looks at alleyway
Jorn and Durion recognize the sound as coming from the canning district – same as when the Skaven wizard teleported
Whump of air filling a sudden absence
“Ah… well… I know at least one Skaven is aware of our possession of this artifact. Guard yourselves well.”
“They’re very wiley and agile, but cowardly and somewhat fragile. I’m sure the likes of you can account favorably.”
Begins placing the last of his belongings into the trunk, dismisses the gang.

Back into the Platz, mobs of men slowly assembling into groups, perhaps regiments. Many weapons and provisions apparent.
Two mobs arguing over a coach (one of the Red Arrow coaches), no coachman apparent, but a retinue of RA employees around it.
Forming a cordon, wielding polearms to keep the mobs away.
One looks like a rowdy group of young nobles or merchant’s sons, other looks like detachment of city garrison soldiers.
Both attempting to commandeer it for the war effort.
Ulfvar approaches the group of soldiers, tells the Watch Captain that unfortunately, it’s MY coach – I’m on a mission from Ulrich.

Graf Friedrich strolls up with 10 of Averheim’s biggest and bulkiest brawlers
“Ah, Friedrich, there you are!”
Hands him parchment scroll with official seal – puts it in his coat pocket and gathers soldiers up, walks away.
Ulfvar – you from middenheim? No – further north than that

Bodyguards form up around the gang, and staff breaks up onlookers, gang heads inside.
“Interesting day, don’t you agree? Young tearaways will await until word that the coach is ready. Word will never come…”
“Nice to have an Imperial Warrant for just such an occasion. We’ll take the whole Red Arrow Line for the Emperor’s service.”
Great amount of money to be earned carrying generals and dignitaries about, yes?

Graf Wolfgang von Aschenbeck – from Middenheim, have run afoul of each other in both Nuln and Altdorf.
He has agents in Nuln… they’ve been tipping off thieves and bandits when our shipments leave the city.
Aschenbeck is roughly equal in standing and power (in Middenheim) to Von Kaufman – New Money merchant.
“Been targeting black powder just prior to a war breaking out… underhanded, perhaps even treasonous.”
I’lll have a coach ready, head out as soon as possible. He’s clever and capable of anything…
I’ll be in Altdorf overseeing operations – see me there when you have information.
Hands 1 gold, 30 silver each for dealing with the situation and gathering info. More to come when done.

Gang heads to market, looking for weapons/armor – and they’re EXPENSIVE AS ALL GET OUT
Plate armor for 8 gold… or 9… or 10.
Ulfvar, looking for a kite shield “You’re a good lad… special deal… 30 silver for you only”
Will give chainmail, and 3 gold for the shield and plate armor?
“Gods be good… what do you take me for? 8 gold for the plate and shield, if you give me the chain…”
Alright… 7 gold. Nope. Just the shield for 30. Plus a BUTTLOAD of name-calling.
Big hulking nobleman slaps 8 gold down on the table. “Going to fight! Hand it over, good man!”
Ulfvar points at the last warhammer – “35 silver, good man!”
My last one! I had ten of these this morning… it’s a good deal for the last one in the market!
Ulfvar grabs his shirt and threatens him… he tears free “Guards! Guards!”
Ulfvar slaps 25 silver on the table, snags the hammer and walks off while the shopkeep hollers.

Max has faded back and taken on the guise of an innocent bystander. Kromaw stands by the door cluelessly.

Officer, officer, this gentleman threatened to kill me for not selling him a hammer for 25 silver!
Well… what’s that ont he table. “Uh… 25 silver?” But the price was 35!
THan why did you let him have it? Did he hit you?
No… but he looked like it?
Huh. Well… give us a description.
Big guy, wearing wolf pelt, scrafggly beard, wild hair – like one of them northmen.

Guy shuts down the shop, goes inside sullenly with his 25 silver.

Max pays one gold to have his pistol fixed overnight.
Walk into the WHite Horse – Max’s girlfriend sitting in a booth – dirty glare at him.
Max attempts to smooth it over, make it up by taking her out for the evening.

Jorn asks about Adelle to the bartender while drinking – quizzical look
THe girl with the witch hunter hat? “Oh, the hat! You mean Hannah Schmidt? Yeah, left a while ago…”

Girlfriend – niece is friends with one of the boys who took Adele’s luggage, can maybe find out a little more
Goes and finds out, comes back – she took a Castle Rock coach, and it only makes one run (here to Talabheim)
Talabheim is on the way to Middenheim, so probably headed north.

Aleron says his goodbyes to Mathilde Durbine (fence/girlfriend)

Morning – Max is exhausted and hung over. (black die for physical and mental)

Zealot in the town square – “Must cast out the filth and mutants from our borders! Are you faithful!”
Will you lay down your life for Sigmar’s realm, or let your neighbor know that you permit the filth of chaos place us in peril?
DO not let chaos turn your hearts from the path of righteousness. We depart in an hour from the north gate! FOR SIGMAR!

Muttering as Max passes… posse forming slowly behind him… “Get him! Foreigners is spies!”
Kromaw – “HEy, what you guys doing!” – attempts to intimidate…
Ulfvar – clocks one with a shield, then bashes another in the face… and the hammer sticks in his head as he falls (loses grip)
Kromaw yells “Hey, that’s my friend” and swings sword over head repeatedly – townsfolk get a black (afraid), but throw rocks
Kromaw pelted with several stones and bricks, but unfazed
Durion lays about with his hammer, but aims for non-lethal blows – delivers several painful bruises and busted kneecaps
Jorn releases a concussion wave – blasts five people off their feet… one of which lands at Max’s feet
Max carves his first initial – M – into his chest – “I’m going to carve my name into all of you – and it’s 23 letters long!”
Dude is panicked, jumps up, and the letter M is scratched bloodily on his chest (but no real damage)

Dude attacks Max and manages to wrench his sword out of his hand, but he responds with his main gauche and carves an “A” in his chest

Max – “Annoying Wound” – extra recharge when active defenses used
Max accumulates 4 minor wounds total this round – ouchies!

Kromaw sinks his sword into a dudes chest, then knocks him off by bashing him in the head with his blunderpistol
Ulfvar grabs his hammer out of the corpse’s skull, summons wolf power, leaps into the air, and smashes it down on another dude
Max snatches his rapier off the ground, carves an “X” in a new canvas (unharmed guy’s shirt)… but accidentally stabs him
Jorn casts a cantrip, over does it – and a chorus of trumpets sounds off, sounds like a royal processions

Guards arrive, start breaking up the combat
“What in the hells are you laying into each other for? The forces of Chaos are in the north, not in the damned city square!”
Sends several ruffians packing, but drag a few off to the gaols for effect
Sends the gang on our way with apologies… but that’s about it

Headed toward quay – crusty, grizzled, dwarf with huge mohawk gunked straight up, walking to north gate with great axe on shoulder

Gang heads over to pick up Max’s pistol (now repaired – for one gold!!! Sheet!!!)

Large carriage chartered with Red Arrow – whole gang can fit inside, but Ogre on the backboard

Gang piles in, and heads north


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